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Sharon’s Testimony: Miracle After Miracle

June 13, 2009

Note: Sharon is Elisabeth’s long time friend who has been there through thick and thin, in good times and bad. She is a faithful ministry partner.

“My son is a diabetic and chooses to live in denial.

He had a right foot and partial leg amputation almost 2 years ago. He wouldn’t go to the doctor. He kept saying, ‘Everything is ok.’ You would think that would be enough to take care of yourself but it wasn’t.

He walked the skin off of his left foot and would not stop no matter how hard I tried. He though he could treat it himself so after about 8 months, he finally went to the emergency room. They put him in Intensive Care. His sodium was dangerously low.

He had surgery, was on antibiotics for 9 weeks, having Intravenous Feeding everyday. Then he had a second surgery that took ½ of his left foot. He was very close to losing the foot and leg. One morning I found him and he didn’t even know me. He had ripped out the pick in his arm for his I.V.

The emergency personnel airlifted him to Lafayette Hospital Intensive Care Unit again. The doctor said, ‘I hate to tell you but he probably won’t live.’

I never quit praying. I always call this Ministry (Amightywind) for prayer and one by one my prayers were answered!

At one point the hospital couldn’t keep his blood pressure up. It was 78/45. Within 3 minutes his blood pressure went up to 148/71 after I called Kathrynyah for more prayer. It was a miracle he lived because he laid alone 13 hours, with low sodium and having brain seizures.

The hospital did a CAT scan. The doctor was so sure he would die. I prayed again and the doctor had nothing to say to me after the CAT scan.

My son is home now doing very well but only because YAHWEH and YAHSHUA kept answering my prayers.

My son has no more brain seizures and no brain damage from this. He should have died but again YAHWEH spared his life. Before this he would not take care of himself, even a vitamin from me. He has lots of pills to take and now does so without complaining!

I want you to know what YAHWEH has delivered him from:

Drugs of all kinds

Pot (marijuana)
Brain seizures
Cigarettes (4 packs a day)
Bad language
Bad manners

It is amazing!

It is all YAHWEH’S and YAHUSHUA’S Deliverance and Blessing!"