Exposing Sherry Shriner, Serpent, Alien, Fallen Angel, Freemason, Shriner, Neo-Nazi, satanist.

Updated August 16, 2014

Reptilian/Alien on the Internet - Sherry Shriner exposed!

Warning: Do not go to this Alien's website unless you know, that you know, that you know, that YAHUVEH is sending you there and make sure that you are covered in prayer. This site is very demonic and it is not to be taken lightly. She uses mind control, manipulation and many other demonic forces on her/its site.

Look at these pictures, she truly looks like an alien.

Updated August 16, 2014

Here is the most recent email we received regarding this alien.

Thank you for your info on Sherry Shriner. Very good to know! I stumbled across her site while looking for warfare prayers against mind control (I've been struggling against some demonic oppression). I thought the prayers she had on her site were good. Some had some unusual jargon, which led me to investigate her site more. I found some quite interesting, and saw where she alluded to Paul of the Bible being of the devil. That set off an alarm. Something didn't sit right with me concerning her after that. I felt the Holy Spirit put a check in my spirit. I was looking around for more information on her material when I found your site. Reading everything you said about her, it all made sense. Interestingly enough, the Lord actually told me that she was one of them -- a reptilitan. It actually crossed my mind as, "What if she is one of them?" Hearing "what if," I dismissed it because such doubful words tend to come from the devil, not God. But I see this was likely God indeed. You mentioned God warned not to visit the site without His permission, so please pray for me. Please pray God release me from the existing demonic oppression, too. This has been a serious battle for my everything I know. Because of the poor choices I made, I am asking God for mercy. I've been battling for 5 years, so I pray He ends this soon. Thank you again for your site and for this material on Sherry.

Name Withheld


Please help! Please foward to Elizebeth or her husband. I need help! I was using Sherry Shrinners orgone. I am still seeing demons even months after. It has slowed way down priase Yahhuweh in Yahushuas name. I burned all her orgone and all occult stuff I had. I will pay what ever you need to talk to you & get you to pray for me & tell me what to do. I think her orgone stimulated KUndalini, whih KUdalini is the serpents fire, legions of snake demons & fallen angels. The pyramids in Egpyt & around the world were giant orgone generators, which were built or instructed to build by the fallen angels called the Annuanki & Nephillim. I have been through a complete nightmare. Sherry is either demon possesed or is of the Serpent seed blood line. I'm going to post the photos of what her orgone & all orgone attracts. I have all the nuts telling me to stay away from your ministry but I belieive you are a true profit & a true person of Yahuweh. Please help sister. Please pray for me.,

Sherry Shriner is evil folks. There is no disputing this fact, it is so obvious. The first thing to look at is her last name, Shriner. We don't believe this is her birth name, it is a name she gave herself, so why would she call herself the name 'Shriner', because she is one, that's why. And if her real name is Shriner, then YAHUVEH is exposing her for what she really is. Either way she is being exposed for what she truly is, a shriner of the freemason order. Shriners are evil people in a satanic group associated with the freemasons. Freemasons are of satan and so is Sherry Shriner. It is so obvious and blatant that she doesn't even try to hide the truth, it is right before our eyes.

She attacks Elisabeth Sherrie Elijah and this Ministry, and this is Elisabeth's real name, it is on her birth certificate, but just look at the difference in their last names, one is an Elijah and the other is a Shriner. What does that tell you. Wake up people if you believe the lies of Sherry Shriner, she is telling you what she is with her name. Names are very important and they have meaning. YAHUVEH gave people certain names and even changed peoples names for a reason, because names are important to HIM and have a meaning and if you know the bible you will know the name Elijah. The only place Shriner shows up is in Sherry Shriner's so-called bible codes which she says the codes call herself a prophet but her codes are nothing but a bunch of made up lies from a delusional nazi, shriner, freemason, serpent, alien, fallen angel out to deceive the people.

Shriner is dangerous, stay away from her. Look at her doctrines straight from the pit of hell. When she attacks this Ministry and Elisabeth and myself she attacks our character, not the doctrines that are taught. She says Amightywind Ministry is a cult, and we are on the run from the law because of murder and child molesting, blah, blah, blah. I will say this, if you are stupid enough to believe these lies then you deserve exactly what YAHUSHUA gives you on judgment day. These accusations are so baseless and stupid we don't even try to defend ourselves, but we do challenge Shriner to prove these accusations with some solid proof and not just hear-say from more idiots on the internet.

Shriner is so dangerous because she mixes truth with lies. At first glance she looks so good, she teaches the Sacred Names of YAH and YAHUSHUA. She teaches the Biblical feast days as well as many other truths, but we need to expose her lies, her lies are dangerous and will lead you to hell if you believe her. Let's look at some of her false teachings and doctrines.

This is from her website

"I believe that close to 99% of the false teachings in the churches today are based on Saul-Paul's teachings leading people astray".

