Hello Everybody,
First I want to thank YAHUSHUA and everybody in the Ministry for supporting and helping me so far and praying for me up till these days. Also I want to thank Sister Elisabeth (Elisheva) Elijah for the honor to share my testimony. I have tried to shorten the story but if the page is still too long, please forgive me. Thank you so much for keeping on reading. May YAH bless you all.

Elisabeth Y.

* * * * * * *

I am Elisabeth from Indonesia. I had been raised up in a Buddhist family, but I don't know too much about my family's faith and idols. Instead, I know YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA and RUACH ha KODESH better than their idols.

There was a young man who rented a room in our home back then, when I was still very young, and after he departed for another city, we found out that his Bible was left in the living room. I was around five years old at that time. I have no idea why my parents got upset and threw the Bible away as soon as they found out I almost touched the Bible. When I asked them why, they said the letters were too small and would hurt my eyes if I read any small letters like those.

I almost forgot about the Bible until one noon, when I was alone on the second floor and again, the Bible was there! Someone must have moved it there again and I still wonder who did it. Anyway, Mom and Dad, being busy as usual, were not there. A male voice spoke to me at that time: "Go, pick up the thick book and read it."

I looked everywhere and that was the first time I heard an audible voice speaking to me without any form of physical appearance. I had been too curious more than being afraid, not knowing why I looked up and only seeing the ceiling above me and I asked: "Who are you?" He said: "I am YAHWEH, many of you would call me as TUHAN (= LORD in Indonesian word)." And I asked Him without any clue, "And what is 'TUHAN'?" He said: "you people usually address Me as 'Sang Pencipta' (The Creator)."

I was so naively curious, and even had no idea about what 'The Creator' was. But I asked Him again, "But how would I know if You are telling me the truth?" (I asked this because many grown ups had lied to me when I was still a child back then.) And He answered, "So go, pick up that book. Look at the dictionary section around the last part inside the book. Seek the word 'TUHAN' at the upper right on the page and you'll find My Name there."

And then I did it. (Thanks YAH, because of the previous 15 year old maid who loved to teach me the alphabet and reading, I had been able to read at kindergarten age!)

The dictionary page inside the Bible said: TUHAN, Salinan dari nama Allah Israel, yaitu Yahweh (bd Kel 3:14), meaning: LORD, A transcription of the name of Israel's God, which is Yahweh (compare with Ex 3:14).

(Note: About the mentioning of 'Allah', this is important, please read my note, thank you. About the mentioning of 'Allah': we Indonesian people have to admit that we have NO VOCABULARY for the Word: "GOD" and the first Indonesian Bible Translators WERE NOT Christians and they borrowed their moslems' vocabulary Ilah (GOD), but to differentiate the REAL GOD from the heathen gods / idols, they used THEIR OWN GOD's name to replace the name of YHVH. ALL "YHVHs" WERE REMOVED FROM OUR LANGUAGE BIBLE and THEY REPLACED "YHVH" WITH ALLAH and made excuses that YAHWEH/YAHUVEH (YHVH) is only a title and not a name. Shame to you all who did that.

For your information, a lot of YAH's Sheep in Indonesia HAVE STOPPED praying to 'Allah' and started praying to ELOHIM.

To a Catholic Bishop out there who recently promoted the worldwide using of 'Allah' to replace 'God', you are deceiving the people out there without providing the background facts about why Indonesian people have been using this heathen name for years to call YAHUVEH. I am one of those who have STOPPED praying to your Moon God. Accept the fact that 'Allah' is one of the 365 Arabian gods!!! May my comments reach all the people who have ears to hear and have eyes to see. do not let yourself to be deceived!!!)

Back to the TUHAN definition I found in the Bible ... I was so amazed and surprised that the voice was telling me the truth. I was the only child and my parents almost had no time for me, since they both worked. For a few years I was left at home with one or two maids, and I also felt as if I was a stranger in my own house, so this experience was totally great for me. I was thinking to myself: "Wow, this is cool. I finally got a new friend. I've been a stranger in my own house."

So I said: "Wow, this is cool. Hello, YAHWEH, nice to know YOU."

