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Sister V's Testimony

I was led to Amightywind/Almightywind Ministry at the end of the year 2008. And since then, I have been so blessed, fed with strong spiritual meat. I was set free from an unequally yoked marriage but for you to understand more clearly how this Ministry has really blessed me, I need to go right from the start.

I married my X husband out of lust, which at this time I called ‘Love’ but it was not long before I realised that this was an illusion of a marriage. Soon after marrying my X husband, I applied for a new job to be more present for my husband. We were both working in a hotel, and had different shifts, so in order to spend more time together, I applied for a secretary post, where I did not have to work during the week-ends. My X did not want to change work and I respected his decision at this time.

In my new workplace, I met a lady who led me to YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, whom I called Jesus Christ at this time. I knew it was the truth; I started reading the Bible (the 4 Gospels) and the more I was reading, the more I wanted to read. I did not want to leave my Bible. At work, at home, in the bus, any place would do. I was hungry for spiritual food and the RUACH ha KODESH (Holy Spirit) was at work. Everyone around me noticed the change in me, including the X husband. I was born again in Spirit and Truth.

I tried to lead my bio parents, who were Roman Catholic believers, to YAHUSHUA MASHIACH (Jesus Christ). I shared my new beliefs with them and the X husband but no one would receive the revelation of the truth about YAHUSHUA. But I loved my Saviour, Lord, and Master and even if I was the only one in the family, it did not matter. I felt the love of my Saviour and was zealous for HIM.

Meanwhile, my X husband had applied for a better job in another hotel and obtained it. Soon after, I started having several dreams that he was having an extra-marital affair. (And I realised afterwards that each time I had these dreams, it turned out to be real). Shortly after, I received an anonymous phone call, that my X was having an affair with a woman at his workplace. After confronting the X, who denied everything, I called my pastor and trusted sister and asked them to pray for me. But unfortunately, I believed the lies of my X, I was so easily fooled at this time.

One evening, I was at my parents’ place and I received another phone call, this time from the X’s mistress, confessing all the truth about her relationship with the X. I was even more horrified when she handed the phone to the X who was so embarrassed that he just told me, ‘I’m coming right now, wait for me at home’. I quickly left my parents’ place; I did not want them to see how shocked and hurt I was. I forsook my parents who did not like my X husband and did not want me to marry him and all this out of ‘love’ for the X and now he was betraying me this way? How could he? How could Jesus allow this to me? So many questions that was unanswered at this time…

When the X arrived, he begged me to forgive him. I can’t remember all his arguments but what I remember was my pastor telling me later on that I was forced to forgive him because Jesus taught us to forgive and that he would pray for our marriage. Sad to say, but I believed this lie but it took me some time to start trusting the X husband again.

I got pregnant, and our first child was born. But again these dreams about the X having these extra-marital affairs. I thought maybe it was just an attack from the enemy and that it was not possible that he would do such thing again, not after giving him a child that he desired so much. But I was still on maternity leave, which means that my baby was only two months old that I received another anonymous call, again telling me that the X was still seeing the same woman; that they had never broke up. I was stunned! Since I had the phone number of this woman, I contacted her and she did not deny anything. I was horrified, telling her, ‘how can you do that? I have a child with him’.

I was convinced at this stage that no one would reproach me if I put an end to this marriage. But when I shared my feelings with my pastor, though he knew how tremendously hurt I was, he again told me that I should forgive the X once more and that everything was going to be alright afterwards. I trusted this man, that I called my spiritual father at this time. So, I believed these lies from satan and forgave the X husband once more.

But it was not long again before I started having these dreams and more disgusting than the previous ones. I remember this one dream when I saw the X with not one or two women, but so many I could not count. Yuck, it was disgusting!

One day, I saw a small note in his pocket, where was written a love message from a woman, who even left her phone number. I called her and she was really embarrassed when I introduced myself as the wife of the X husband. After telling me that she was more than a friend to the X, she apologised and told me she did not know that the X was a married man…

I was furious and at the same time I felt so humiliated. And this question I was always asking myself, ‘WHY? What did I do to deserve this?’ I was a faithful, loving wife and fulfilling my wife’s duty. So, I told the X that this time, I’ve had enough and I was moving to my parents’ with my child. He was denying everything but I had spoken to this lady and the love note was self-explanatory. I stayed at my parents’ place for about a week but can you believe that the X contacted my pastor who had a great influence over me (I knew afterwards that it was called ‘Mind Manipulation’). The pastor believed the lies of the X and asked me again to forgive him. When I told him that it was not possible, that I was too hurt and I could no more trust him, he told me that if I was able to forgive the X once more, that I would have something like a ‘high spirit’. I loved YAHUSHUA (Jesus) and I wanted to grow spiritually, so I forced myself again to forgive the X and on top of that the X had promised me that he would go to church with me, which he did for a short period, until I got pregnant again. He knew very well that I would not leave him, bearing his child in my womb.

