Comments on Terri's Murder


YAHUVEH, tell Terri that we all will miss her. Tell her, YH, I want to meet her in Shamayim someday in the future, will long for a talk with her. I know You have prepared her a best place and You have kept her safe.

And let Your will be done about Florida.

I won't pray for the wicked people who have Terri's blood on their hands. I WON'T. Let Your will be done! SHOW THEM THAT YOU ARE WATCHING ALL OF THESE AND SHOW THEM WHO YOU REALLY ARE.

In the mean time, please protect them who have sacrificed their life and times for Terri during her life.

In the name of YAHUSHUA,
Elisheva Yenny.

Too bad for America, too bad!!!

I'm writing this to you to becuase of the sorrow and pain I'm sure we're all feeling, the good thing is that She is now resting in peace, the bad thing is that America have just signed its own death sentence.

I try to do something, posting in many places, praying, sending e-mails to senators, but I only got one automatic response...

Even my friends here in Perú think there's mothing we can do becuase as we say here "por la plata baila el mono", that means "the monkey dances for the money" it's a pity and a big big shame for America and their Supreme Courts, and its people, that didn't get involved in this fight.

May YAHUVEH bless your efforts too.

David, aka Juanca.

From Anonymous

[expletive deleted]

For two weeks an innocent woman was allowed to be slowly murdered through the hideous torture of starvation. This woman was not a vegetable, brain dead, or comatose. She was alive, alert, responsive, could vocalize words, recognize loved ones, react to music, swallow, and was only forced to be on a feeding tube because the monster that some have speculated was responsible for her injuries and disabled state would not allow any form of physical or speech therapy. Previous nurses who cared for her have signed affidavits indicating (among other things) that they successfully fed this woman orally, but only stopped when threatened by the monster the courts consider to be her husband.

This woman had a loving and caring set of parents and siblings that would have lovingly cared for and provided her every need for the rest of her life. However, her husband could not allow that and perhaps he wanted to make sure she could never be rehabilitated and tell the world how her physical problems had been caused in the first place... perhaps by a cruel and hateful physical assault.

For almost two weeks the political and religious leaders of the world watched this innocent woman starve and did nothing to save her life. A few pieces of legislation were passed after extreme political bickering, but the vast majority of all religious leaders and politicians just sat by and allowed a murder to occur right in front of them. The so-called "Christian" (but quite often not at all Christ-like) right as a whole allowed her to die and apparently approve of an adulturous husband fathering children with another woman having moral authority over a disabled spouse, and the liberals did not lift a finger to help this woman who, it is alleged, may have been a victim of assault and now murder by an abusive husband trying to coverup his crime, the court system convicted her to death repeatedly without considering her rights as an individual or even looking at the real evidence of her condition and the situation as a whole, and of course the Bush brothers who pretend to be such moral and upright Christian citizens were just too chicken utilize their executive authority to send in the Federal Marshals and SAVE HER LIFE!

The vast majority of the world abanded Terri instead of trying to fight to prevent her murder. The now obviously corrupt leaders of the Christian right, the liberal left, the religious leaders of this nation, the court system, and even the radical feminists have now declared by their inaction that the murder of an innocent woman is acceptable! They abandoned Terri and by doing so have proven that it is time for us to abandon any hope for moral condition of this nation, this world, our civilization, or humanity.

For goodness sakes, even the majority of LIBERTARIANS were silent! They are usually so big and bold about declaring one's authority over their own body and life, but about this situation nothing was heard from them but silence. Some might say these words are too harsh. But the evidence alleging that Terri was murdered is blaringly strong, detailed, and rock solid. Don't believe it? Then do the research, take the time to read everything at and

You will see allegations that a violent man violently assaulted his wife, cried false tears to win malpractice lawsuits claiming to need money to rehabilitate his wife personally for the rest of his life, then after being awarded the money canceled all forms of therapy for his wife, did everything possible to accelerate her demise by even prohibiting not only physical or speech therapy but also antibiotics when she had infections; it is reported that he managed to unite a few Judges and his lawyer together in an alleged plot to kill Terri so she could never tell the world of his crime against her, utilized every method possible to have her MIS-diagnosed as in a persistant vegetative state, refused to allow tests to be performed that could have allowed for an ACCURATE diagnosis, and then for years fought to have her feeding tube removed (while at the same time being as cruel as possible to her family) until he won and was able to slowly starve and dehydrate his aware and alert wife until she was dead.

A murder has taken place that is blatant, obvious, and plain to see. But the leaders of the major institutions of our society have ignored it and looked the other way rather than face any opposition or backlash from taking action to save this innocent woman. These individuals have not only Terri's blood but also her pain, suffering, hunger, and devastatingly severe thirst on their hands.

George Bush could have saved Terri. He had the power, the authority, and it was his duty to uphold the US Constitution to protect her life and liberty.

He did nothing but say a few words about the situation and let her to be MURDERED.

Jeb Bush could have saved Terri. He had the power, the authority, and it was his duty to uphold the Florida Constitution. As Governor it is his duty to uphold the state constitution that guarantees the life and liberty of its citizens.

He did nothing but talk, argue with other politicians, and allow her to be MURDERED.

Both George and Jeb Bush had the executive powers (of the USA and the state of Florida) to save her life, but they allowed a MURDER to occur on their watch to avoid the political backlash that they would have faced from others. They are both cowardly chickens and there is nothing truly "conservative" or "Christ-like" about them. Now we know they personally are not against MURDER, don't think enough of innocent life to be worth protecting, and has shown their DISREGARD to the Constitution of the United States of America.