"Hello, nice to know you too." HE answered back and I heard HIM chuckle.

HE also told me to open the Genesis and Exodus book. But the first strong impression I got was about the history of Israel exodus from Egypt. I felt familiar with Musa (Indonesian's transcription for Moshe / Moses name). I found the history was so cool and I wished I were there in their time, and seeing the wonders and miracles they experienced too. And there were also several things HE told me as I (or HE and I) read Exodus, but this is a private thing.

Anyway, that was my first encounter with YAH. And then my parents came home and found me reading the Bible, got furious and grabbed the Bible from me and threw it away from my reach.

A few months later, I was accepted by a Christian elementary school (Thanks to YAH, if they didn't accept me, I would have entered a Catholic school!) and heard about YESUS KRISTUS (JESUS CHRIST) from a religion subject teacher in the school. And that was the first time my parents allowed me to have my own Bible (which letters were even smaller than the one they threw away), because my school had Christian religion as a subject in their curriculum.

Then, at the weekend, Mom and I went to a salon, we were their regular customers, and I needed a hair cut. There was a young hairdresser (the one who always handled my hair cut) who knew I just entered a Christian school. She gave me a piece of paper, written about YESUS / YAHUSHUA there, and the verse I would always remember was Yohanes 3:16 (John 3:16). and she asked me if I believed YESUS really a Savior, and I said I believed. I noticed Mom started looking at us. Later my hairdresser asked me if I would accept YESUS as my LORD and SAVIOR, and I said, “YES.” I noticed how angry the glaring of my Mom was. I didn't know why she got mad, but I knew she hated this hairdresser.

That was the first time of my knowledge about YAHUSHUA the Messiah. A few weeks later as Mom and I went to the salon again, we heard that the hairdresser had already been fired because the owner of the salon felt she had been too active in spreading words about YESUS to the customers there and some people had complained to her.

[I wonder where she is nowadays. I hope she is still following YAHUSHUA as her MESSIAH and I hope she will also have the chance to visit this ministry's website, so she will know how I thank her so much for introducing me to YAHUSHUA.]

It was ironic, I was raised up by a Buddhist family, but I had been sent to a Christian school. If there were any Buddhist schools back then, they would have sent me to that one instead of the Christian one.

In this primary school, the class teacher (just call her Maam Yy) started to take a break in teaching, since she had just given birth to her first child. And around the time of her returning to teach again, a Sunday night, I was sleeping and got a first dream about YAHUSHUA. It was dark in the dream. I was on an outdoor area and suddenly a bright light spotted a place in front of me, and I noticed there was a man spotted by this light. Suddenly a girl (my classmate) at my right side shouted: "Hey, it's YESUS!" I was amazed for the first time knowing HIS face. Suddenly a little boy appeared (I even believed he had just been able to walk). I heard my classmate exclaim: "Hey, that is Maam Yy's child!" Both my classmate and I, saw the little boy run into YESUS' arms happily. YESUS lifted him up, and both of them were laughing, and then the light went off and we didn't see anybody anymore, and my dream ended.

The next morning at school, I told this very classmate about my dream. She was confused as if she knew the meaning. I was too naive to even think about the meaning behind the dream.

We were having a ceremony every Monday morning. and usually just went back to the class after it ended. but this morning, the Headmaster suddenly told us to not leave the yard and she brought sad news saying, "Children, Maam Yy's baby was called home by TUHAN (the LORD) last night. The child's intestine was torn and broken. Let us pray for Maam Yy and her child so the LORD would keep the child safe by HIS side, and that HE would comfort Maam Yy's heart, okay?"

I just can't forget the way my classmate looked at me as we heard the shocking news.

A few days later the Headmaster called me and asked me about the dream in front of her and Maam Yy. I believe my classmate told her about it. Both the headmaster and Maam Yy asked me the details about the dream. All of us were amazed.

I was amazed that the dream was really “not just a dream”. The teachers were amazed to find out that I was not from a Christian background but the LORD even answered Maam Yy's questions to HIM through my dream, through a child from a heathen family!