I was resigned to live unhappy with a husband who was a liar, adulterous, and by the way was never there for us as he spent most of his time outside.

At the end of year 2008, my beloved sister in YAHUSHUA and I came across the Website of ALMIGHTYWIND but I believed that YAHUSHUA led us to this Holy Ministry because it was his appointed time. We were so blessed to learn the true Shabbat day and Holy Feasts, the Sacred Names of YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA, and IMMAYAH, and the feminine gender of the RUACH ha KODESH (Holy Spirit). We received these truths found in the Prophecies and I contacted the Ministry to introduce myself. A Minister replied, greeting me with the love of YAHUSHUA and ministering to me and my sister.

While reading the Prophecies, I noticed something that is not taught in any Pentecostal church, like the one I was attending. YAH was warning us of unequally yoked marriages. I started reading the Prophecies about this subject, (http://www.amightywind.com/teachings/unequallyyoked.html) and this hit me as a Revelation I somehow already knew in my Spirit. I am in an unequally yoked marriage!

But, be careful, satan has so many tricks to try and deceive the very elects. My X and I were arguing a lot and one day, after a fight, he told me that he wanted to divorce me and told me to contact an attorney. I was constantly praying that YAHUVEH would make a way for me if I was unequally yoked. So, I immediately thought that it was the will of YAHUVEH and that HE was making a way for me to come out of this illusion of a marriage ordained straight from hell. The following day, I contacted an attorney and made all the necessary arrangements. The X could not believe it when I told him that I’ve contacted my attorney and I was going ahead with the Divorce. He tried to make me change my mind but I would not listen.

Then, something happened that, if you are in an unequally yoked marriage, you should be very careful. The X knew that I wanted to be married to someone who shared my beliefs and who loved YAHUSHUA and the only way he could get me back was to make me believe that he had accepted YAHUSHUA as his Saviour. But, he already did it, remember, before I got pregnant of my second child. So, now I was not believing him when he was coming to church as if he was truly born again and teaching our children how they should pray to YAHUSHUA. And he was very convincing; I would give him an Oscar, personally.

But again, this pastor met both of us one day to reconcile us. And though I was convinced that I was obeying YAH’s voice by divorcing the X, I don’t know how (but now I know that it was through mind manipulation), but this pastor succeeded in making me change my mind and stop the divorce procedure, after the X promised to walk in holiness and obey YAH’s commandments. I think that I wanted to believe that it was possible to save my marriage and I think that I was a bit afraid at that time what the people in my church would think of me, being a divorced woman.

After some time, my beloved sister and I realised that this church we were attending (who embraced the Prophecies of AMIGHTYWIND at first but then turned their back) was not preaching Holiness, and one Minister also stood before the Assembly one day preaching how some people, even if they don’t accept YAHUSHUA as their saviour, but by their good deeds, they would still inherit Heaven. What??? This message was straight from the anti-christ, leading people astray and mocking the Shed Blood of YAHUSHUA MASHIACH, our only Atonement. My sister and I moved out of this church and started meeting at my place. Many born again Christians believe the lies that we should attend a Church (building) but the truth is that there is an occultic spirit in many of these Churches

The X husband who was still playing church at this time would not meet with us on each Shabbat using all sorts of excuses and this immediately sounded the alarm in my Spirit. My sister and I constantly prayed that YAHUVEH would expose any wolf in sheep clothing and expose all evil in the X in the Name of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH. And ABBA YAHUVEH is such a great Daddy and soon after HE started showing me the true colours of the X who became abusive, quarrelling with me for the slightest things, and would accuse me falsely of having an extra-marital affair with one of my brothers in YAHUSHUA. On top of that, he told me that he could not pretend anymore and could no longer play church. Praise YAH. I knew that my ABBA YAHUVEH was making a way for me once more to be freed of this unequally yoked marriage and this time, no one would influence me or stop me.

The X became even more abusive when I told him that I started the divorce procedure again and this time, I would not change my mind. He started insulting me, calling me all sorts of curse names which I bound and rebuked away from me in the Name of YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH. I told him that any curses he was sending against me and AMIGHTYWIND Ministry would return back to him because this Ministry and I belong to the True Living Almighty YAHUVEH. This is exactly what happened to him. He soon became like an insane person. Even my parents, who are heathens, confirmed that the X was acting like an insane person.

Now, the demons in the X were exposed and I discovered an enemy in my own household, the one I once called my husband, loved one, whom I always thought was the other half of me. If someone told me that my X would become my worst enemy, I would have laughed at this person. Not him, he would never do me any harm. Well, guess what he did?

