This Is Murder And The Bush Brothers Are Accomplices

By Michael A. Peroutka

Resurrection Sunday Morning, 2005

Dear Friends of the Constitutional Republic,

Yesterday, I spoke to a good friend in Florida. My friend is also my business partner and we discussed business for a few minutes. But our hearts were both heavy with the public murder of Terri Schiavo. My partner said something that caught me short and took my breath away.

He said, "Well, at least Jeb Bush tried to do something. He tried to save her life."

I felt my blood rising.

No, I told my long time friend. Then I found myself saying it a little louder. "NO!" I repeated, "He did no such thing!" What infuriated me was the realization that they (the Bushes and the media pundits) had convinced my good friend that they tried to save her life. To the contrary, I rushed to explain to him, the actions and explanations of Jeb and George Bush are the thinnest sophistry and can not be viewed as credible to any sentient person.

There is no reason to believe Governor Bush or President Bush when they say that they tried to help Terri Schiavo. In fact, they are accomplices to murder.

And - make no mistake - this is murder. Murder most foul! Murder carried out in broad daylight by a judge, a police force, the Governor of Florida, and the President of the United States.

That's right. George Bush, against whom I ran for President, has murdered Terri Schiavo.

As I stated in my open letter to both Governor Bush and President Bush, they have not only the means and the ability to save her life, but the affirmative duty to do so.

Right now, they have hidden behind the thin veil that, as executives, they are subject to the opinions of judges which they call the "rule of law" when it's convenient for them to do so. But the opinions of a state or federal judge are not the rule of law. They are merely opinions.

The Governor of Florida, by his oath of office, has an affirmative duty to uphold the law and to protect innocent life in his jurisdiction - regardless of what any judge says! Moreover, his police powers extend to the prevention of crimes, including murder. The well-publicized murder of Terri Schiavo is being carried out before him while he wrings his hands, expecting us to believe that he would stop it but he just can't.

Yes, he can.

The police do not work for the judicial branch of government. They work for the executive.

And does George W. Bush really expect us to believe that he can send our sons and daughters to all corners of the world fighting "terrorists" but he can't stop the terrorist act of public execution taking place in Florida? Five years ago, on Easter Sunday Morning, the U.S. Justice Department thought they had the authority to raid a Florida home to steal Elian Gonzales from his mother's family. So, why can't they steal Terri Schiavo from those who are killing her?

When I consider these things, I ask myself why these brothers, who claim to be Christian, would not use the authority and means at their disposal to stop this terror in America.

Could it be that both brothers, while elected to executive positions, realize that it's the unelected judiciary that advances the internationalist agenda that their father spoke about (the New World Order)? Don't many of their globalist initiatives depend on the fact that we believe, falsely, that "law" is a changing, dynamic thing, and that judges, as the agents of that change, can "make" law. Could it be that while the Bush brothers and their one worlder colleagues put up a fight against the United Nations or, in this case, against a state judge, that they really don't intend to win?

Could it all be a sham, start to finish? Could it be that they just want to look like they care about Terri Schiavo - or you - or me, or the Constitution, or America, but they don't?

When they have us thoroughly convinced that judges can make up law, even to the extent that they can murder our daughters in front of our eyes, then they can do anything they want. They will have their new order.

Our founders recognized that all law, and liberty and government come from God. They founded our country on the presupposition that Christ is Lord. He still is Lord. He always was and always will be. He is Risen and through His Resurrection we can face tomorrow with hope. He is Sovereign. Amen.

This is murder and the Bush brothers are accomplices.

Somebody has to say it.

For God, Family, & the Republic,

Michael A. Peroutka

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