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For those that read this testimony before the reference to the Kabala was removed, we do NOT endorse the Kabala, we flee all appearance of Evil associated with this book for the Occult and Satanist have claimed it as heirs!

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Note on the Kabala, from David Bay's Cutting Edge article, "Mystic Kabalistic Jewish Priests Issue Warning That The Appearance of the Jewish Messiah is Imminent!":

"The Kabala is the keystone of all Western occult thought and practice today, and is the cornerstone of belief for all Illumined Ones [Masters of the Illuminati] throughout the world. Whether an occultist is White Magic or Black Magick, their cornerstone of belief and thought is the Kabala. When Antichrist arises, he shall be basing his practice of the occult on the Jewish Kabala. Thus, the irony is that, when Antichrist strides out of the newly-built Jewish Temple after committing the "Abomination of Desolation" and begins his effort to slaughter every Jew on earth, the Jewish Kabala will have provided the major impetus for his efforts! Indeed, the Kabala formed the cornerstone of Adolf Hitler's occult beliefs, so this terrible irony will strike the Jewish people twice in world history."
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Shalom Elisabeth,

I'm send you a copy of my testimony. It was hard to express what happened to me in words. I haven't found many people that believe me either. But, I'm willing to share my experience with the world. as for going Israel, my family is going on a cruise I'm trying to get them to make one stop in Israel.

My Testimony

My birth name is Ivan. God later changed to Ivanova, I will explain that later. I'm 27 years old, African American male baptized at 5 in a Lutheran church attended church until I was 18 then I went to college graduated in 1997. I never really didn't know Jesus (YAHUSHUA) until I was 25. I suffered the addictions of sex, cigarettes, and pornography. I can say I've led a clean life for these past 2 and half years and I have a New Nature. I was never a "bad person" but I never looked at the consequences of my sinful actions. I was so wrapped up in my life and art that I didn't realize I needed a savior. I didn't realize I had a destiny. Today I know who I am, I know who YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA and the Holy Spirit are and I have placed all my art, what I loved as a sacrifice to God. I have a new love and a new calling...

To understand this we must go back many months in the year 1999. In 1999 I renewed my searched for God (YAHUVEH). I searched for him in Buddhism, astrology and numerology. I become deeply rooted in meditation that took me on journey that I can not explain. In meditation I traveled and felt the inner bliss. A bliss that the mystics have search a lifetime for, but in my journey these faiths didn't offer what I needed most which is Love. I fell in Love with a woman named Anna. She was a artist like me and I thought she was the one. The woman that I dreamed of so many lonely nights. I met her on the internet and gave her my number, but she never called me. Sad and disappointed I emerged myself in my art work. I painted and drew in black and white produced a massive amount of prophetic artwork. I painted Heaven and Hell, the rapture and the second coming. I painted a blazing world on fire.

Months later while online I noticed a screen name that looked familiar it was her, Anna. We exchanged numbers and talked for many hours over the phone, finally a week later we met. I believe this meeting was preordained by God. I remember when our date ended at 3 a.m. we kissed and dreams of our future went though my mind.

After our date days passed and weeks passed with know word from Anna. I couldn't contact her but her birthday was coming up so a decided to paint her portrait. I abstractly painted my vision of Anna and named it "Breath of New " it seemed like the world tried to stop me from painting that portrait because I had broken my painting hand when I punched my mothers boyfriend after years of penned up anger. I snapped and we fought, rage overcame me and I acted on that rage, but I managed to still paint that picture, broken hand and all.

In Hebrew "Breath of Life" means Abel, YAHUSHUA was directly telling me in his own way that I was Abel. At the time I didn't realize that I was the "Breath of New ". So one day, I was surfing the web, not looking to anything in particular. Then, stumbled on a website that would change my life. I came to Amightywind.com owned by Sherrie Elijah. I started reading a prophecy, I don't remember watch one but the prophecy told me to walk around my house 7 times and yell victory, so I did...The prophecy related to me personally I began to cry. I thought the end of the world was imminent. So, I went in search of Anna. I thought God wanted me to go to Europe, but it was all a test to see if I would follow orders and drop everything to follow him. That's what I did, I took some of my belonging and my dog and I had to walk to the train station. The load was heavy. I was begging for people to give me a ride. But, know one would help. So, I struggled on until a men appeared and gave me a shopping cart.

I went to a store to see if they had dog cage that I could carry my dog in but there was none. So, I tied my dog to a tree and left him. That was hard for me to do but God was telling to follow him.