He contacted a lawyer and applied for full custody of our two children. He told me afterwards, ‘I hate you and I will make you suffer’ and also, ‘my children will never follow you in your belief’. When he was saying such evil things to me, his eyes were full of demons, and this one day, when he told me again, ‘I hate you’, I felt as if it was satan himself saying this to me.

I had to stay in the same house for some time because the law was not clear about leaving conjugal roof and I did not want to lose custody of my two babies. So, I had to bear all the abusive words, curses, from this evil heathen. Sometimes, he would become very calm and pretend to accept the divorce but it was just a trick to seduce me again. But when I stood firm and would not be caught in his game, he would become abusive again. But all this time, I was not alone. I had found a true family at AMIGHTYWIND. And all my true brothers and sisters were supporting me in their prayers and encouraging, loving emails. And above all, I knew that YAHUSHUA was fighting for me and that HE would not allow any harm done to me and my children and YAHUSHUA was totally in control. This is an awesome feeling to be loved by our ABBA YAHUVEH, our saviour YAHUSHUA, and our precious MOMMA RUACH ha KODESH.

One Saturday evening, the X came near the bedroom where I was and started calling me all these curse names again, and I was so fed up, I shut the door in front of him. He became furious and after breaking the door, and pushing me violently and taking my phone from my handbag, I could no longer stay there. I was so afraid of this man who was a total stranger to me. I took my two children and went to stay at my parents’ place for some time. I felt such peace after moving. Me and my children were finally safe, far from this evil X husband.

The children were very affected and even today, the smallest one often recalls when dad broke the door and was very angry at mum. I remember this one day when my child would shout at the X telling him, ‘why are you yelling at mum, she’s my mum’. And the X one day told my eldest child that if ever he saw her writing or learning anything about YAHUSHUA, he would be very angry at her. She was so young and very afraid and when I tried to teach her something afterwards, she would tell me, dad will be very angry. I hope you can get a picture in what state of mind me and my children were living. So, when I was able to move away with my children, I felt such peace again.

But unfortunately, the X had other evil plans. He came the following day in the morning to fetch the children and was supposed to return them afterwards but when I phoned him to know at what time he was coming, he would tell me that the children were not coming back. That his attorney told him he could keep the children with him. I was only allowed to see them but not take them with me. I was distraught with grief. I called my attorney who told me that I could not take them back; I needed to apply for an ‘immediate care and control’ and wait for the Judge’s decision. I could not accept this, my babies were taken away from me and were living with this evil man. I spent the night crying and praying to YAH that he would bring my babies back to me and judge this evil X husband.

Two days later, my attorney handed me a document from the Supreme Court, I was granted immediate care and control of my two children and could go and fetch them anytime. The X was only allowed a week-end per fortnight. Oh, how I rejoiced and gave praise to YAH on this day. My babies were back home and the X was stunned when I came with two policemen, who explained to him that he was forced to let the children go. HALLELUYAH! This was a great victory over the enemy. Praise be to you YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA, and IMMAYAH. And the prayers of the righteous avail much!

After attending Court several times, I was finally granted Custody of my two children and the X is now resigned to accept the fact that he lost and will not be granted custody of my children. YAH had spoken and the wicked has been judged. This man was given a chance to repent. He heard the voice of YAH one day telling him, ‘STOP’ and he even told me that he knew it was YAH telling him to stop his evil but he did not obey. Now, he is only reaping what he has sowed and he can only blame himself for not obeying the voice of YAH warning him.

My true brothers and sisters at AMIGHTYWIND who have been supporting me in their prayers, and with the true love of YAHUSHUA could only rejoice with me and give praise to YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA, and IMMAYAH, the RUACH ha KODESH. They were lifting me and my children up in prayer everyday and I could feel all their prayers. This is why I give all the Praise, Honour, and Glory, to YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA, and IMMAYAH, for leading me to his True and Holy Ministry where I have learned the Truth, I have been delivered from an unequally yoked, hell ordained marriage, I have come out of a church leading souls to the anti-christ instead of the true Messiah, teaching that any day will do and that it was not necessary to observe the true Shabbat and Holy Feasts days, and that we should not believe all the Prophecies given to Prophet Elisabeth (Elisheva) Elijah. Lies, all of this were lies from satan.

I asked YAH to forgive me for marrying someone out of lust, and who was not the one ordained for me from Heaven and I know that I have been forgiven and delivered from this sin.

Study and show yourself approved and test the Spirit who is speaking through Elisabeth (Elisheva) Elijah in the Holy Prophecies. If your name is written in the Lamb’s Book of Life, you will also receive these Prophecies as Truth and be blessed as I am blessed. I now live my life to be pleasant unto YAH and strive to live Holy and pray to be counted worthy to be caught in the air when YAHUSHUA comes (very soon) for his Bride.

