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More Sacred Anointing Power Is In The Name of YAHUSHUA! Brother River's Wife Has Dream To Confirm This

BROTHER RIVER SHARES HIS TESTIMONY THAT WILL INCREASE YOUR FAITH AND MAY CHANGE YOUR LIFE. This Testimony only has my husband and I more determined to do more for YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA not less.


Beloved of Family of YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA,

Please take the time to read one of the greatest testimonies we have ever read or heard. This will increase your faith as it has ours and give you a greater desire to do more for the Kingdom of Heaven.

There are so many blessings in serving YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA in this Ministry, and having the honor of meeting my Brothers and Sisters in YAHUSHUA is just an added bonus. As when we are privileged by the Ruach Ha Kodesh (HOLY SPIRIT) to meet someone such as Brother River and his wife, called Princess, who shares in a similar anointing as we have.

I can’t begin to explain the JOY OF YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA that bubbles up within my husband Niko and me. We recently met two such people, but I have to say especially since the 6 day fast the anointing in both my husband and I has increased greatly and it is evident by the people who fasted with us that their anointing has increased also all for the Praise, Honor and Glory of YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA. Soul mates are coming together that have waited for many years to be brought together. Miracles of salvation, healing, repentance, even a suicide prevented when the man came to the site and decided he did not want to go to Hell as he read the testimony of Ted, a former Hell's Angel, that I was used to stop his suicide and bring him to the saving grace of YAHUSHUA. Even a Buddhist got saved and is out warning others that YAHUSHUA alone is Messiah! That 6 day miracle fast was worth every hunger pang! To all who are our partners and sow seed into this ministry, you will also one day see the results in Heaven and share in the rewards.

After we returned with the SHKHINAH GLORY Bus, YAHUVEH has brought many new people and partners to this Ministry. When you read their postings, you shall recognize that Brother River and his wife are two very precious and special people. When this couple contacted us by email, we were excited, for the Ruach said that we would be praying for one another and the anointing in the 4 of us would be imparted in all of us. I share with you now a very special testimony with Brother River’s permission. Our Prayer is that you will be encouraged and blessed especially in these end times when your faith needs encouragement. These two people are truly part of the BRIDE of YAHUSHUA. Please pray blessings and protection on both of them. We already love them dearly and look forward to traveling and ministering with them.

YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA’S will be done on earth as it is done in Heaven!

Brother River is nicknamed this by his Wife. His given name is John. John has this nickname, for he truly is like a river of living Water when we prayed with him on the phone. You will also hear from his wife, and her nickname by her husband is Princess. This is written in Brother River who died and met YAHUSHUA, who sent him back to finish the job he is to do on Earth. Brother River has a testimony that will make you shout for JOY, and at the same time you will find yourself desiring to do more for the Kingdom of Heaven.

Thank you Brother River for sharing your Testimony with this Ministry so we can be encouraged as our faith grows more and more.

* * * * * * *

Email From Brother River:

Greetings to both of you Niko and Elisabeth in the name of YAHUSHUA.

I felt the HOLY SPIRIT strong as I spoke with you and Niko on the phone. When, I read your web site the other day and then scrolled down and was led to write to you then, but, I had no idea that your web site was so full of nuggets until after the phone call with you last night and I found it and we both were going over it....a lot of info...So, know we had not read it until last night...I have been with YAHUSHUA for 33 years now filled with the HOLY SPIRIT...In 1994, YAHUSHUA had me to leave PA and go head for Miami, and on the way down I asked him, what I was going to do there, since I left my possessions, a house and a radio station, that reached around the world, but I walked away from many things, on orders from YAHUSHUA...on the way down to Miami, he told me that I would be getting rid of the Volvo station wagon and going to live in Jamaica...as I got to Miami, YAHUSHUA had me go here and there, listening to him at all times...I was to be there for 3 months...as I left the airport in Kingston, I asked the LORD YAHUSHUA
where I was to stay, he said "Don't worry."

I then was walking down the street in Kingston, the Capitol, and YAHUSHUA ordered me to do and say the following..."You see that house on your right?...I said yes....YAHUSHUA ordered me to go up to this strange house and knock on the door and tell the person that YAHUSHUA ordered you to come to this house and ask for lodging....So, by FAITH I went and knocked on the door, and a man appeared and I told him what YAHUSHUA ordered me to say, and he said "just one moment"...and went back into the house...and few moments later he came out and said "welcome"...are house is your house, and we have lodging for you and invited me in"

I was shocked to find out that the man was an assistant pastor of a church that was in the back of the house....I led many to YAHUSHUA while there, and little did I realize that he was going to increase my Faith by making me poorer and poorer.