They never told the students about the gender of the child, and I told them exactly what they knew as true. The appearance of this YESUS, and the child. The Headmaster told me that Maam Yy had been struggling and asked for the answers about why the LORD let this happen to her and her son. When she heard that both YESUS and her son were laughing happily in my dream, she finally understood and got relieved.

The Headmaster then told me this, "I see that now you still don't understand things, but one day you will. I tell you, you WILL BECOME A CHRISTIAN ONE DAY. Tell your parents, child. Tell your parents all my words to you today."

And I naively told my Mom the whole thing (Dad always came home late at night. I rarely saw him.), since I had even told Mom about my dream. Of course, my Dad got really mad, and was cursing the Headmaster the night Mom told him about this.

Life, was not easy after that. My parents would do anything to prevent me from reading the Bible, etc., and leave me in confusion. I only started going to church when I was already 12 years old, and it was because we had a task at school to summarize a preacher in our own church.

To shorten my story, YAH's dividing sword started to work in my family and house and I was lost between obeying Him, or obeying my parents to leave Him.

He was there when I found nobody else. My parents were nowhere when I had problems and asked for any solving. I tried my best to be the best, a good child, a best reputation child, but no appraisal from them, even their eyes were set to somewhere else. They took everything for granted. They took my school rank for granted too, because they ever got top ranks themselves when they were still in schools age. I felt totally useless.

Later, my heart became so frustrated. I started to vent out my frustration to others, even those who didn't have any guilt towards me. I envied their happy lives, even though they were the troublemakers in school. I had confrontation with them, but then I went too over, and I was the one did the wrong things, and then the whole class treated me as their enemy back then.

I was still trying hard to be a good person. There was a Word came to me. YAH told me about somebody, and I felt moved to warn this person, who was not a believer of YAH. But to my grief I knew my warning would be taken for granted. So, to the top of my frustration, I committed suicide after I warned this person, only to find out I would become the one that experienced Ezekiel 3:19 and because I had left out HIS Name, YAHWEH, as the credit for this warning, HE punished me.

I refused to tell the person that even though I was a child of a Buddhist family, I embraced the Jewish faith for myself but also acknowledged Yesus as the Savior and the person was a Catholic, an anti-Yahudi (anti Jew).

And then right after I committed suicide, I was flying down to Hell. I had not read all the Bible verses till that age. I never knew there was such a horrible place which was like an upside down dome, or a giant bowl (but created by rocks), which only contained liquid fire. I couldn't see anything except those inside the lake of fire.

And the souls everywhere inside it were tormented, some of them still had the appearance of human, but the rest were already black like how we saw things going boiling black after being burned.

All of these people were screaming but nobody came for help. Their voices were all echoing back to the place again, and I could smell the stench of what we would only find in a 'never been washed nor cleaned' toilet. I wanted to vomit, but I couldn't. To the top of my fear I wanted to cry, but I had no tears left.

It was extremely hot and painful, but there was no sweat left for us anymore and I saw in terror as a man was screaming, “No, Yesus, nooo. Please forgive me, Yesus, please forgive me!" as he tried to run (actually swimming) away from the lake of fire, but later a giant worm around two meters in length and a wrist thick, was going out of the lake of fire, alive, and reaching out for this man, and pulling him back into the lake of fire again! I saw in horror as the worm was moving inside and outside his body in every hole it could make towards his body! I reached the top of my fear as I heard his painful screaming and these things were not only happening to this man, everybody inside the place were tormented the same way!

At that moment I realized that Yesus / Jesus / YAHUSHUA is really THE ONLY WAY of SALVATION! And that I had taken HIM for granted!

But at that time, I knew it was too late, I would suffer the same as my body was still flying down towards the fire. I tried to scream, "NO! DON'T!" But only the vowel, "AAAAAA!!" came out of my mouth.

A mighty, powerful wind suddenly grabbed me up from that place and threw me back into my dead body in my bedroom and gave me the breath of life again. (If this hadn’t happened I would still be in that place, tormented in the lake of fire, and I would never be here typing this testimonial page for you all!)

It was then, right at that time I opened my eyes, back into life again. I felt that life was worth it no matter how hard it was and YAH'S Word came to me saying that HE had granted me a second chance to live a new life and that one day, one September in the future, HE would have me meet HIM face to face and I would never return to this wicked world anymore.