This is an exact quote off Shriners website. Shriner says to throw out all the books in the bible written by Saul-Paul. Now think people, why would anyone say to throw out the books of Saul-Paul out of the bible, because they want to lead you astray, that is why. If satan can get you to believe that Saul-Paul of the New Testament in the bible is evil then it is that much easier to lead you astray. DON'T BE STUPID PEOPLE, THIS TEACHING IS OF SATAN. How could anyone who claims to be a so-called Christian even entertain this lie from satan? Shriner twists Saul-Paul teachings into something that it is not, exactly what satan does. Shriner reads the books of Paul from a Greek mindset instead of a Jewish mindset so of course she doesn't understand what Saul-Paul is teaching. Saul-Paul never negated any of YAHUSHUA's teachings or any of the commanded Holy Days. Saul-Paul was Torah observant contrary to which Shriner teaches.

Shriner says this about speaking in tongues. "All I know is what the Lord has told me about tongues and my own experience with them. When I was praying in tongues and then started praying for the truth in all things He told me to stop cursing Him. That was years ago. I never went near it since.

I always gave it the benefit of a doubt because I know many people who do and I know their hearts are for the Lord. I know how Jews can look at things and I've never done a code on tongues. But Look around you, almost all false prophecies are from tongue speakers, almost all deceptions and delusions are from them, look at all the 3rd wave beast prophets and the TBN beast prophets and they're calling on Satan and doing his bidding. It's the easiest thing for Satan to manipulate and he does quite well. It's manipulative.

But why compete with Him over a language that wants to confuse you in prayer? I hear Him just fine in prayer and I don't need to speak in tongues. Nor do I need to speak in tongues to Hear from Him at any time. And regardless if I do or not isn't the issue, what is at issue is what He's said to me about them. And that's where I stand. That's always the bottom line with me.

Tongues is a Pauline doctrine. So those who want to hold onto it have to love Paul and will never see the truth about him."

As you can see Shriner believes tongues are of satan and curse YAHUVEH. Shriner can not accept the truth about tongues because Saul-Paul teaches about tongues in the bible, but she throws out everything Paul wrote in the bible so how can she believe in tongues? She got one thing right, I am sure her tongues are demonic.

What does the bible say in Revelations about anyone who takes away from the words of the bible then YAHUVEH will take away their part from the Book of Life and out of the set-apart city. So what does this tell us, if Shriner takes away the words of Saul-Paul from the bible then YAH has taken her out of the Book of Life if she was ever in it. This is from the bible folks, we are not making this stuff up. Read your bibles and show yourselves approved. This is BIBLICAL. Sherry Shriner is not in the Lamb's Book of Life, she is damned to hell and the lake of fire because she has taken the words of Saul-Paul out of the bible which is much of the New Testament.

Shriner also believes that Saul-Paul is of the "serpent seedline" doctrine that she teaches. In a nutsell Shriner says that satan had sex with Eve and then Cain was born who then was the father of dark skinned races and this is how the "serpent seedline" began. Everyone in this lineage has satan's genes and is of satan's bloodline. She teaches Saul-Paul of the bible is of satans bloodline. Is this insane or what? What is really sad about this false doctrine is that some people actually believe it. WAKE UP, WAKE UP, WAKE UP PEOPLE. This doctrine is UNBIBLICAL, it is from satan.

The Doctrine of The Serpent Seedline ("SS" Doctrine) was responsible for the Holocaust and the death of six million jews, World War II and the loss of millions of more lives.

The Doctrine of The Serpent Seedline was the core belief and motivation of Adolf Hitler and his Nazi "SS". Hitler himself wrote that he was told by Lucifer (a false Angel of Light) that The Jewish Race was the "Serpent Seed" race, the offspring of "The Devil having Sex with Eve and producing Cain" who then was also the Father of the dark skinned races.

Hitler was told that when He destroys the "Serpent Seed" Race of The Jews and the Black race, then the "ARYAN SUPER GODS" would return to earth and set up the "Kingdom of God" and anoint Hitler as the first human king.

Sherry Shriner also promotes The Neo Nazi and Aryan Nations belief that the "white, anglo saxon races" (of England, Germany, France, etc) is the true ISRAEL, the true Chosen race of GOD. She believes that The Jews and the Blacks are of the "SS" Seed, the "Serpent Seed" of satan & Eve. THE SAD THING IS THAT SHERRY SHRINER HAS DECEIVED PEOPLE INTO BELIEVING SHE IS A PROPHET OF YAHUVEH.

Sherry Shriner writes and believes (as do Nazis, Illuminati, Aryan nations hate groups) that "America will be judged because we support the satanic Nation of Israel, i.e.,"the false jews of the serpent seed". But if America turns against ISRAEL (allowing Moslems to destroy them), then GOD WILL BLESS AMERICA!!!

So, according to Shriner if you are jewish or of a dark skinned race you are from satan's serpent seed and of satan's bloodline. Can you believe it, this is as Nazi thinking as you can get.

The Bible is very clear. The Israelites (Jews) are not the white, aryan nations today who are the descendents of Noah's Son, JAPETH. The Hebrew Race came from Noah's Second son, SHEM, who is traced back to Seth (Not Cain).

SETH'S genetic line (family) tree is traced in the Bible from Adam & Eve to Noah, to Shem, to Abraham, to Moses, to The Prophets, to King David, to Mary, to JESUS. The Black and Oriental races come from HAM, Noah's Third Son. The Moslem races come from a mix of Shem and Ham. So we are all brothers and sisters in the Flesh.

