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On Monday, 28 2005, a delegation of advocates for Terri Schiavo will arrive in Washington D.C. to meet with the Speaker of the House, as an official response to Congress which officially charged a subpoena which requires Terri Schiavo to appear in Court -- she clearly cannot appear due to the fact that Judge Greer has sentenced her to death, neither has he allowed the appointment of a guardian ad litem which has no conflicts of interest (Michael and Judge Greer cannot represent Terri in this capacity, as they both have conflict of interest). This advocacy group will stand to represent Terri for the sole purpose of answering the subpoena and thus resurrecting the case Judge Greer has repeatedly derailed.

Please email your congress-person NOW, so he or she will be met tomorrow with the full force of the voice of the people, supporting the advocacy group now en route to Washington on Terri's behalf, to save her life and bring about due process for a de novo examination of case facts, which is her Constitutional right. This will result in Terri's feeding tube being reinserted and rehydration while the facts of her case can be properly examined anew.

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