I quickly knelt and bowed down to give YESUS / YAHUSHUA and YAHWEH a "thank YOU so much" worship and how I had been grateful that noon in February 1994 for HIS mercy to give me a second chance to live a new way of life and I realized that "a living dog is better than a dead lion." I screamed to YAH to let me follow HIM everywhere HE goes.

Days after that, I was trembling as I found out so many verses in the Bible describing the same description about Hell and as I realized that's what would have happened to me, tormented forever in the Lake of Fire, if YAH had never given me a second chance to live again. I was so thankful and my life would never be the same after being sent back from death.

There were some other words YAH told me at that noon, when I opened my eyes for the first time again. Later I found out the same words in the Bible too.

And the LORD'S Words became true one by one on each occasion. Especially about how HE came to divide us with HIS sword. I experienced HIS Words about parents versus child, even the whole extended family versus me. I was the first child in the big extended family that received CHRIST as LORD and SAVIOR. The others mocked me and insulted me: “Hey, you’re such a dog! Your parents are the one giving you the foods, why are you praying to thank your GOD for the food!?” This is the word of my auntie when she accidentally found out I was praying.

To shorten the story, I was struggling to keep going to churches, but never found any true SPIRIT inside them. I moved from one church to another. and later, got baptized by one of the churches, being there for a season, and the struggle had been real harsh when the situations got worse in Indonesia, with the hatred some people had towards Christians. Also my parents tried really hard to stop me from going to any church. I was out of any church for four years and only seeking fellowship from friends and had started to seek any online source for YAH'S teaching and Words.

Later when the situation cooled down, I tried to visit one or two churches nearby but I felt something wrong. I felt it was me that moment, that didn't want to go to any church anymore. What's wrong? I kept weeping to the LORD and asked HIS permission.

I said: "LORD, please don't get me wrong. From now on I ask YOUR permission to let me not go to any church anymore. I believe YOU have seen what I am seeing. How can I seek YOU inside those places full of greed and pride? I know they also hate YOUR real Names to avoid everything related to YAHudi (Yahudi = Jews) and they refused to tell the people what YOUR real Names are. They know Easter and Christmas are of Pagan origin and were used as tools to persecute Jewish people back then, but they still celebrate these days. And about the clean foods, how they took YOUR Blood for granted, by saying that every food is all clean already by YOUR Blood. Also the Shabbat things, while YOU LORD, stated YOURSELF that No Yod (dot) of the Torah would be removed and that YOU came not to cancel the laws. Is it me that misunderstood YOUR Words or were they telling lies to people?

I can't hear YOUR voice in their sermons. Those who tried to slander another ministry and tried to take any sheep away from another as if the sheep were theirs and not YOURS? LORD, would YOU mind if I stop going to any church altogether and from now on will only listen to YOU, as my only GOOD SHEHERD? I am YOUR sheep, not their sheep!"

Days, weeks, months after then, when I looked for any online fellowship and teachings, as I needed a 'strong meat' for spiritual foods, the LORD told me to enter, "Elisabeth prophecy YAHWEH YAHSHUA," into the google search box. For my curiosity, I wondered why I would have to enter my own name into the search box? But I did as HE told.

And then that's how I found out Almightywind / Amightywind ministry.

To tell you the truth, I was skeptical at that time. There were so many “entertainers” out there claiming themselves as, “from GOD, appointed by GOD, prophets, apostles' etc.” and I had been a lurker to this ministry for months before I read a prophecy mentioning about America being burnt and I almost jumped from my chair in shock. because I even got two similar visions with this Prophecy. I also got the very names of the states mentioned like Georgia and Louisiana (I had taken them as people's names at that vision time. To my shock, these were American states!) and at that time, I realized, there were more things inside this ministry than I ever thought!

That's when I started to contact the minister at Almightywind. I left a message and then that's how I've been blessed from time to time by the ministry, for years.

I came from an occultic area of family and several times, the demons had tried to strangle me to death. These were real people, you saw nothing and nobody but there were invisible powers that kept attacking you, even physically pulling your clothes, grabbing your body and neck. I kept fighting in my sleep and I would just wake up feeling exhausted. I almost gave up and believed that I would be dead.

