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Alpha & Omega Almightywind Ruach Ha Kodesh Wildfire Last Chance Ministry is an eternal blessing to me

Sister T's Testimony

May My Heavenly DAD YAHUVEH bless all those who read this Testimony written for HIS Glory Alone.YAH'S Almightywind /Amightywind Ministry (AMW) has touched my life and changed it for HIS Praise, Honour and Glory. I pray it touches and changes yours too in YAHUSHUA'S Name.


Sometime in the year 2008, things were pretty difficult for me. Though blessed with beautiful kids, I felt some kind of void because I had not worked in about 2 and a half yrs. All the burden was on my Beloved husband. He had to work twice as hard to make us a little comfortable. Things were really tough. I had to rely on him for every little thing as tiny as a pin. I appreciated all he did, for how many men out there could do what he was doing! We had little quarrels occasionally which boiled down to lack of finances most times. This made me feel so bad. At this point in my life, I would say I was a lukewarm Christian. I had head knowledge of JESUS CHRIST (this was the name I knew and was taught then) not heart knowledge. I barely attended Church, was brought up as an Anglican where services were kind of ceremonial, repetitive and I must say, very boring. To summarise it, I did not have any personal relationship with JESUS. I only ran to HIM when I was in problems and knew there was no way out except to come to HIM. As Faithful and True as HE is, HE always delivered me out of any circumstance/problem I faced.

On this fateful day, all alone with the kids, I was sober, reflecting on my life, how difficult things were, among other things when I just started having this strong desire to get close to JESUS. I felt led to type the words "testimonies of those that have visited heaven and hell". Wow, a lot of testimonies came up. So I began to read.

Hmm, I was startled! Of course, I knew there was a hell and heaven but I was living my life in careless ease, doing things my own way not thinking where I could end up if I suddenly died. In the past, I had been preached to regarding these things, even given my life to CHRIST then but oh, I had back-slidden for a long long time and was in a deep Spiritual Coma.

Well, it was the Testimony by Mary K.Baxter, "A Divine Revelation of Hell" that shook me and woke me up! I listened to her testimony/revelation of Hell which JESUS gave her. I had my husband listen as well. I was so frightened, it was then I began to feel the reality of hell as she spoke about it. It was really late that night; I remember my Husband and I spent more than two hours listening. I said to myself "Whaat?? Should I drop dead this minute, I would be heading for hell" because I had been living in sin not paying attention to JESUS CHRIST let alone living the life HE desired for me.

After listening, I was so sober, I told my husband to throw out all pornographic cds we owned (we were into watching them for pleasure).We both said the Salvation Prayer and from that point I knew I had to start a new walk in CHRIST. As the days rolled by, I only desired to learn more about GOD, Sing praises to HIM and get closer and closer to HIM not wanting to backslide anymore.

By now, I was inspired by these testimonies of the revelation of heaven and hell. I was stunned yet excited that JESUS actually speaks and reveals HIMSELF to people in these modern days. So my search for more truth and real life experiences with JESUS continued on the internet. I also prayed to hear GOD'S Voice too. I wanted HIM to reveal HIMSELF to me. I desired for HIM to speak to me as HE spoke to others. Through a link on a website, I listened to "a citizen in hell"- a vision of hell given to Prophet Elisabeth (Elisheva) Elijah. Wow, I got scared again and I said to myself "I don't want to go hell; I need a mentor who would help me grow spiritually". I read the lyrics of this song and found another link which led me to excerpts of one of the prophecies given to Prophet Elisabeth. All that caught my attention while reading where the sacred names used, "YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA and RUACH ha KODESH". No one had to tell me, I got a sudden witness in my spirit that YAHUVEH is GOD, YAHUSHUA is JESUS and the RUACH ha KODESH is THE HOLY SPIRIT. As I read on, I called my husband and said "This is GOD speaking; I can hear HIS Voice in this message". I was so excited. GOD had answered my prayer. I could hear HIS Voice!

People, Can you miss your earthly father's voice? You can recognise it anywhere. I think if you really know your Dad, no one can trick you with another voice! That is exactly how it was, I suddenly recognised my Heavenly DAD'S Voice. I remember that particular prophecy had to do with HIS warning/rebuke to USA.

