Human sacrifices are performed at midnight on "Good Friday" and Easter Eve.

Human sacrifice blasphemes God and intensely glorifies Satan. God's people must not participate in Easter in the manner of a celebration because it is Satan's holiday marked by the full moon and human sacrifice! Satan's influential followers covet the cooperation of demons which enable them to carry out Satan's purposes in this world. To acquire this power they must shed and consume human blood in ceremonial killings. Satan requires that this be done all over the world.

Elisabeth has spoken with her site manager and has relayed the following information regarding the movement by Satan's henchmen to kill Terri Schlinder:

The tube has not actually been removed from Terri, but has been blocked so no fluids nor nurtrition can be fed into her body. When this done to a person, it takes from 1 to 2 weeks for that person to die.

After being told about this, Elisabeth and Niko travailed, wept and mourned at the Throne of YAHUVEH. They joined their tears with those who care about this woman, and all of these tears combined arose into Heaven as a sweet incense before the face of Almighty YAHUVEH!

Thus saith YAHUVEH: "HERE COMES THE JUDGE OF ALL JUDGES!" Elisabeth also had a vision while she and Niko were under a very heavy anointing. She saw YAHUSHUA up to bat, like He was in a baseball game...and the balls He was swinging at were the heads of the reprobates that want Terri's life. And guess what? YAHUSHUA is going to be hitting a HOME RUN with each swing!!! Hear His mighty bat crack against reprobate skulls and send them flying over the wall in center field!

YAHUVEH ALONE IS JUDGE, THE SUPREME JUDGE and He is going to judge swiftly and with unbridled WRATH against those who want to put His beloved Terri Schindler to death. HER NAME IS NOT SCHIAVO, but is SCHINDLER, for she is a JEW, a Christian Jew, which is why Satan's henchmen want her so badly for their BLACK SUNDAY (EASTER) SACRIFICE! Yes, the SATANISTS, THE 33RD DEGREE MASONS, which reaches up to the HIGHEST levels of the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT!

Remember Schlinder of the movie, "Schlinder's List"? He was responsible for rescuing many, many Jews from being taken away on trains to the Nazi death camps. That is one reason why Satan wants to kill a woman named 'Schliner,' as a form of revenge against the name sake of one who kept many Jews out of the devil's ovens.

YAHUSHUA has told Elisabeth, "Terri walks with Me and talks with Me, even though no one hears, nor sees nor knows. And that is why she glows. Because I love her so much and because she also loves me with all her heart!"

George Bush has provided lip service only in defense of Terri. He has the power to put a stop to this 'sacrifice,' but he has not acted. So I am asking you to call the White House and ask Mr. Bush why he is not doing anything. Even if you live outside of the U.S., call anyway so he knows that the whole world is watching this situation. Here are the phone numbers to the White House: (202) 456-1414, (202) 456-1111.

YAHUVEH is NOT angry at those politicians, those senators and congressmen and women who intervened, or tried to intervene, to save Terri's life. They will be blessed and protected when destruction comes. But for those who did NOT try to help this helpless woman, they will regret having done nothing when destruction comes. Just as it says in Ezekiel 9, those who are holy will be protected.

The churches are also guilty. Judgment starts in the house of the Lord. Literally millions of so-called Christian churches, pastors and members could have, should have been praying and fasting for Terri and they did NOT. They will be held responsible for what they did NOT do.

Every American should hang their heads in shame for what has happened, for allowing the Satanists, the Freemasons and even the U.S. Government to sacrifice an innocent Christian Jewish woman to their god, Satan!

Do you understand now why there has been such a push by these reprobates to get that feeding tube pulled out of Terri so she starves to death? Satan mocks the true sacrifice that has covered the sins of the Saints. The devil's counterfeit is a FILTHY sacrifice as he tries to prove he has more power than YAHUVEH ALMIGHTY! What blasphemy!!!

While under the anointing, Elisabeth and Niko called down FIRE and DESTRUCTION upon the prophets of Baal! And she heard these words: "HERE COMES THE JUDGE OF ALL JUDGES! I, YAHUVEH, AND I ALONE WILL SHOW YOU WHO IS HEAD OF THE SURPREME COURT OF ALL CREATION!"

Saints, Bride of YAHUSHUA, after doing all you can do, stand fast and watch what YAHUVEH does!
Original post:

The moment we have feared has come upon us: the feeding tube has been REMOVED from Terri Schiavo. So now this helpless, innocent woman who has done NOTHING wrong will now begin to slowly die of starvation and dehydration. Is THIS what America is all about? Discarding a human being because it can be done within the confines of a Satanic law? THIS IS SATANIC! TERRI IS SATAN'S EASTER (ISHTAR) SACRIFICE! THIS IS THE BEGINNING OF THE MOVEMENT IN THE U.S. TO EUTHANIZE THE UNWANTED AND SO-CALLED USELESS!

In America we used to execute the guilty, but now it is the innocent as well. If Terri's tube is left out until she has died, the judgment and wrath of Almighty YAHUVEH will come down HARD on not only those who have done this—judge Greer and Michael Schiavo—but also those who did NOTHING to try to save this woman's life. Who did not even pray for her.

But now it is time for the Saints of YAHUVEH to rise up and to continue praying even more fervently than before. While the Satan worshippers like Greer and Michael are literally salivating over the thought of putting Terri in her grave, it is up to YAHUVEH'S people to continue praying that this be STOPPED! And if for some reason Father allows Terri's death to occur, then pray that Father YAHUVEH takes her home before she suffers horribly by having all food and water denied her.

America STINKS TO HIGH HEAVEN in the eyes of YAHUVEH and the world for allowing this to happen! What's next? This is only the BEGINNING of great JUDGMENT and HORROR coming to America. America, because you allow the enemy to murder a woman like Terri—and mainly because of the spirit of MURDER prevalent in the hearts of most Americans--YAHUVEH is going to see blood running in the streets of this country because of this great EVIL!



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