This is not all folks, let's look at her teaching about her orgone. What a joke. The following is taken off Shriners website about orgone.

"The Bible warns us that the Last Days would be "as in the days of Noah." In the days of Noah fallen angels (aliens) were running rampant in the land abducting and impregnating human women. Hybrids (giants) were born as a result of the offspring between fallen angels and human women. Hybridization was common not just with aliens/fallen angels and women, but these wicked angels crossbred with animals as well.

In the last days we are seeing a huge rise in UFO/Alien abductions and crossbreeding with animals, hybridization of human offspring being born half human half alien, and even many created and born in labs with a variable mix of DNA.

Today we are also under attack by things the Apostles could have never been able to describe such as satellite weapons, HAARP weather weapons, chemtrails, chip implantation, vaccinations and flu shots that carry cancers and diseases to harm mankind (not help). ELF weapons, RNM weapons, microwave weapons..it never ends.

When I asked the Lord how to stop these tech based weapons from being used against us He led me to Orgone. Orgone is a crystal based defense weapon using piezo electric energy that produces an ancient energy we know as Aether Energy. Aether Energy is a Positive life and healing energy. It is also known in some forms as Chi energy and the Bible Codes describes it as Yah's breath. It is seen as a blue aura around earth.

We have found that with Orgone we can repel negative and evil energies and evil beings. Aliens and demons don't like being around it. Humans who are possessed by aliens and demons don't like being around it either. It burns them, asphyxiates them and some even break out in rashes and boils being around it. It doesn't affect normal humans. For normal humans it's a healing life energy, the same energy that surrounds our planet from which all life thrives and grows in its presence.

Orgone can stop chemtrails, ELF and RNM and microwave weapons, it can end night terrors by keeping aliens and demons out of your house and bedroom at night. It's a constant source of positive energy. You can fight with spiritual warfare prayers but you have to be constantly praying and on alert, and by the time your praying you're already under attack. Same with anointing your home with holy oil. It wears off after a week or two and you have to keep anointing your home. With Orgone it works every second of every day and never wears off. It's a constant emitter of Aether energy, of Yah's breath.

Evil people and beings hate it and are trying to find ways to combat the Orgone energy we produce. Satan is constantly raising up people to hate and try to discredit it, because he wants it banned from the earth. Our Orgone crashes their UFOs, burns aliens, keeps demons away, and has 101 other uses that benefit mankind."

A 1-Foot copper pipe 1" wide filled with our POE (positive orgone energy)Orgone Blaster supplies of crystals, copper coils, aluminum shavings and resin (new age crap). You can wave these in the area to saturate your area immediately with a blast of Orgone Energy and Power! Wave them at the sky to cleanse the sky or any room or area you want to saturate with Orgone POE energy! Negative and evil entities such as demons and aliens don't like POE Orgone!

THIS IS DELUSIONAL THINKING FOLKS. I don't know what else to say but if you don't see that this woman/thing or whatever it is, is of satan then you are following her to hell. Read the Prophetic Words from YAHUVEH given to Elisabeth about this delusional (deceiving) thinking here. It is so stupid I would normally be laughing but there are many people out there who are believing this garbage and that is why we warn. The ONLY thing that will protect us from anything satan sends at us is YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH and HIS shed blood. That is it. We can not add anything to what YAH has spoken in the Prophetic Words, if you don't believe YAH then so be it, you shall reap what you deserve.

Taken off Shriners website.

****April-May-June Fundraiser ****

I need help to raise money for projects...so here is what I am offering you for your support. For every person who donates $1,000 I will speak to you on the phone for an hour! You can set up a time with me and send in your phone number with your donation and you get to ask me anything you want and speak to me for an hour. I realize most people can't afford this, that's why it's called a "fundraiser." I will offer this for the next three months only! These projects mean a lot to me and time is short to continue to tear down the strongholds of Satan's on earth.

You can send in a Check, Bank check, or Money Order to...............

Also include your Name, phone number, and best time to call you.

WOW, what an honor. You can talk to a serpent, alien, shriner, neo-nazi, satanist for only $1,000 an hour. What a deal.

Here are the most recent emails we received about this serpent. It exposes her teachings as the exact same thing as the freemasons.

Dear Sir & Madam (Elisabeth),

I am a christian who went to Sherry Shriner's websites and found a great testing of my faith walk after viewing content that claimed the apostle Paul to be false. After much prayer, bible study and spiritual searching, God began to reveal the truth about Sherry and her teachings, and still is at this time. During my searches I was lead to view the video on youtube by treesfourme. I understand that you are in contact with treesfourme, so I am writing to you so that you can pass on some advice and learning that God has shown me, as I believe in my heart that it will encourage her in her battle with the enemy and his demonic forces.

I believe that treesfourme showed great inner strength and courage by speaking out publicly about her ordeal. Please thank her for me for doing so. I know that she spoke the truth and that the photos are real, and I speak from experience about spiritual struggles with the evil one in my past. I will pass on what I now know about Sherry Shriner and orgone.