Now, I wanted to get to the main source of these anointed prophetic messages and that was how one click on the mouse led me to the HOLY WEBSITE itself: ALPHA & OMEGA ALMIGHTYWIND RUACH ha KODESH WILDFIRE LAST CHANCE MINISTRY…..Wow, very colourful and anointed it looked! I was reading from the homepage now, saw captions like "Sunday churches will be used to receive the mark of the beast in the Great Tribulation". "Pagan holidays observed by most Christian Churches, i.e. Christmas, Easter, etc."Hmm, I was shocked and adjusted my seat cos I was ready for more shocks, infact I had literally turned to a "shock absorber" as these captioned messages shocked me to my bone marrow yet I knew within me it was the Truth I was reading. There were so many prophetic messages. As I read one after the other, I only knelt down each day to thank YAHUVEH for answering my prayers for I was hearing HIS voice loud and clear and was so grateful to be meeting HIM one on one (I felt HIS presence as I read).

Each day only became more meaningful to me as I was so excited to read more truth. I immediately started spreading the link to this website to family and friends with joy and where possible made phone calls to make people aware that GOD still speaks through HIS Prophets these modern days like HE did to Moses, Prophet Elijah and many others of Old. I only worried about getting the right pronunciation of YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA and the RUACH ha KODESH. I stopped praying in JESUS Name. As days rolled by, I looked forward to getting in touch with this Anointed Prophet who had such courage and boldness in speaking forth these messages. I hadn't known they came with audio too, when I realised this, I only praised YAH more as I heard her pronounce these sacred names. Then, I learnt how to say it too….. (HalleluYAH).

I sent e-mails after e-mails cos I knew I had to contact her. She didn't reply immediately and I didn't give up either. I kept on re-sending the mails until that Blessed day on the 25th of oct 2008 when a co-minister, Kathrynyah from AMW replied. I was so overjoyed beyond explanation. Since then, I have been and will remain a part of AMW by YAH'S special grace. I have been in fellowship with other beloved brothers and sisters in YAHUSHUA here at AMW. My life has only been more meaningful and blessed each day as we pray together, encourage one another and love one another in YAHUSHUA'S awesome Love.

Though like every other person, I face trials and temptations here and there but we have all been given the Victory to overcome all these through the Name and Shed blood of YAHUSHUA Our MASHIACH.

Everyday, I say to YAH, "Even if you had not blessed me with a spouse and beautiful children, job, finances, etc on this earth, the blessed fact that YOU singlehandedly led me to YOUR OWN MINISTRY AMW straight from HEAVEN is enough for me".

I am so blessed beyond measure with this Ministry. I have learnt a lot within such a short time and I only grow spiritually each day by the grace of YAH. HIS TRUTH has set me free from the false Sabbath Day of Sunday to the true Sabbath Day (Friday Sundown to Saturday Sundown), from the pagan holidays of Christmas and Easter to the True Holy Feasts of YAHUVEH: Purim, Pentecost, Passover, Yom Kimpur, Sukkot, Hanukkah and Rosh ha Shannah. The Holy Bible has come alive like never before (I used to think they were just ancient stories). I have learnt to commune personally with YAHUSHUA and now realise that it is a one on one relationship with YAH that matters and not a religion, it is not about church attendance! The church is not the physical building but our body which is the temple of the Ruach ha Kodesh.

People, I can go on and on telling you how this Ministry has blessed me in many different ways and there won't be any space left for others to share their testimonies in this book. So I will stop typing now and pray that you will receive the truths as well from YAH'S OWN AMW and be blessed as well. Please take time to pray that your spiritual eyes and ears be opened before visiting the website. Don't listen to others who condemn this Ministry without even taking time to read through. Don't be intimidated when you read the warnings not to attend the Sunday Churches, not to celebrate Christmas, Easter, etc. instead take it as a strong conviction from the Ruach ha Kodesh (Holy Spirit) who only loves you and does not want you to be led astray by the devil. Remember, we are surely and truly in the End times, and the HOLY SPIRIT will not always strive with man for long in these times. The Great Tribulation is a Breath Away! You need to learn to start praying in the sacred names of YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA and the RUACH ha KODESH. Get into the practice now cos the name of JESUS will be as a curse in the Great Tribulation and prayers will not be answered in that name then….

It is my prayer that you will take a new step today and surrender your life (mind, body, soul and spirit) to YAHUSHUA, living in holiness and obedience to HIM. For if you love HIM, you got to prove it by obeying all HIS Commandments. Remember, without Holiness, No one will see YAHUVEH. Without being born again; you cannot inherit the Kingdom of Heaven.


A sister in YAHUSHUA, T, from the UK.