When the assignment was done in Jamaica I was ordered by YAHUSHUA to fly back to Miami where I led people to YAHUSHUA there too, then another assignment came, and that was to go to Costa Rica....a heavy catholic country...I was there for many months witnessing and learning many deep spiritual secrets that I rarely reveal...Then ordered back to the states where I was then ordered to Los Angeles, my birthplace, and witnessed to many homeless, The next assignment, to Phoenix, where I led again many to YAHUSHUA, all the while praying for my every need and getting it....Then, my next assignment was Hawaii, where I was sent, totally alone, except for the precious HOLY SPIRIT to guide, literally every step of the way....Living for a time in a cave on the north side of Oahu, where Honolulu is...then all over the island, where he then one day had me to go up and live in a forest with just my tent on a mountain top full of trees and bamboo, where I bathed and sought the face of YAHUVEH

...It took every day, an hour and a half to go up and come down the mountain. One day I was coming down the trail, and I stopped...looking out over the beautiful valley below, and then had a deep spiritual experience....all of a sudden, I had literally, super vision, where my eye's went and look up close to a green vine on a tree on the other side of the island, it last for about a minute or two, then I had my normal eye sight back, and I thank YAHUSHUA, and continued walking down the mountain....One day, I was hungry, as I sat in the tent, and I asked YAHUVEH for some food, and he replied...in his joking way..."oh, you want some food do you"...I know the "tone" of YAHUVEH’S voice as well as my Brother's....He said" to walk down the mountain" then he had me to walk here and there till, I got to this certain street, and there was a blue dumpster, and he said..."there's your food"...I said "Oh God know don't have me go into a dumpster, what will people think"?

..He replied..."want to eat or not"...."go"...so I walked over to the blue dumpster, and opened it up....dying inside, for my PRIDE WAS EXTREMEMELY hurt...low and behold, there was a whole bucket of KFC chicken and pie and drink....I was really hungry, so I prayed over the food and thanked YAHUVEH for blessing me....Little did I realize at the time that he was breaking me of "pride"....dumpster's and trash cans started providing food and at the same time, destroying Pride within me...for the Bible says..."pride cometh before a fall"...Pride was getting in the way of my spiritual growth....since that time, I have grown massively in the holy ghost, and the LORD has gotten me further and further away from organized religion...YAHUSHUA spoke to me one day and said the following. "If you want to get closer to me, then get away from the church's...."If you want to get farther from me go to church"....then YAHUSHUA said "only go to church if I order you to otherwise...stay out".....While back in the states, YAHUVEH had me to cris-crossing the country, hitch-hiking and leading almost every person that gave me a ride to YAHUSHUA.

One time outside of Chicago, on a on-ramp with the thumb out...a 18 wheeler pulled up and the driver got out and came up to me and looked me straight in the eye and said the following..."I don't know who you are, but the Lord ordered me to turn around about 20 miles down the road and come back and pick you up"....I hugged him and thanked YAHUSHUA, as I got into the cab of the truck, I saw the sign painted on the side of the cab..."Jesus Christ"....He told me that Jesus ordered him to pay all my expenses, I was on orders to go to San Francisco, and he was going only to Salt lake City...We had a wonderful time in the Lord for several days.

Then outside of Salt Lake City, a man picked me up and he was only going to Reno, and on the way I found out that he was a heroin addict who use to be with YAHUSHUA....as he was nearing Reno, he had asked for forgiveness and asked for YAHUSHUA to come back into his life and asked for the HOLY SPIRIT. Then, a real surprise...he said..."Man you are very important to God, I am going to take you to San Francisco myself"...and he did.....while there, one day, the LORD had me to sit on the ledge of a building on the street, in the financial district....all of a sudden, I had this vision...I was looking at this building across the street...and all of a sudden I saw the building literally melting, from the top down, like a warm ice cream cone...I was in the spirit, and saw it melt. Then YAHUSHUA said the following..."You'll have that power".....I have had many Angels come and give me food and other goods and money at times over the years.