I believe that her name, Shriner, is either an alias, or indicative or her spiritual roots. I believe she/he/it is a freemason of a high order. I know that they only accept men as candidates, however, there is a branch of Shriner freemasons that also have a separate order for women only, with High Priestesses. The masonic teaching teachings are evident with the claims against Paul, as this is a very old masonic teaching. The emphasis on serpent seedlines, jewish/racial hatred and stress on a "war between the sons of light against the sons of darkness" is also old gnostic/occult teaching. The British Israel replacement theology also gives away masonic roots.

In Acts 16:16-20, Paul rebukes a possessed woman that follows them and Paul casts out a demon of divination from her. The spirit he cast out is Pythos, which inhabited the priestesses of Delphi at the temple of Apollo. The slave girl was a Sibyl of Apollo from Delphi and was a highly sought after oracle in the pagan world at that time. They were sought after by commoners and staesmen for advice. Apollo spoke to mortals through the trance-induces sayings of the Pythoness or Pythia. She was a woman who sat on a copper and gold tripod (which I believe to be the equivalent of orgone), termed the "rock of the Sibyl", and inhaled smoke of burning laurel, barley, marijuana and oil until sufficient intoxication for her prophecies had been reached.

The laurel leaves supplied the needed amounts of hydrocyanic acid and complex alkaloids which, when combined with hemp, created powerful hallucinogenic visions. The vapours became "magic" as they mingled with the smells of the rotting carcass of the dragon Python, which was dead and under the temple. It was while under such influences that the Pythia prophesied in an unfamiliar voice thought to be Apollo himself. (Apollo/Apollyon is the Antichrist in Revelation). During the trance, the medium's personality changed, becoming depressed, defiant, or animal-like, exhibiting psychosis that was linked to the werewolf myths, or lycanthropy, as the Pythia reacted to an encounter with Apollo/Lykieos (the wolf god, Anubis).

Now, I believe that the "rock of the Sybil" made from copper and gold, was orgone as we know it. I believe its purpose was to attract dark spiritual entities for the possession of a medium. If treesfourme had innocently put it into her home, without knowledge of what it would do, that would explain all the paranormal phenomena in her house. She can thank Jesus that he freed her from such evil tyranny without harm or injury!

So, it seems that treesfourme had a direct encounter with the spirit of the Antichrist himself. If you are familiar with Revelation, you will understand how dangerous that could become. Praise be to the Lord Jesus Christ that he protects us from such evil. Please pass on to her what God has saved her from, so that she can thank Him personally!

It also highlights what kind of entities Ms Shriner is dabbling with and channeling. Please let me know if I can help with prayer for spiritual warfare in this regard. I would be happy to help.

Yours faithfully,
Name Witheld
Queensland, Australia.

2nd email from the same person

I have been doing some research on Sherry's identity and on what orgone is.

Firstly, orgone is correctly termed orgonite, which is the stuff Sherry sells on her websites. If you go to www.orgonite.info you can find instructions on how to make the stuff. Most of the websites use a mixture of metals, resin, clay, crystals, etc. The people who make it claim that it can attract and trap spiritual energy for various uses. Sherry herself advocates putting these devices in as many hidden locations as possible, even in public locations. She makes a poignant reference to Wilhelm Reich, who was a notorious occultist, as being the originator in modern times and popularising these things.

You will remember my last email referencing the 'rock of the sybil' containing various metals and clay, for spiritual mediumship. Another interesting reference to the substance was in an article concerning the recovery of an alien mummified body in a small pyramid south from the tomb of Senusret II. The archeologists found the mummy covered in a mixture of gold, clay and linen. These things also bring to my mind the reference in the OT book of Daniel, where the prophet describes a vision of a statue or image that represents the world's ruling dynasties until the last days, and notes that the last kingdom is represented by feet with ten toes made from iron mixed with clay, indicative of the fallen ones mingling with humanity in the last days as they did in the days of Noah, prior to the deluge. Also, Ezekiel makes a reference to priestesses of Dionysus making devices to imprison souls, and God condemns them for this act and says that he will destroy their soul prisons and set free the souls therein. Were these soul prisons made like orgonite? Some odd relics have been found that suggest that they were made that way.

As far as I can tell, Sherry is preaching a strange mixture of doctrine, combining quasi-christian bible teachings with downright heresy mixed in. By her own admissions, she confesses on her websites that she has been visited by dark entities since childhood, into her adult years, and she openly promotes extra-biblical gnostic writings while trying to discredit NT writings and mainstream christian doctrines. Her attacks against churches and mainstream christians are disturbing, and I think that it indicates her true spiritual roots. Perhaps the orgonite she is selling to unsuspecting people is similar to the mixed teachings she also supplies, which are occultic to the core. The biggest irony may be that she is working for the very spiritual forces that she claims to hate so much.

As for her identity, a websearch turned up some basic info as follows:

Sherry J Shriner: aliases Sherry R Shriner, Sherri Shriner; nee Sherry J Coberly.
Related to: Arch R Shriner, Bill P Shriner, Belinda L Phan, Sharon K Coberly, Gary D Coberly.
Postal Address: PO Box 531, Carrollton, Ohio 44615.
Residential Address: 4240 Milo Road, Carrollton, Ohio 44615.
Previous Addresses: Ypsilanti, Mi., Novelty, Oh., Russell, Oh., Ravenna, Oh., Chesterland, Oh., Kent, Oh., Centreville, Oh.
No phone number listed publicly.

