We believe her suffering was lessened because of your prayers.
Dehydration is a horrible way to die.
While the debate raged, Terri slowly slipped away.

"My daughter is a medical transcriber, and across the USA people
in nursing homes and care facilities are STARVED TO DEATH on a
daily basis when the feeding tubes are pulled, it is nothing new,
it is just coming out into the open. It is very common place."

This is Terri after 13 days with no water or food.
She died 14 hours after this picture was taken.

4.11.05 - Infants Euthanized in Belgium

Terri Schindler-Schiavo Foundation

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4.5.05 - Polls Show Americans Oppose Forced Starvation

4.7.05 - Granddaughter Pulls Feeding Tube on 81-Year-Old Grandma
4.7.05 - Intervening For Political Advantage



Petition To Impeach George W. Greer
of Florida's Sixth Judicial Circuit

This man has no regard for human life and literally sentenced Terri to DEATH! The pastor at the Baptist church where Greer is a member KICKED HIM OUT! Now it's time to kick him off the bench and haul this man unfit to sit on the bench into court for complacency in MURDER!!!!!

An Innocent, Disabled Woman Is MURDERED By America In Front of the Whole World!
Read Prophecy 25,

We are a criminal nation for DEHYDRATING Terri to death.
A nation of TORTURERS and MURDERS!
Starvation is a war crime banned by the Geneva convention.
But...that didn't stop us, did it?
This was even WORSE! Terri died of THIRST!
See how long you can go withot drinking anything. Then imagine doing it for 13 DAYS!


THANK YOU to the boys above and many others who tried to get water to Terri, and were arrested, and all of YAHUVEH'S people who fasted, prayed, wept and took Communion for Terri, believing in a miracle. Terri is out of pain and suffering now, but that doesn't relieve the sorrow we feel for this dear lady's MURDER. Now Father's judgment will descend upon America...tested to see if it would let this happen...and it did.

George Felos and others who assured us that Terri would die in 'comfort' and 'peace' are LIARS. Look at the picture above of Terri 14 hours before she died. Does she look like she is comfortable and at peace? These MURDERERS hide their doctrine of death behind flowery words. We pray that theirs will far from a comfortable and peaceful death when it comes!

Listen To Terri Cry When Her Feeding Tube Was Being Removed!

Please listen to this audio. This is the heartbreaking sound clip of Terri's agonizing sounds of terror when the lawyer told her that the small tube inserted in her so she is fed and watered was being removed for she was under a death sentence by the courts in America! I dare for anyone who loves YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA to listen to this and not be touched to the core of your spirit and soul. I weep and travail in prayer before YAHUVEH'S throne for her nearly non stop I ask you to do the same thing taking her name before Daddy YAHUVEH in YAHUSHUA'S name and begging she will live and not die to declare the miracle working power of the GOD we worship and love! Isn't this the least we can do? Keep believing the Florida senators will vote for life for Terri and not death! If I could go to her and her family I would do so.

I have known much sorrow in my life and yet never have I cried so much for anyone including myself as this intercessory prayer soul tie has been given to me. I ask that everyone listen to this and put yourself in her shoes and feel her pain. It isn't easy but please listen because no longer does Terri have tears now our tears are her tears! Listen to the love in her fathers voice, weep for her family also and pray undiluted wrath from YAHUVEH on all who seek this innocent woman's life.

I am reminded about 4 years ago I was married to a monster of a man that tried to kill me more times and ways then I care to remember. One of his favorite ways was strangling me while I slept, YAHUSHUA said to me when I asked him why interceding for Terri has been so draining? HE said because " but for MY grace it could have been you and your EX would have done the same thing only you had no family to care or legally fight for you" I now am happily married and my true husband cherishes and loves me and Niko is a body guard like no one else on the face of this earth could do. I grieve that Terri never will know on earth the love of a husband like I have, but then she has the love of a mother and father, Brother and sister that I will never know either and she has been blessed in that way. Few of us will ever know the love like her beloved parents. For everyone that weeps for Terri and righteousness sake, do you realize all those tears are being stored up in vials in Heaven and come as a sweet fragrance to our Daddy YAHUVEH?

Our prayers and travailing for others is a sacrificial gift.


The man being roughted up by police was one of 48 people arrested while trying to get water to Terri as she lie dying. POLICE TASERED HIM! George Bush talks about terrorism in other countries...but what about in AMERIKA? Just change the police uniforms to those worn by Hitler's henchmen and this is a picture straight out of NAZI GERMANY!

And...for those of you who think you have gotten away with have NOT! Watch now as the wrath of YAHUVEH ALMIGHTY descents like a hammer on an anvil on America and especially Florida! HE IS NOT MOCKED!!!!!!

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