This is the prayer of the Bride, Come YAHUSHUA, Come.

Much love in YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH’s Holy Name,

Sister V

(P.S.: Please take some time to read also some Bible Verses & Excerpts from the Holy Prophecies I’ve added hereunder)

2 Corinthians 6

14Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? And what communion hath light with darkness? 15And what concord hath Christ with Belial? Or what part hath he that believeth with an infidel? 16And what agreement hath the temple of YAHUVEH with idols? For ye are the temple of the living God; as YAHUVEH hath said, I will dwell in them, and walk in them; and I will be their God, and they shall be my people. 17Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith YAHUVEH, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you. 18And will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be my sons and daughters, saith YAHUVEH Almighty.

Matthew 10:34-36

34Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword. 35For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law. 36And a man's foes shall be they of his own household.

Malachi 2:11-13

11Judah hath dealt treacherously, and an abomination is committed in Israel and in Jerusalem; for Judah hath profaned the holiness of YAHUVEH which he loved, and hath married the daughter of a strange god. 12YAHUVEH will cut off the man that doeth this, the master and the scholar, out of the tabernacles of Jacob, and him that offereth an offering unto the LORD of hosts.

Ezra 9

10 "But now, O our God, what can we say after this? For we have disregarded the commands 11 you gave through your servants the prophets when you said: 'The land you are entering to possess is a land polluted by the corruption of its peoples. By their detestable practices they have filled it with their impurity from one end to the other. 12 Therefore, do not give your daughters in marriage to their sons or take their daughters for your sons. Do not seek a treaty of friendship with them at any time, that you may be strong and eat the good things of the land and leave it to your children as an everlasting inheritance.'

Ezra 10

2 Then Shecaniah son of Jehiel, one of the descendants of Elam, said to Ezra, "We have been unfaithful to our God by marrying foreign women from the peoples around us. But in spite of this, there is still hope for Israel. 3 Now let us make a covenant before our God to send away all these women and their children, in accordance with the counsel of my lord and of those who fear the commands of our God. Let it be done according to the Law.

Prophecy 20

So many have made wrong choices and then I get the blame. For when they are wounded and come to Daddy and say, "Father look at MY bloody wounds, look what those that I love did to me, those that I trusted, those that I yoked myself with. Daddy, why did you allow this to happen? Don't you care?" Oh MY little ones yes, yes again I say unto you I care and I will say unto you as I open MY arms for you to run into them and you climb on your Daddy GOD YAHUVEH'S lap and I cradle you in MY arms, allowing you to weep bitter tears. For you have been storing them up for along time and when they are released, when you finally realize I am not the one that yoked you, that joined you with ungodliness.

It is you yourself that yoked to the sin of this world for you became one with sin when you chose to marry without asking ME if this was the right spouse for you. If this was the one I ordained before the foundation of the earth for you? When you yoked yourself with sin, when you became leaders over the heathen who chose to remain heathens you closed your eyes so your Daddy YAHUVEH has had to rip your eyes open forcing you to see what you did not see before.

…When you hear MY voice say, "Separate," MY mercy has been thrown back in MY face and then you must separate from that which seeks to steal your soul! If this is not done willingly as a stand for Holiness then I will do what I have demonstrated here and in many other ways, it will be YAHUVEH's hand that will rip you out of the enemies unequally yoked bondages. I will no longer share MY Servants, Children and MY Bride with satan! For if you have heard MY voice say, "Depart from this worker of inequity" and you harden your hearts and say, "But this is my friend, this is my husband, this is my wife, this is my child, this is my church, this is my job," and if you do not obey I grieve for what I must do.

Prophecy 99

What will you do when the time of the Great Tribulation comes and if you are not found worthy to be called MY Bride, if you are not found worthy to be the Bride of YAHUSHUA? For remember whatever is YAHUSHUA'S is MINE. And whatever is MINE is MY SON YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH'S. What will you do when you are left behind? Will it be worth it? For the very ones that you have yoked yourself to will be the very ones that will betray you. What will you do? You think it's hard now? You don't have a clue. At that time husbands shall betray wives and wives shall betray husbands. Children shall betray parents and parents shall betray children. There will be no loyalty. The only family that will count will be the family in YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH. These are the only ones you will be able to trust. Even when you meet a stranger, you will recognize who they are. It will be evident for all to see.

Prophecy 111

I have now removed the scales off of your eyes, and undeafened your ears so you can plainly see and hear that the woman (or man) your unhappily married to was by your own lustful hand. You are unequally yoked spiritually in various ways. Your spirit's and personalities do not compliment one another no matter how hard you try. It is all a sham a lie. It is like trying to get vinegar and oil to mix, no matter how hard you try, it always will separate in the end. Do not look upon this as another failure, instead realize I am blessing you with another new holy beginning.