Sherry claims on her website to have college degrees in politics and journalism but nothing in religious studies. I am not sure how to check her education or work history, but there may be something out on public listings in the US. I would be interested to find out if she has prior convictions concerning her website activities or scams.

I include a picture listed on the internet as Sherry Shriner as a child. Please note that she is wearing a red fez hat, exactly the same as the masonic shriners do. Hmmm.

Anyway, I hope this info helps you. God bless you.

Name Witheld

* * * * * * *

Hello, My husband and I came across Sherry shriners websites a few months ago and joined her list.. after the past 2 months we had noticed ALOT of inconsistencies that did not line up with scripture and her attitude was horrible. She was very abusive to people . As well she had posted a list of food items for storage - she wrote Beenie weenies, spam and vienna sausages. All these items are PORK! We have caught her also encouraging people to lie if necessary ( in regards to the NWO or whatever). A few days ago my husband and I finally rebuked her on the forum for her lack of huimility, repentence and harsh treatment - as she had gotten angry with some posters and said she would start chopping heads. We found this insulting as the NOWo will be chopping heads - ours ( Yah's beleivers!!) My hubby had also questioned her teachings ot her on the board before - and she had stated Yahushua is not GOD .As well she claims she is a great discerneer and can read peoples hearts on the board thru their writings - i would say that would be witchcraft!!Only the Holy Spirit can read hearts!!!!!!!!!!!

After our rebuke- we were banned - called seed of satan - all sorts of garbage. A few other ladies from the board who we had made friends with were shocked and disgusted and they too had been new to the boards like us and had been picking up inconsistency from sherry just as we had.They have now left the group too....

There is almost idol-like worship of sherry on that board and I never agreed with it. Before and after our public rebuke to her - others had contacted us via email saying they didnt agree with her and her ways alot of times but they were afraid to confront her as they would get banned from the board.. and did not feel like they had anywhere else they could fellowship online.Memebers who are still on the baord after we were banned said it was like others were under a spell ... and we were deemed "the enemy" . Its more than a little creepy.....

She uses intimidation and manipulation to control members and my husband and I were disgusted by it and called her on it. It is obvious that she does not like anyone who questions or isnt afraid to stand up to her - which we are not. So of course she accused my husband and i of being not two people but Paul my husband was someone with MPD!! ( and i noticed that she has written rebuttals to people who have opposed her and said the same thing about them) I dont know who these other people are but i DO know that Paul and I are true bleivers of Yahushua and Father YHVH. We came out of the apostate churhces seeking the truth only to be led into error again!!
So now we are praying fervently as are the other ladies who have left that group. These other women do know we are true children of the Most HIGH YHVH.
It badly hurt us and upset us.. and we need to find out more on this woman!! we have made orgone and distributed it and we do not want to sin against Father GOD.
As well we and another lady who is our friend ( that left the board and and is concerned about her) had been getting the impression that sherry did not like men and may be gay....

We do not want to knock one of YAHs kids -- if indeed she is - but her words and actions do not line up with scripture and any kind of demonic freak can hide behind a computer!!!!! We also wondered why she would not put a recent photo on her website adn as well a month ago she received some warning from aliens that they were shutting down her website ( which is still up!) and well it goes on and on- now she wants money to go underground and upon refelction she is becoming more and more disturbing. I starting wonder if she might even be a witch?

Any help and prayer you can assist us with and proof of the claims you have stated about her woudl be appreciated. It all jsut makes us sick to our stomaches.....when i read on your website that a christian gentleman had stated Paul was a true apostle and that she banned him and called him a servant of satan I KNEW I had ot email you - as she had done teh same to us! She has offended MANY people and we figured there is probably more - just like us- and she does not care one bit and refuses to repent!!!

I look forward to hearing from you ( I sent this to several of your emails - hoping to ensure a quicker response)

Be blessed,


BTW your video on YAHs names was beautiful - someone actually posted the link on sherrys board

* * * * * * *

Hi Elisabeth,

Well it was definitely difficult to read the parts about Sherry Shriner last night from the new prophecies. In the word about John Hagee is says, "Beware those who have given to Sherry Shriner's ministry". That must be a word warning us about the dangers of having her in our distant past. What I mean by that is, she has this odd thing about following people. I don't know how or I don't know why. But let me explain what happened years after we left. We all were so disgusted and distraught when she put this dispicable trash out as doctrine. It was a devastating time. My mom was looking for a true Christian haven made for those that shared the truth of the bible (unedited). She found a Christian message board which was holy. THis board also had many others who had left her ministry after the satanic doctrines were released. Anyway, quite a few months into it, there was a new woman who signed onto the message board. Anyone who was a part of this message board would know my mother's name because her email address is her full name. Anyway, this woman came and she started releasing articles that were very short, a couple of pages long. The articles were always titles with S.S. initials, like "Suffering Saints" or "Seven Spirits". You know that is why Sherry Shriner's initials are S.S. It stands for "serpent seed". Anyway, I guess this was her way of revealing herself. But Christians are too oblivious to understand because of their naievity. (Notice the word "Eve" in the middle of that word. That's probably where the root of the word comes from. SHe was the original person to be naieve and look where it lead her. Out of a relationship with the Lord and into exile).