I also got deceived later by some demons, even giving a message to Apostle Elisabeth about things. I had read some bad comments about this ministry and Prophet on the internet, but to tell you the truth, people, Apostle Elisabeth has been very patient with me and kept helping me to discern the spirits and to test the spirits. She didn't rebuke me, but she exposed the lies in the words I kept hearing before I was freed from the evil mind manipulation and attacks.

And how did I know that this ministry has been telling me the truth? I even sent a “goodbye” letter to Apostle Elisabeth years ago, telling her that I would be dead that month but she had gotten the Words to tell me and to encourage me, “You shall live and not die to declare the works of YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA!”

And true, it has been years after I received the Words. The death never approached me. I was actually threatened by a demonic spirit from my neighborhood and YAH still keeps me protected and alive, as HE told Apostle Elisabeth.

And then I tried really hard to discern every spirit that was speaking, but life has been real harsh.

Back then in year 2003, friends and family mocked and laughed as I warned them about the 666 that is at the door just waiting for the right time for them, about meteors in the sky of USA, many even “not well known” volcanoes would erupt in Indonesia, earthquakes which would cause great suffering in Yogyakarta and that Jakarta would suffer a great earthquake too, the floods, the raging sea waters, the polar shifts, changing climates. I warned my cousin to leave the USA, but she (and the others) just won't go back.

My parents started to find out I heard things and when I shared with them the true Words of YAH, even telling them about what would happen as the proof that YAH was giving the warnings, they sent me to a psychiatrist and accused me of being schizophrenic.

For three and half years I was gorged with mental drugs only to bring me to a real wake up call that this ministry was telling the same things.

Meanwhile, my parents and the others, were listening to the paranormals on TV saying things would be like this, would be like that, but the true doom and calamities, they didn't give any warning. And the listeners, they were blind and mute.

And how do I know that this ministry does give out the Words of YAH? Test the spirit that speaks! YAH kept telling me to help translate the Prophecies back then, even in 2004 as I started to see Finnish translations showing up. I kept saying, “No, unless I hear from them myself asking me to translate these words into Indonesian. I don't know if this is YOU that is speaking to me right now or to them. I kept being deceived back then and I don't want to bring any shame upon myself by sitting at the front row and then have YOU tell me to sit in the back row because it is given to another one." And then in 2006 I got the email from the ministry asking me to help them get the Prophecies to the Indonesian people by helping in the translations. I was grieving because I didn't translate them as soon as I got YAH's command to do so. For two years I postponed doing the translations into Indonesian and if I had moved fast at that time, I might have translated all of them by the year 2006!

Of course at the beginning I was still half-sure that all the Words were correct. A lot of people kept saying that the Prophecies failed to happen. But I kept remembering Jonah and even many of old time Prophets' Prophecies are still not happening yet today, but multitudes still address them as Prophets, even in the Bible and Tanakh themselves! Have all the Prophecies written in the Book of Revelation happened already? No! Not yet! But every Christian and even some Jews are troubled as we approach these End Times. Some Jewish Rabbis out there have even told their congregation about what Christian Bibles tell us about the coming days!

Even myself, even though I am not a prophet and am just a sheep, and keep almost losing my faith, but it's my parents and friends nowadays seeing all the things I told them in 2003, start happening one by one each new year and day. Looking back at those dark years, who would listen? But we can't force everyone to believe us, and this ministry either. I just want to keep telling you all: Test Every Spirit That is Speaking, and time, only time will tell if someone has really been hearing from YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA or if they were liars.

And as I worked on the Prophecies’ translations, I kept seeing them coming to pass. I looked at the date of the Prophecies, yes, surely there were even those dated before 2000. Back then, in those years, "nothing happened", sure, that's what people would think. But people, this is year 2007 and what this Prophet Elisabeth Elijah has told us back then, they started to happen, even in Indonesia. I knew two people who suffered the black boiling blood plague and one of them is dead already! If you can't believe her as a person, can't you just believe the Words and the LORD who speaks through her?

