Michael Schiavo Is Dangerous!

Terri Marie Vicario-Sturgeon March 17, 2005

This is an excerpt written by a woman who worked with a former attorney for the Schindlers.


About a year and a half ago, I worked in the offices of the (former) lawyer for Terri's parents. I was able to read files on the case. I was there when two former nurses phoned and asked to come in and give an affidavit about what they knew. They said they could no longer keep silent, though for years they were so intimidated by Michael Schiavo, they were afraid to speak up. When each of them arrived (separately) EACH of them looked around to make sure they were not being followed! Both of them described hideous behavior by Michael Schiavo.

They described his phone calls (especially when she had an infection and he forbade antibiotics) asking the nurses "Is the bitch dead yet?" and his boasting of how he was going to spend the money he would get after her death. Weeks would go by when he would not visit at all. Once he received the million dollar settlement, he forbade Terri being taken outside in a wheelchair for change of scenery and fresh air. He forbade music on her radio. He had her personal effects removed from the room - all visual stimuli.

Her parents and siblings were not allowed to visit her and could not read her chart. One of the nurses talked about his visits to Terri when he closed the door and was alone with her. When that nurse entered the room after he left, she found Terri shaken, trembling and pale and looking as if she was in a diabetic crisis. Terri has no blood sugar problems due to her regulated diet, but seeing her distress and the appearance of diabetic crisis, the nurse gave her a glucose test anyway and the numbers were so skewed that it was clear Terri was in insulin shock.

Michael tried to KILL Terri in hospital The nurse gave her a shot to alleviate the diabetic shock and immediately suspected Michael had injected her during his visit to cause this. I believe she said this happened at least twice.

The nurses also described taking care of Terri and how when she had menstrual cramps she would curl up and put her hands on her tummy (she was able to move them in those early days before the atrophy progressed due to Michael forbidding therapy) and clearly say "Pain!" or "Pain!" and call for her mother. They said that's how they knew to give her medication for her menstrual pain. They talked about how after Michael won the big settlement award, he forbade all further rehab treatment of every kind. So, on a visit to Terri, he saw this nurse had threaded a washcloth between Terri's fingers to relieve the cramping and he pulled it out of her fingers and shouted "I said NO THERAPY!"

Michael removed all family photos from her room. He refused to allow her teeth to be brushed (no doubt hoping a tooth infection would give her a heart attack). When the nurses wrote in her daily chart they had observed her speaking words like "Pain" and "Mommy", the next day their comments were missing from the chart! They talked about how he would stand extra close to them and shout in their faces that he would see that they were fired if they tried to feed her or go against any of his orders. He is a very tall and large man and towers over the average man or woman.

They also mentioned that he was having an affair or flirtation with the head nurse and they suspected that's how the charts were being altered. One nurse tried to report the mistreatment of Terri and was fired. I seem to recall she even went to the police but nothing came of it. And there is more - George Felos was on the Board of Directors (cannot recall if he was chair or owner) of the hospice where she was kept. He resigned his post to avoid the scandal of that connection being made. Some of you may not realize that legally a hospice is only for those who have six months or less left to live, who are terminally ill. Hospice is not a convalescent home - it is a place to die in painless comfort with counseling and support given to patient and family. Terri does not belong in hospice. Patients in her condition are normally cared for in convalescent homes. Did you know that George Felos has a book about Terri already written and ready to publish as soon as she dies?

While I worked at that law office, coincidentally, one of the attorneys had an unrelated reason to visit a local funeral home. During that visit, a casual conversation with a funeral home employee revealed, entirely by accident, that the funeral home had an "open file" set up for the immediate cremation of Terri Schiavo upon her death, without delay or autopsy. Michael Schiavo made these arrangements immediately after winning the big million dollar settlement and all these years they stand ready to carry out his wishes. Once her body is cremated, no one will ever be able to prove the abuse he is so desperate to conceal.

While working in that office I also read statements by co-workers and friends of Terri about the bruises she had, the evident signs of physical abuse that were visible when she would come to work and which she claimed were the result of wrestling with Michael, but no one believed that. Eventually, she admitted to a co-worker and a friend that she wanted to leave Michael and that he was dominating and controlling and she was frightened of him. She talked about leaving him and sharing an apartment with the girlfriend she confided in.

She said that Michael was so controlling and scary that he would check her odometer after her daily usage of the car. His behavior is an exact match to that of spousal abusers. When Terri met Michael, she was completely smitten with him - he was very handsome and he was her first boyfriend. She had been a bit chubby and became very weight conscious to be attractive to him. She worshipped him initially and he was able to dominate and intimidate her quite easily due to her naivete. Terri was a vivacious girl. She was a rescuer and enabler by nature. She loved and cared for injured birds and animals and was very much pro-life. She is also Catholic and there is no reason to believe she disagrees with the church's pro-life stance.

To those who have heard negative comments about Terri's parents, I will say that I am a mature sophisticated woman and have lived all over the country and worked in the health and legal fields most of my life. I met her parents and I have no doubt whatsoever that they are anything less than devoted, loving parents. They are both small in stature and soft-spoken gentle ordinary, middle-class people. I have children in their 30's - parental love only grows with the years and I would fight as hard as they have to prevent the completion of the murder of their daughter.

Most of the money awarded by the court for Terri's rehabilitation has been paid to George Felos. I don't understand how money that is misspent as this was cannot be grounds for prosecution of Michael. He wept in court and brought experts in to testify that Terri could be rehabilitated if they only were given enough money. So, they won that settlement and he immediately ceased all rehab.

I am baffled by the stubborn meanness and refusal of that idiot probate(!) (probate law does not require genius, to put it mildly) judge Greer to admit solid evidence and handle this case fairly. Who knows what transpires behind closed doors to slant the judge in this fashion? Conspiracy? As long as people in this country allow themselves to be told "conspiracy" is a bad word or that believing one exists means you are a nutcase, then we will continue to be duped by unprincipled, self-serving criminals who worship money and power and have no respect for human life. A conspiracy is whenever two or more people secretly plan something and clearly something has compromised the justice in this case.

Just for the record, I am pro-choice and I also believe in a patient's right to choose IF they are able to prepare and sign a witnessed, notarized living will or DNR document. Terri is not vegetative or in any coma at all. Who cannot see the love and life in her eyes when she sees her mother? She was nearly killed and will be killed if Michael gets his way. George Felos will have a bestseller and probably kick back some of that money to Michael Schiavo and who knows who else will profit?

I had to share some of these facts - the news never really reports the truth nowadays. Each day, our local news stations continue to refer to Terri as in a vegetative coma and it infuriates me. Not one journalist, not the local TV news nor the big stations, Larry King, Barbara Walters, etc., has thoroughly sleuthed out all the facts, even the ones I described here, and reported them to the public.

I cannot help but mention to all of you reading this - with so little truth being reported on this case . Do you really think you are getting the truth about everything and that Terri's case is an isolated incident of lies and deceit and poor reporting?

Terri Schiavo is starving.


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