Anyway, this woman would always make really short, flat answers. It sounded exactly like Sherry Shriner and I believe it was. She knew everyone who left her message board had exiled to this one after the satanic red flags were shown to them.

So it was like everywhere we went there she followed us. Also, she has like 25 Christian, Messianic-Jewish, and Sci-Fi websites on the internet. If you are interested in any of these topics, "watch out" because you will fall right into the sticky web she has sewn and won't realize how satanic this material is, until you have hours and weeks and months to explore every single thing there. You could read for months the material and still not have read everything. Maybe you missed the worst of it. Her website is always at the top of Google.

Also, what happened to me with this is very telling. When I was reading her website long ago(before spiritual fists started flying) we exchanged an email about the antichrist. At the time I parroted (mimicked) who she thought was the A.C. in a letter. I said you're right, so-and-so probably is the A.C. Today I don't believe this but at the time I just agreed with her). Anyway, the next day we were going on a trip and we stopped at a gas station. This woman came up to my family member and started the most bizarre, random conversation about the email I sent earlier. She said, "I think (name withheld) is the antichrist". It was the strangest thing. I don't know who that was but I know it was some sort of a plant sent to discuss the email with her. Strange.

It was so difficult to read the prophecy because I want her to be a distant memory. I hope she never crosses my mind again. It is painful to even think of. You feel like such a fool because with these ministies, you can never know what these people will release years down the line. You can support a ministry for years because you agree with the Christian and Messianic-Jewish biblical truths they preach. THen one day out of the blue they can release the most antichristian belief you have ever heard and all you can think is, "I have wasted years believing and supporting and helping a ministry that looked so innocent and what was it worth? I wasted all my money thinking I was helping the Lord, and went through an emotional crisis after learning how much I was duped. You just can't predict when these wolves will release this stuff in the future. You can't know that it will happen until AFTER it has happened.

But I know Niko has written one of the most heartbreaking stories about his Dad and if he can do that then we all can be honest about our past mistakes and experiences that ended up being the worst of the worst.

I just wanted to confirm and make very clear that I NEVER-EVER-EVER gave another cent to the woman after she released these terrible satanic doctrines. After they were released, it seemed like EVERYONE left her ministry. We were all broken-hearted and disgusted. Don't lose faith in your Christian brothers and sisters because they majority (nearly all) of them left and quit going to her site cold-turkey. They were seeking the Lord's face and when the mask was ripped off Satan's face was behind it!

You said Yahushua told you, "Three-forths truth and One-forth lies" (regarding Sherry Shriner's website) (It is worse than that now though). I went to another message board about this and a woman (who had left S.S.'s site) said the Lord told her, "majority truth, small percentage lies." I knew the Lord had told many the same thing, just he had a different way of phrasing it. There was a time that this site looked convincingly Christian and Messianic-Jewish. After that the Lord told you, "I am getting ready to expose that ministry for what it really is."

Right after that she released the two Satanic doctrine that drove everyone away. These doctrines were so cruel and satanic, noone could make any excuses anymore. They were openly Satanic, no quams about it.

Anyway, I am sure my family and I are on one of her lists. Satan really got us here because she asked everyone to sign onto these list BEFORE these satanic doctrines were released. So we didn't know what we were getting into. She also told people before the fact, that if they didn't help her in her Christian calling, then they would be betraying the Lord. She said that the Lord told her, 'Anyone who is too much of a coward to stand up for the Lord. That he considers them a traitor, a Judas.'

Satan knew this was all about timing because once the truth had been exposed everyone would leave. I feel sorry for anyone who was there before the truth was exposed. They all fell into her trap.

But now it might help you to realize what exposing this woman means. Her '20-something sites' are one the top of the Google search engine. So, people who haven't read everything will be confused. Like I said the rest of her sites are anonymous because she knows the name Sherry Shriner is tainted. Most of the sites are about different subject matter, so again it is hard to decipher if she is behind it.

I wonder what the John Hagee prophecy meant when it said, "Beware those who have supported her site". I can't help but understand that this is a warning to me. Anyone she knows she tries to follow and see where they are today. Maybe it's just curiosity. But with my past experiences, it's much more complicated than that. She has these lists for a reason. She is trying to weed out the Lord's people (wheat). The satanists want to discover who the Lord's people really are so they will know who to target during the Tribulation period.

It is important to be very careful about every tidbit of information you expose yourself too because one day you might have to start over from scratch. You've got to discard everyone else's opinion and not have an opinion of your own. I try not to have an opinion because opinion's are our own flesh trying to voice themselves. All that matters to me is whether or not I support the LORD's opinion. And whether or not I support the bible in full. Protecting every single word of it. As for me I only beieve in prophetic ministries the Lord has confirmed to me personally. You know the Lord gave me the dream about yours. And I hope he will continue to lead me and teach me.