I recommend you read all the Prophecies yourselves, and test every spirit that speaks, if you think there were any Scriptures twisted. What I found out was that the evil ones had tried to scramble the letters or numbers to fail the Word, it was mistyping or someone had altered it back then, because the websites had been attacked by hackers back then! And if you seek the Scriptures carefully, the verses were appearing 'false' not because of any word twisting but the verse number or position between verse and chapter was changed by somebody!

And I want to tell you, I'm defending Apostle Elisabeth not because of gaining anything from this ministry nor because of I have the same first name with her. But because I am also listening to the same YAHUVEH / YAHWEH and YAHUSHUA / YAHSHUA and RUACH ha KODESH who is the HOLY SPIRIT / ROH KUDUS. And this same SPIRIT of YAH also testified in my heart that YAHUSHUA is really the LORD and MESSIAH, and HE is the only way to Salvation through HIS shed Blood at Calvary.

I'm defending this ministry because this ministry has taught us about the truly GODLY way and Holiness in YAHUSHUA. Remember, our CREATOR is not to be mocked, and YAHUSHUA'S Blood is not to be taken for granted. We have to work our own Salvation and to do it as our gratefulness and thankful heart towards what YAHUSHUA has done for us. For those of you who haven't seen Hell, please take this warning seriously. My testimony would be too long if I put everything I know in this testimony, but this ministry has already done their best part to put everything in the website and you can check out the Hell page to read the better description and to get the detail Bible verses of Hell and the Lake of Fire. they described the vivid explanation of the same thing I even saw when I was dead back then. And this ministry already put the Hell warning pages online before I knew them. I never knew them in 1994, no way I would tell them, and this was a proof that YAH HIMSELF told them through the others that have sincere hearts to warn everyone so no one would get to the same experience anymore. Not many people would get the second chance to get back to life again like Lazarus. So please, I beg you, spend some and more time to check all the things surrounding you and to test every Prophecy spoken in the ministry before pointing your fingers and accusing things.

I am so blessed to know YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA and RUACH ha KODESH and I am so blessed that these people in the ministry know YAH too and how their lives sharing have encouraged those who have lived harsh lives.

If you are saying that I'm getting deceived again, I would rather answer you: test the Spirit that is speaking. You have to see YAHUSHUA whom they are pointing to, and not see these deliverers themselves. Get yourself into your own room, lock yourself inside, pray to YAHUSHUA in a hidden place, ask HIM to lead you in the way HE chooses to let you enter the true fellowship with HIM and the true knowledge of HIM, and the true Wisdom of HIM.

I'm not telling you that HE will surely point this ministry to you, but HE is the GOOD SHEPHERD HIMSELF, and HE will make a way or another to you, if you love HIM and serve HIM in SPIRIT and in Truth, and I would like to remind you what Gamaliel had advised us all in Acts 5:38-39, "For if this counsel or this work be of men, it will come to nought: but if it be of GOD, ye cannot overthrow it; lest haply ye be found even to fight against GOD."

Even Solomon the son of David had been removed by YAHUVEH HIMSELF after he went after another gods. Don't you believe that YAHUVEH will apply the same upon this ministry too if they lead people to another false god?

What I have typed or spoken these days and during my life will be held accountable in front of YAHUSHUA'S Throne one day. I am only a sheep and I speak of what I know. So how much more those who call themselves as Teachers and Apostles and Prophets and Evangelists and Pastors, the ones who would know better than the sheep?

I believe we should ponder about it. We have no right to accuse another. Because YAH HIMSELF has the right to take vengeance and HE alone will hold everyone accountable for what they have done. And this ministry too is under HIS watch, for no one is out of HIS sight.

The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise Wisdom and instruction. [Proverbs 1:7 or Indonesian's Amsal 1:7]

I apologize if this testimony has been too long, and thank you for reading my long and also harsh testimony, and thank you for everyone inside the ministry for encouraging me to keep burning in YAH's SPIRIT.

"Baruch haba be'shem YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, Halleluyah!" Come, YAHUSHUA, Come!

Shalom in the Name of YAHUSHUA.
Elisabeth Y. from Indonesia.
PS: I'm not a Prophet. I'm just a sheep.