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Personal Note From Apostle Elisabeth (Elisheva) Elijah…

While speaking and praying on the phone with Natalie, as prophesying with her, the LORD said , "evidence of speaking in tongues". At the end of conversation she prayed for me and this ministry and while she was praying before she even realized it, she spoke in fluent tongues. ( Matthew 16 : 17 And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues. ;)

This does not mean that a person cannot go to Heaven because they do not speak in tongues, only that it gives us more power in prayer! For it is the Holy Spirit who intercedes!!!  ROMANS 8 : 26, 27 Likewise the Spirit also helpeth our infirmities: for we know not what we should pray for as we ought: but the Spirit itself maketh intercession ;for us with groanings which cannot be uttered. And he that searcheth the hearts knoweth what is the mind of the Spirit, because he maketh intercession for the saints according to the will of God.

Hello to all my sisters and brothers in Christ: I'm not quite sure where to begin this testimony of mine. Only 4-5 yrs. ago, I'd never thought I'd write a message to other Christians especially since I was very angry at GOD the time and with myself. Many blessings have come my direction by HIM since that dark time in my life when I had not even liked myself; I had lost all ---almost my soul too!

One December evening as I walked across a McDonald's parking lot an old man who seemed homeless stood by a telephone booth just outside of the building with all he owned inside a shopping cart. At that exact moment while I was feeling despair and hopelessness, he shouted out at me from across the parking lot saying as he pointed to the sky words to the effect of HE wants you to focus on what is happening here around you. Don't dwell upon yourself anymore. HE is talking to you.

What I felt at first was fear, then peace as if something was telling me that this man meant no harm and he was safe. Then fear come back not against the man, but fear against me. I did not want to hear anything more about what he was saying to me for it was all TRUTH! I had sinned greatly; I was a sinner who needed to change directions before I lost my soul. My repentance has been a slow gradual process and now have regained back what I lost thanks to our beloved LORD JESUS CHRIST!

Still I am a sinner because that's the heritage I inherited as well as rest of the people on Earth, but Christ's Blood that was shedded upon the cross on that long ago day washed me new like white snow. I feel the LORD calling me to give more to HIS kingdom as I grow more mature spiritually. I ask you all who read this short testimony to please pray for me in that I fulfill HIS will in my life. Many praises to JESUS for the miracles HE performed in my life and may I never forget those dark days and where I could have ended very easily. I must write one more item in case there is anyone who has been led to this site by our LORD and is not yet sure of Christ's realness , of Heaven and of Hell. BOTH places are real. Christ is real and HIS message is serious.

On the eve before Jan 1st, 1997, I had been so sick and without insurance I could only drink Nyquil and keep warm as much as possible. Delirious I was as I fell into sleep and out of sleep throughout the night dreaming first of a terrible dark scary place where I could not see even my hands, and in my dream a demon raped me laughing all the time that GOD would not help me and said some other hurtful terrible things. From behind me I saw a door and willed by my own mind power to open the door so I could escape. This was not possible. Then I cried out to GOD saying Do not abandon me---one of your lost sheep. LORD, you can stop this . TAKE me away. YOU own my soul.

Suddenly, the most brilliant light I've ever seen surrounded us and I was pulled away. It was that moment I awoke on Jan. 1st, 1997 and opened my heart's doorway to CHRIST. Please, (for the person reading this), do not allow time to deceive you; do not allow anyone to deceive you away from the Truth. As an infant, I was baptized by a Catholic priest. As a child, I attended Sunday school for a brief period of time, but my family never sought GOD and never taught me to worship HIM. As an adult in my early twenties -mid twenties, I believed that I could do things my own way and on my terms. It took that dark time to bring back to CHRIST.

Please don't allow precious time to slip by without allowing God's gift of HIS Son's bloodshed to be your gift. ALSO, one more thing, and I can stop writing. Strange, I never intended to write all that I have , yet I feel the Holy SPIRIT guiding my hands as I record my testimony. On December 31st, 1989, I had been home almost a high school graduate in 1990, and I had a dream that I don't understand even to this day. Perhaps someone knows. I only understand the message:

"Man is not above God's laws"

In this dream, I saw a woman and I think it is me, yet it is not me. It was back in the ancient times when there were still open markets, yet there was a great deal of modern details too. I (the woman) sat on a wooden chair inside a building surrounded by many military men one of whom demanded where I put an item they were seeking. I said that I had not known what they're speaking of. It seemed as if this man was ready to torture me, however another officer come through the door and said I was free to go, but they would be watching me. It was not over he said to me. The other man was angry when he heard I was free to leave. As I left the building, I put my cloak on and my hood over my head and walked through the market.

Fear was within me greatly and I passed another lady who then handed me something that looked like two camera rolls. I continued to walk as my heart beat rapidly and then I placed them inside a bag full of oranges trying to hide them. Suddenly, all things, time, froze. There were people, creatures, animals, from all over the world in one spot -that marketplace-. I looked up and saw Pegasus flying to a hill not far away and it landed on the hill where an unicorn stood. A lion with its head proudly up walked up to the unicorn as master of the animal kingdom. The unicorn bowed quickly before the pegasus and then bit the lion and the lion crouched onto the ground in shame. Blood dripped downwards and then Pegasus said "no one is above God's laws-not even man...(other words were mentioned, but I cannot recall them)."

Then the blood disappeared from the lion and it bowed down along with rest of world to Pegasus. Pegasus said not to bow down before him as it flew away. Something was said about water, ocean. Sorry I do not recall. And Pegasus said to me not to hide the message. Must be passed on Told me to take the rolls out of the bag full of oranges. anyhow, this is my testimony and I hope, pray that whomever GOD brings to this site that my testimony helps bring that person to CHRIST and into the BODY of the BRIDE. I have learned more about the bible recently, and still more to learn and more to overcome in respect to temptation. LORD JESUS CHRIST, just make Your Will known to me.

Thank you all.

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