Also, not only did the leaders of OUR nation do little or nothing to save Terri, but also the rest of the world refused to take action as well. It would seem like the leader of some nation somewhere would have cared enough to make the trip to Florida. But it seems the entire world placed no value on the life of an innocent woman being murdered.

This nation and world deserves to be damned to hell by God almighty. We have proven that our civilization has no value or respect for innocent life, looks away from murder (even when it is happening in plain sight), and desires to protect an adulturous, reportedly abusive and violent husband more than an innocent woman with a loving family of parents and siblings begging emotionally for her life.

If God were not so loving, mericiful, forgiving, and gracious our entire civilization would be removed from this planet. I am both thankful that God cared about us so much he sent his son to die for us on the cross, but at the same time wondering if we are becoming so spoiled by his mercy that we have became something less than the name "human" is supposed to signify.

I am now thankful we have not traveled to other worlds, colonized space, and spread our species across the stars. The last two weeks has proven we are nothing more than greedy, cowardly, and hateful animals that care more about our popularity or position than doing the RIGHT THING.

We as a species are rabid, cruel, and heartless animals. The conservative, the liberal, the right, the left, the feminist, the progressive, the libertarian, and the religious. Nothing of value remains in our hearts, our character has degraded beyond recognition, and we don't deserve the gift of God's love.

If my faith in the "system" our so called "government" or the court system was quickly fading before the past two weeks it has now completely vanished.

Everything that might have been or should be of value about our civilization has went strait to hell. There is no use to pretend any longer that our religious, political, or legal systems have any true legitimacy any longer.

An innocent woman was slowly tortured, starved, and murdered.

The entire world watched.

It had two weeks to act.


Even though I hope God will be merciful to this planet for the few of the ordinary folks that maintain the last spark of decency on earth the truth is now apparent, and I am NOT afraid to state it.

From this point on whether it is global warming, an asteroid collision, or some ecological collapse from polluion...humanity deserves it whatever it gets!

But Terri's husband Michael, his lawyer Felos, Judge Greer, and any other cohorts in their alleged conspiracy deserve to be tried in court, found guilty by a jury, sentenced, and be sent to prison.

Even murderers don't deserve to be tortured, harmed, or starved to death. No human being does.

The pain Terri has went through for the past two weeks being deprived of food and water is already enough. For her sake, let there be no more.

At least Terri is with God and now knows peace, because we now know the human civilization on Earth is not far from hell and Satan.

From Patricia Doyle, PhD

Hello, Jeff - I was so sorry to hear about Terri. For someone who allegedly 'wanted' to die, she surely gave it a good fight. 13 days.

I had never received such nasty emails as those sent to me over my opinion on Terri. I never knew such terrible language existed. Amazing.

Remind me to stay out of Florida. I would hate to take ill there.

I am so sorry for Terri and America. "All that we need for evil to triumph is for the good to do nothing."

Incidently, if I were Michael Schiavo's girlfriend - aka common law wife - I would think twice about marrying him. In the very least, I would make sure to have a legal living will.


Alton Raines

To take a lesson from the Scriptures, when Israel didn't want God directly dealing with the people, it asked for mortal kings; then suffering under fallible kings, it sought out judges to meter the laws. And under the judges the suffering eventually avalanched into the nightmare of the Pharisees and Saducees -- lawyers and legislators, who would tithe even the dill and cumin (ie, the rule of law became so excessive, so powerful that tyranny was the result). And misery and strife abounded. Law must be tempered with mercy. It must always vie on the side of life. It must always look after the weakest and those with no voice. It must always seek the good of the people while never losing sight of the individual and his or her right to equal justice. America is in its Judges phase now, and Terri's case, along with the thousands of other judicial insanities we've seen in the last few years, will increase and grow more powerful, and trample the people, trample the Constitution and lay waste liberty. And it will come from the left and it will come from the right -- this isn't a polarized issue. The extreme left and right both seek the same thing... power. Period. And that pursuit always results in the destruction of liberty.

From EleanorWhite

Now that Terri is dead, it is time to step back and NEVER allow the US government to say to anyone that they "oppose torture".

Terri's killing proved conclusively otherwise.

From Judith Moriarty

Dear Governor Bush -

You had it in your power to step in by Executive Order and stop this barbaric, pre-emptive shock and awe, 'torturous' death of a handicapped woman by dehydration and withholding of food.

Men on death row in this country, found unequivocally guilty, of the most heinous of crimes, are afforded more humane treatment. Animals in your state-cattle, dogs, and beached porpoises are cared for with more compassion.

God help the elderly, handicapped, and less-than-perfect in our self- centered materialistic society which sees the less-than-perfect as a burden, not cost-effective, and worthy of death. God help the seniors and retirees in the state of Florida (elsewhere in the USA) who have witnessed their own fates; absent any media attentions.

I certainly would see to renaming your state, other than the Sunshine State, The Euthanasia State. It might be more appropriate. Thankfully, I have no intentions of ever visiting Florida, sun or no sun.

I hope others are just as fearful; given this depraved indifference to life with the whole of the world watching.

Thankfully, the Pope was not visiting (he with a feeding tube) or I have no doubt you'd have stood silently by and watched his demise by those flunkies you've given power over to in your state - the high priests in black robes. Since, by your own admission, their power supersedes your own, perhaps Florida might consider doing away with the Governorship and Legislative branches of government?

J. Moriarty
New Hampshire

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