I went to Anna's house in Brooklyn, but she wasn't there. I was in a store and I heard Michael Jackson song "You are not alone I am here with you". That wasn't the first that God was in the music. It was like he was singing directly to me. Earlier, Anna wrote me a letter telling me that she was going to Rhode Island. So, I used the address on the letter and went to Rhode Island. I got there like at 3 o'clock in the morning. She was shocked to see me. I was shocked that she looked so different. She died her long black her short and blond. Then, I heard a voice he said, "So your the artist?" It was Cain the guy named talked about in her letter, She said that she would live with Cain and Cain's girlfriend. So, I shook Cain's hand, I said "you look very familiar" I know you, I recognized something within him in the spiritual realm. We were linked. Cain even had a mark or tattoo on his arm. The mark of Cain. So, I walked in there apartment I noticed the surroundings there were beer cans all over the place and cigarette buds, even bongs to smoke marijuana. Cain was a artist and I noticed that he tried to paint in my style of the "Breath of New " picture, but he failed terribly. I spoke to Anna trying to convince her that the world was ending, but she didn't believe me. I wanted to marry her and go to Europe but she wasn't having it.

The next day, me, Cain and Anna want for a walk to the store, Cain asked if I smoked " said "no I quit" then we sat down and Cain said "what does this all mean?". I didn't understand what he meant, but I think Cain felt like he knew me to, but we both couldn't make sense of it. Me and Anna want for a walk alone and she told me the she was with Cain. They kicked out Cain's girlfriend. Anna betrayed me. I was broken all my dreams were shattered. So left and haven't heard of Anna again. All along the trip I began to throw away my belongings. So, I left Anna with nothing except some glass bottles, God told me to take.

On the bus ride home, I noticed cloud formations in the sky, I saw angels battling demons like in my paintings. Things were coming together all the pieces were set in motion. I didn't know what God wanted for me to do next, YAHUSHUA had the ability to communicate in any medium he choose, be it the television, internet, radio or a conversation. God was communicating with me on a supernaturally level, if you haven't experience it, its hard for you to understand what I mean because when God speaks to you, you listen.

So I got home and my dog was there safe and sound, someone picked him up because he had his Id tag. My mother was upset with me because, I normally never acted so strangely, leaving the house over night without calling. Anyway, at home in my basement apartment I was compelled to read a newspaper I turned to a article that talked about prayer. How one's prayer could save the world. So, I was led to pray each prayer was directed at a certain article in the newspaper. I prayed for war veterans, the handicapped, I child that lost her parents in fire, people that were raped. I remember a song I heard before I prayed. The lyric was "its murder she wrote". Rape is murder. I also wrote an essay on how I wanted the future to be about space travel. I read an article about to men that got in a fight over money and one man killed the other, I knew it was about me and my mother's boyfriend, I got into a fight with him and beat him up so bad that I broke my hand. I called the police on him so they declared that he was the aggressor and arrested him, but in my heart I wanted to kill him. I hated him. So when I read that article I went to him face to face and begged for his forgiveness I was on my hands and knees begging him to forgive me. We finally shook hands and it was over 15 years of tension was over.

I read in a another paper about recognizing people who you apparently don't know, like what happened with me and Cain. Then, I turned the page and all these pornographic adds appeared for phone sex and escorts. The thought came into my head to burn it so get a match and lit the paper on fire. Then, I threw the burning paper into the toilet and took my old cigar box that had "executioner" engraved on it and stuffed in into the toilet.

Later on, I went into my neighborhood armed with photographs of my paintings. Prior to this I had given away several pictures to certain people. It was like giving out invitations. For example, one night I was headed into New York City to pick some artwork I did for a art show, I just happened to see my old grammar school art teacher who I hadn't seen for years. We talked and we agreed that I'd send him some pictures because he was on the art board of a college. I sent him 9 pictures. I sent my sister and her husband 2 pictures for the both of them. My god sisters got 2 pictures and there mother also received a picture. A little girl down the street from me got a picture for her birthday. Cain and Anna each got a picture. God still keeps his promise to Cain to keep him safe, for if anyone killed him punishment they would suffer would be 7 fold. I sent two pictures in the mail to my aunt and a woman that helped me do art shows. The picture for my aunt returned back to me. My aunt is a woman that claims to be a great Christian, but hasn't come clean on her life and when I was in her apartment, out of the corner of my eye I saw books on witchcraft.

So, in my neighborhood I saw 3 young boys riding down the street on there bikes I stopped them and said take these pictures they've keep you safe. They took them. Then I tried to give to another guy, I saw walking down the street, but he refused and walked away. Early, God told me two tie a tie with one hand and give to a person in my neighborhood and poor neighborhood next two my town. God would keep them safe. I look now at what I was doing, I was handing out invitations to the marriage supper of the Lamb.

God led me to do some else, with the bottles I bought home from Anna he told me to clean them and line them up in my closet. Then, I spoke with my mother. My mother is a good woman. But God said there were two types of people Gold and Silver, on our AOL accounts my account said silver hers said Gold. But, she took care of me alone without a father. She didn't understand what I was doing. She saw me change. She saw me loss 40 pounds after a months fast. We talked and I said I was going away. She violently opposed me, claiming that I was joining a cult. I was led to full a bottle up with water, so I did and I threw it on her. Earlier, God led to pour water on books of certain famous people, some of the people were Spike Lee, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Jim Morrison, Arthur Rimbaud, Franz Kline, Mary Shelly, and I poured water on a book titled Modern Africa.

