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My name is Robert Saylor. I live in Farmington Mo. I have a few things to share with you.

I was Born Again and Baptized in the Holy Spirit in the month of June 1984, in Casper Wyoming. I was 22 at the time and fresh out of the Marine Corps. I was not looking for Jesus, because I thought I was already saved as a kid, by water baptism.

I remember it to this day; how I was pacing back and forth in our front yard, waiting for my parents to take me to our Baptist Church that Sunday evening. Once I was plunged in the water, I thought I had a free way to Heaven. I was about 10 years old.

As I got older, I never even thought about God or Jesus. I thought I could drink, smoke and do drugs and everything would be okay. And boy, did I ever drink and do drugs. I even boasted one day to another Marine that I had not been to church for years and I was proud of that.

You see as a kid, my Dad made me go every Sunday. I resented it, but when I was a teenager, my Dad left the decision up to me. I was so glad, because I could stay in bed on Sunday morning and sleep off my hangover.

My older brother went to Wyoming after high school and became Born Again and Baptized in the Holy Spirit (with the evidence of speaking in other toungues). He would call me on the phone and witness to me. I thought he was crazy. I thought speaking in tounges was of the devil.

When I got out of the Marine Corps, I went to stay with my brother and check him out. Well wouldn't you know it, THE LORD JESUS CHRIST SAVED ME AND BAPTIZED ME IN THE HOLY SPIRIT also!

Well I'm 44 now and on Aug. 7 2004, my brother stuck a 44 magnum revolver in his mouth and blew his brains out, in a motel room in Gillette Wyoming. I won't talk about that anymore.

But in the month of Oct. 2004, I had a very supernatural thing happen to me while I was in prayer. The Holy Spirit came on me so strong, I almost thought I could fly. I ran out into the street and this is what happened. The only way I can describe what happened to me is like this. I felt like time and deminsion changed on me. It was almost like trying to walk in a large jar of clear heavy weight oil! Thats the only way I can describe it. Then I found the Holy Spirit, literaly pushing me to 3 different houses in my neighborhood. These are nice, hardworking people also. You see, I ACTUALLY THOUGHT THE RAPTURE WAS GETTING READY TO TAKE PLACE AT ANY MOMENT!! And I was the Midnight Crier. The cry that is heard in the midnight hour, in Matthew 25 vs, 1-13!

Anyway I went to 3 diferent houses of people I new in the neighborhood. I rang their doorbells, and when they opened the door, I would scream at the top of my lungs RAPTURE! Bear in mind that the Holy Spirit is making me do this. Well of course, one of the houses called the cops. They took me to the State Mental Hospital that is in our town. I was there for 8 days. I led 5 people to Jesus.

All's I got to say about all this is BLESSED BE THE NAME OF THE LORD!!! I love being used in an unusual and peculiar way by the Holy Spirit! And the fun is not over yet! As I sit here writing this e-mail; I can feel the Holy Spirit's annointing caressing my foot. He has done something supernatural to me in the last year and a half. All's I have to say about it is this: I LOVE IT!!

God Bless You! E-mail me back if you want. Bye, Bye.

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