Schiavo Receives Communion, as Protests Continue

Sunday March 27, 2005 5:59pm

Pinellas Park, Fl. (AP) - A priest has been allowed in to a Florida hospice to bring Terri Schiavo communion.

He said the brain-damaged woman's mouth was too dry to receive the communion wafer, though she did receive sacramental wine. He conveyed the news to the crowd gathered outside the hospice, drawing applause and cheers.

It's day ten since the woman's feeding tube was removed. And her family is disputing comments by their lawyer that she has passed the point where she can't recover.

Demonstrations have continued throughout the day. Police say they've made a total of 38 arrests in recent days. The situation is forcing a nearby school to send students elsewhere this week - in an effort to protect them from the scene.

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