Name Witheld because she is on Shriner's list

* * * * * * *

Hi, my name is Mary and I'm now 25 years old. I've been to HIS website, amightywind.com. I've been to the one with Sherry Shriner and the one that sort of got my suspicion was that she said to trust her orgone stuff as well as the anointing of Yahushua. Somehow, as I Googled her name and wondered if there were any dirt about her and the Lord led me to the site you're hosting. I couldn't believe I was deceived by that witch but Yahushua said (getting used to pronouncing His name right) that...in order to know what's true or not, you have to know the fake one first, and it takes to be deceived in order to find out what's true or not. (He told me that yesterday while I was at school between my break).

* * * * * * *

Dearest Elisabeth (Elisheva) Elijah....

Please bare with me as I share with you...My name is Stacy...I am a worror for my Father Yahweh and his son, my brother Yahushua...I have known nothing else except to find my place on this earth...to seek what Father is, who and was...I have been a bible reader all my life ... But only until 911 did I really understand the depths of Spirituality... Yahweh does wonderous and amazing things to those whom he loves...

I have been in the desert for a long time...I have sought after truth and its only by the good graces of my father that I am able to come back to the fold...I have been a lost sheep...one of Yahwehs but got led in a direction in which it made it easy for Satan to fool me...The new age of religion is powerful that it can even fool the very elect...I am so greatful that Yahweh has kept some truth inside of me to finally discern what is and what isnt...the very fact that there is only ONE Father and One Mediator...Yahushua...has kept me ....There are many out there who will take your crown and make you believe that Christ has come or that there are many fillers out there before his coming...What a shame that Isreal is so bothered by idol worship...and so much deception...but Father said that he will give us over to a debased mind if that is what we choose...Could this be the very angels who were cast down to this earth scrambling to get all they can beofre their great and terrible day...The Nephilim, I agree are real and will do what it takes to take from Yahweh what is his...The lines of purity and DNA have been mixed...My son had about 4 of them come to him in a dream and tell him that they arent done mixing yet...Many churches, on the web, off the web and many who claim to be Yahwehs come in his name...

For instance there is a women out on the web who claims to be Daniel's great grandaughter...She is pulling many into her cove and allowing worship towards her as well as promoting dependence on a stone or making of a stone called Orgone...Her words are a mixture of truth and error...she isnt even Hebrew....Her name is Sherry Shriner...

* * * * * * *

I came across this website that had a posting of the prophecy on amightywind labelled "judgement, judgement, judgement", posted by a woman who's a prophetess by name, Sherry Shriner. Her prophecies are almost synonymous to yours but then on her website I saw these links to the "lost books of the bible", "the books of Adam", "apocrypha" and so muchmore. Reading some of them and judging by the spirit, they seemed to have very sound doctrine, nothing deviating from the sound word of God. But then some of the links on her website about the books of the bible tells a different story from the bible- tells about how Adam's first wife wasn't Eve, but some other woman. Tells about how Adam and Eve realized an Aeon that gave them powers higher than God until God cut them asunder and stripped them of the power.

This wants to add to my confusion and please, I want to know what you think on this.

* * * * * * *

I started looking at this whole orgone thing skepticly but found it fascenating and found your page. No doubt shriner is no good and this orgone stuff seems like something the bible would catagorize as sorcery/withcraft but at the same time you can't work with treated lumber as do I and expect the lord to protect me from arsenic poisoning as do the mennonites I work with. God will not protect us from our own foolishness and the bible says we can shorten or lengthen our days.

* * * * * * *

Dear Prophet Elisabeth Elijah,

I want to thank you very much for your obedient and humility before our saviour Yahushuah. It greatly encourages me to see that there is somebody that our Yahushua can rely on for we are an ungodly and materialistic generation. Thank you so much for standing in the gap for so many of us so that Yahushua can get his messages to us.
My name is .......... and I am from Kenya though I live in Guangzhou, China. I'd like to ask for your forgiveness because I used to visit sherry shriners websites and I once read her post denouncing you and I never bothered to come to your website to find out more about you from you. I am not excusing myself but I was very new in Christ and was always in the internet seeking the truth and I ended up on her site where i joined the list for a while since she talked about things that intrigued me though a lot disturbed me untill God in his mercy let me know that that he was not there for I have never met a more unloving and judgemental group. Please forgive me for being part of a group that persecuted you.

* * * * * * *

Here is part of another email we received from a sister in New Zealand.

I had a dream about going into a womens house and in the house are a whole lot of perfect looking vegetables God tells me that they are genetically modified and poisonous (floating over the top of those veges are the symbols that warn of this). God tells me that the women is an alien and to get out as fast as I can. On the way out of the house I notice that there are a whole lot of vege seedlings that look dead and dying... on your website I read the name Sherry Shriner God says to me that that is the women that I dreamt about and I look up her picture and it was her no doubt.

* * * * * * *

More emails we have received about Sherry Shriner the Alien Serpent Freemason.