One day, a few years ago, I was watching a movie on TV, Indiana Jones.....Jones was looking for the ark of the covenant and in one scene near the end of the movie, Jones was tied to a pole and the Nazi's were doing a ceremony over the ark...then, they began to "literally" melt....Then, in YAHUSHUA voice, he said to me, as I watched the TV...."In due time, you'll be able to do that"....I went into shock, but then as the Bible says, God brings all things to one's remembrance....and he re-minded how while in Arkansas years ago, at Teen Challenge, I was at a special meeting at this mansion in Little Rock....and the LORD ordered me to go outside and take my Bible and go sit on the steps to be by myself...as I sit down on the steps, he ordered me to open the bible to a certain book, then, to a certain chapter in that book and said to me...blank, blank...then I knew....My mother was a Pentecostal, and was led many time's to move me in the middle of the night...hiding me often....She was ordered by YAHUSHUA to name me

I have been hidden many times by YAHUSHUA, for God protects his anointed....I have experienced many deep, deep, spiritual experiences over the years....In 1981, I thought I would like to over come death so I prayed to die. YAHUVEH warned me "not to pray that prayer"...but dummy me, did anyways....for I wanted to experience everything YAHUSHUA did while on earth. so two weeks later I was driving an 18-wheeler, loaded with 18 pound liquid mud, and the air brakes went out....I had several runaways, this day, and while going up this mountain road in Texas, there was all of a sudden no air brakes, and the rig, started going over back-wards over a cliff!

YAHUVEH then spoke to me and said "jump" so I obeyed...and jumped onto the road, as the rig rolled over down the hill...all of a sudden I came out of my body...in a white robe, with an angel near, and in front of me, as we watch the ambulance crew..."declare me dead". then my eyes turned 360 degrees in my head and I saw a white hole suddenly appear...all of a sudden I went thru the tunnel and it was all white inside this place...And YAHUSHUA spoke once, one of three time's he would speak that to me audibly, and said the following..."It's not time for you to go you MUST return, you MUST finish things"...and then I was back hovering watching them load my body, to take it to the morgue.

I then went back into my body and awoke and freaked everyone out as I raised up off the gurney and spoke and then laid backed down and died again and came out...hovering again, watching them beat on my chest, and then looking out into the heavens and the LORD spoke softly to me audibly...saying..."In the last days, you'll be able to think of anything and it will happen" and then YAHUSHUA sent me back to my body, where they sent me then to the local hospital, where the doctor refused to help me for the nurse told me later that the doctor thought I was crazy, for I was verbally speaking in an unknown tongue.

I recovered and was more committed than ever to walk again, and let YAHUSHUA control my every thought and desire, for I did not want to be carnally minded.

We all go thru trials, but they are to improve us and change us. We have been bought with a price the price of YAHUSHUA. When I was 5 years old in Los Angeles, YAHUSHUA appeared in my bedroom, in a yellow robe with a blue shawl over his left shoulder, and spoke to me audible and said ..."be not afraid my Brother, for I will be with you all of your life"...Serving YAHUSHUA, is NOT a job, but a Career...24/7.

There is rank in YAHUVEH’S Army...from a seven star General, down to a buck private....both You Elisabeth and Nikomia are highly anointed, and as YAHUVEH has spoken to me tonight, he has told me that you both, quoting now what YAHUVEH said "They are both one-star generals as of this moment". end-quote...."They both will rise soon in rank, soon, tell them"...so I just did tell you.

Keep seeking YAHUSHUA and remember this we are to live by what? FAITH....as Hebrews 11:1 says. "Now Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen"....Many are called but few are chosen....If YAHUSHUA wants us to meet in person, then he will set it up, and not one minute or second beforehand, period.

Many rivers around this city...many bridges to get to Kentucky and or Ohio....But, the word says what in the old testament..."FEAR NOT"....when YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH wants us out of here, HE will get us out, be it in a few hours or a few weeks...I am use to waiting on the LORD. time is short...I have told Princess (my wife) many times when she has asked "what is your favorite state that you have been in"...and I have always said Montana...Listen for the "Hummmmmmmmmm....Listen, it is very low frequency...it is mighty important to listen for the "Hummmmmmm"....The louder the hum, the closer the vehicle beware of the hum....YAHUSHUA said in the last days..."Watch the skies", for you will see signs and wonders....your lives will depend on it...I cannot go into detail at the moment....watch the "STARS"...WATCH...I HAVE BEEN TRAINED well by YAHUSHUA...very well, to the point, that "certain" people would like to see me, permanently gone, for I know too much....but as the driver told me once who picked me up outside of Chicago said..."You were taught by JESUS, for in the last days you will train people to the hidden knowledge".

I will write again, only when YAHUSHUA tells me to...

We are both in prayer for you and the solar panel...

There are many ravaging wolves in the churches.. Time is short.

GOD YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA bless you both Elisabeth and Nikomia.

Spiritual warfare begins in the mind.....thru Thoughts!

Your Brother River

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