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Testimony of brother J
February, 21, 2009

When I was just a baby I was baptized as a Catholic and from my childhood to grade school I lived a “fun” life and made some friends. I wasn’t in sin and was too young to understand this world so I went about it “freely”. However I did have house chores, and if I forgot to do them, my dad would yell at me. This I didn’t like at all, so I grew scared of my dad, and learned to obey him.

Then I was thrown in school, I always had a true hatred for the place. I just knew that it was not where I needed to be. Well, over the years I made some so called “friends” who about 3 years later introduced me to adulterous sins and porn; we were only in 4th grade and we already knew so much about sin. Truly these places were evil. At first we all thought it was disgusting how people would sin like this, but it didn’t take long for these satanic thoughts to grow. By 6th grade (12 to 13 yrs old) we all had ungodliness pounded in us and many people were already in major sin.

In 7th grade I decided to look at porn for myself for the first time. I won’t go into much detail but I was in a sick spiritual state… I also met another so called “friend” in 7th grade; he lived close to me and was perverted to the core. From him I learned about homosexuality and other atrocities…

Basically over the course of my 7th grade year I had committed about every sin on the face of the earth except for drinking. One day when I was little I went to a “monster truck” show with my dad and I thought his beer was my soda and so I drank it and almost threw up. Since then I have always hated alcohol. At this time I wasn’t even 15 years old. One day my parents suggested I invite some so called “friends” over… so I did. When they found out my dad had beer they suggested we steal some but I refused. Eventually I gave into peer pressure. I only took a sip; the beer still had the same disgusting taste that I remembered. Also during 7th grade I got into football.

All through this time I was going to a Catholic school. It didn’t teach me anything, nor did it help me in any way to break free of sin. I learned to pray to “saints” such as Mary, and in 7th grade as an attempt to break free of sin I prayed the full rosary… soon after I finished I felt really good but then for the first time I heard the voice of YAHUSHUA saying “Why do you pray to Mary?” I knew what the voice meant, it meant that there is ONE GOD, and there is ONE prayer intercessor, and this is YAHUSHUA ha MASIACH, the only way to YAHUVEH for all others have sinned.

After 7th grade we got a new football coach for our school and he was a newborn Christian, who was doing his best to walk in grace with the LORD. So he started a program at our school called “FCA”, a christen youth program where Bible study meetings are taught after or before school. 8th grade year was not as bad sinfully, but I still looked at porn every weekend.

After 8th grade, 9th grade began, and the coach who did FCA continued to do it. Over the summer he learned a lot, such as speaking in Holy tongues and other things. He taught me about them, and I believed them completely, only problem was he did not see that satan counterfeited everything YAH does, so I was never taught the danger of demonic tongues.

After 9th grade, in the summer, sins got bad. I was home with my sisters (who normally didn’t wake up until 12 o’clock in the afternoon because they stayed up so late) so I had the house to myself in the mornings, so porn sins got extremely bad. Well eventually my sisters started watching a show called “A Haunting”. This show was about real demons that would scare people, kind of like a haunted home.

After watching this show with my sisters a few times I grew really scared of demons, and decided to turn to “faith” to keep me from being scared. One day I opened up the Bible and I can’t remember exactly what verse I saw, but it was in Psalms and it said something like this “You are in the hand of the LORD, nothing will ever harm you, as you are in the pasture grazing from the grass and growing in the Word of the LORD.”

When I saw this I thought to myself, “Wow this book really knows me.” I now know this was our IMMAYAH’s Anointing that opened the Bible for me. Why SHE did I do not know because I was in much sin.

Over time I started to try to turn to “speaking in tongues” but I would not lay down my sin. At first I couldn’t speak it, but then one day while on myspace I saw an add that said “all about the Holy Spirit” and I decided to click on it. It said that it had to download before I could read it and I thought to myself, “that is fine” while I was waiting for it to download I figured, “I think I should try speaking in tongues” so I tried… And it worked; I spoke in an odd language. However this was demonic tongues and I shook all over as I spoke. While I was doing this (it only lasted for about 8 seconds) I thought, “wow, this is awesome”. Then the document was finished… and I opened it up and started to read it, and it described the difference between demonic manifestations and the HOLY SPIRIT. I was scared, I knew now I was going to hell, I had a demon possess me and I was so scared of going to hell, I jumped out of my flesh and laid the sin down in about 4 weeks, but now I still fight it today, as it says in many of YAH’s Prophecies, “Satan will try to rebuild old strongholds.”

I decided to search the internet for answers, and eventually YAH led me to amightywind.com where for the first time I found out how to be saved, it is a loving and obedient relationship with YAHUSHUA ha MASIACH, not a religion.

Now I am here 8 months later, typing my Testimony…. regretting the sin I did, because it makes the path no easier, but I am grateful that YAHUSHUA ha MASIACH saved me, because without HIM, I would be in hell, forever…

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