Then next, day I began to destroy all my art work and throw in out. I cut up all my paintings tore up all my drawings. I was preparing for the end of days. I wasn't planning to take any thing with me. I throw out all my furniture and art books. I gave away my bike. I removed everything I owned to follow God without regrets. My mother saw what I was doing and it scared her. She thought I was going to commit suicide and she saw the strange bottles lined up in my closet, so she called my sister and her husband who lived in California to help me with a intervention. Meanwhile, I began to walk around my neighborhood like a prophet of old with no shoes just a pair of pants, warning the people about the end of days. I walked to a hill in a park and climbed up. I dig a hole in the ground and when I was done I walked down and my sister's husband was standing there. He found me. He came all the way from California and at the very moment I walked down the hill he was there. He took me home and the police were at the house with a ambulance. I put my hand behind my back and said, "take me away."

They brought me to the hospital. It was the day JFK Jr.'s plane crashed. I was laying on my back in the hospital bed meditating and pretending I was sleep. I was listening what everyone was saying about me. I thought that was the night YAHUSHUA would come for me. Something new happened to me I was witnessing to the hospital staff. The words just came out, I was speaking with a knowledge that I normally didn't express. Midnight came and went, a nurse brought me to the mental hospital ward. She began to take my blood pressure and the machine had a note on it. It said, PLUG IVAC. My name was Ivan. So, I said my name is IVAC.

The nurse brought me to a room and while she sat in the doorway I walked up to her and kissed her on the cheek. I don't know why she let me do that, but she didn't say anything. The next day, I awoke and I really didn't know where I was. I walked into the cafeteria, but I noticed there was a 2 playing cards on the floor. The first card was a 8, the number of new beginnings. The second card was secret number I can't reveal. God told me to never show anyone the card, but it was a spiritual number representing a bride and bridegroom. God also, used numbers to show me who I could trust. Before I went into the hospital I called 2 people. My brother-in-law and my best friend. My brother-in-law number work phone number ended with 0333, the number of the trinity. My best friend number ended with 0888, the number of YAHUSHUA. Coincidence? I don't think so. Anyway, in the mental hospital, I carried those to cards until I was led by the spirit to eat the number 8 card. I ate the paper 8 card and I don't no why. I gave the other card to my mother and told her not to look at it and she didn't. I have that card to this day.

One day, in the mental hospital, I sitting down when a women that wasn't a patient sat next to me. She was carrying a book and was wearing silver jewelry, I wasn't trusting anyone that wore gold jewelry. So, we began to talk. Her book I believe was on Hebrew numerology, I don't know, but it was about numbers and names. She did my chart. My chart said I had to watch out for who I trusted and she I had to change my name to a name that would be easily pronounced. I stumbled over the name of IVAC. So, what name could I choose? Well, 3 weeks before all this happened I was watching TV and the name IVANOVA appeared on the screen, the name of a caller on a talk show. For some reason, I took notice and wrote down the name. I put the name in my cigar box and figured if I had a daughter one day I'd name her IVANOVA. However, the name was meant for me so, I changed my name to IVANOVA and with that my life path number changed from a 7 to a 8. I read in the Kabbalah if you change your name, you change your fate. God changed my name is his own way.

There were many characters in the mental hospital. There was a man who called himself the Black Jesus. When he looked at me all he said was, "you look innocent." The was the Nazi kid that I went to grammar school with. He had a Nazi tattoo on his head and had I AM CHRIST written on his pants. There was the Chinese woman that thought she was Christ to and was trying to convert everyone. I know I'm not mentally ill and never was, but in the first week that I was in the mental hospital I tried to escape many times. I was tied to my bed and beat up many times. But, during the second week I cooperated and made and effort to get well enough to leave. After, 16 days in a mental hospital they let me go.

I got home, I didn't know what was going to happen. God hadn't returned and I didn't know how long I had to wait. I went back to the hill that I dug the hole. I took a jar and put an essay I wrote in the mental hospital, about, how I wanted the world to be. I put the jar in hole and covered it. After, that nothing special happened for months, until I went to California. I was surfing the web not looking for anything, then it happened I landed at Amightywind.com, after months of not being online, I believe I was divinely led to this website again. I read prophecy #37. The prophecy said "my bride has been in fear" and I was because God's presence wasn't like it was months before, I became depressed, but God finally came back. He told me more about myself. I learned more about God and firmly rooting my beliefs in the doc trines of Messianic Judaism. Finally, I thank God that he is speaking though his prophets to prepare and encourage his bride for his return.

Today, I live in California with my sister and brother-in-law. I'm back in college studying web design. But, most importantly I wait on every Sabbath for YAHUSHUA to come, listening to hear that shofar sound, to be caught up to meet the Lord in the air.

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