Hi, I'm sure by now you may already know or may not know that Sherry Shriners websites are no longer up. I listened to her radio show last Monday and she said she had gotten an email from "they" who said they were going to shut her down. Any comments?
I guess I am just confused .....if she is this false prophet then why do they want to shut her down. Then I think maybe she shut them down herself and quietly went out of business.
I made some orgone that she promoted heavily. I guess what sold me on trying it was that she said it was a weapon that the Lord had given us for these last days and it was supposed to protect against the chemtrails. After reading your articles I know that the orgone can't be pleasing to the Lord....its just another idle (the orgone) that I was trusting in. I am in the process now of getting rid of all of it that I can find.

God Bless

* * * * * * *


I was given your link about Sherry Shriner on our comment board. Now I host The Extreme Society Show which is an online radio show which we air every friday night at 9PM EST. We once had Sherry Shriner on our show and noticed after having her on twice that something wasnt right with her. We on a daily bases get attacked by her followers. I just wanted to say I think your info on her is very important because she needs to be exposed! We also extend a guest invite to you if you would like to be a guest on our show.

Thanks for the Information!
Jim Block
The Extreme Society Show
Society Broadcast Network

* * * * * * *

We need to expose this Alien Serpent who calls herself Sherry Shriner. She continues to lead people to her orgone instead of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH as their one and only true Savior and MESSIAH. In fact here is the latest false claim this Alien made after Hurricane Gustav only sideswiped New Orleans.

* * * * * * *

our New Orleans warriors did it!! whoooo hooooooooo!!
Orgone ONCE AGAIN !!
All Praise to the Most High!!!
THEY had plans to completely demolish New Orleans back to Katrina days!! HAHAHAHA..

Gustav only sideswipes New Orleans

* * * * * * *

This Alien Hybrid actually gives her orgone the credit for steering Hurricane Gustav away from New Orleans. All praise to the most high she says, most high what, most high alien? We can not believe any person in their right frame of mind would even consider this absolutely insane absured claim. She is so blind and into her orgone as the savior of the world that she doesn't even realize YAHUVEH was behind this Hurricane and HE alone stopped another abomination from happening in New Orleans called "Southern Decadence" which was a gay party that was scheduled for labor day weekend in New Orleans, click on southern decandance and read about it. This Hurricane was from the hand of YAHUVEH to stop this evil from happening. She claims the Hurricane is from 'They' meaning the government, maybe? Who knows!

If you haven't read it already, click HERE to read what YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA say about this "Alien on the internet". Do not disregard everything this alien is saying though, because it is exposing the alien agenda. We never believed in this 'Alien' stuff but YAH has exposed it as true. So beware, the Aliens really are coming, go HERE to read more.

Here are some juicy tid bits we found on the internet about this Alien Hybrid Fallen Angel who calls herself Sherry Shriner. We thought this stuff might be helpful in exposing her, or it, or whatever she is. Anyway's keep coming back because we are going to continue to expose this thing and the outrageous claims and false teachings she has. All the below excerpts are from the internet. We copied this stuff exactly how we found it. We are simply letting you, the reader, examine this for yourself and we pray if you have believed her lies up until now, you will now see this thing for what it really is. As we like to say here in this Ministry, "THIS IS WAR." PRAISE YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH WE WIN!!!

* * * * * * *

I repeat, these are comments we found on the internet. These are copied exactly how they are on the internet. These are not the words of Elisabeth or Niko.

Sherry Shriner Bible Code Nutcase Wannabe? She has stated Jesus is not real, she has stated the bible codes are only 20% real, she has admitted to having a Cyber Lesbian Internet Affair, A real demonic nutcase, Shriner abuses her small child, and beats the child for 5 minutes non stop.

Sherry Shriner "Bible Code Freak Hopes to get saved the last minute-Known Child Abuser" PUT OUTS WARNING FROM THE FAKE BIBLE CODE THAT NEVER COME TRUE

And that's not all. Tim White hits the radio airwaves with Bible Code Nut (and former participant in "lesbian-cybersex") Sherry Shriner!

SHERRY SHRINER (Co-conspirator Stalker for CIA-Ted Gunderson Criminal Harassment, Criminal Slander, Criminal Defamation of Character, Stalking of Plaintiff & plaintiffs witnesses)

There are a lot of nutcases out there that claim the so called Bible Codes reveal everything. One of those nutcases is a FBI Division 5 Disinformation Goon Sherry Shriner. I am only posting this because of the False Profits disinformation letter posted above that is being pushed by Shriner the FBI Division 5 Disinfo nutcase for the false for profit Linda Newkirk.

Conspiracies/False Teachings

Watch who you listen to when it comes to conspiracies.

Sherry Shriner delved into sorcery and consulted Witches who told her about orgone and how to make it. She then changed the way it was made and claimed it was divine instruction from her false god.

She is out for the buck. In general, Orgone's uses vary wildly mainly from the metaphysical and new age belief that God is from within or tapping into the universal life force. It is used for Chanelling, opening doorways for astral travel and casting spells and the like. Sherry Shriner claims it is the cure for demonic possession, alien abduction, migraines and of course the evil cell towers that are programming everyone.

I doubt very seriously that her creations do a single thing besides sit there and look ugly however, if they do I am sure it's not of God.

Don't be suckered in by these fly by night people that want to sell you something claiming you need it for this purpose or that purpose

If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck...
rest assured it's a duck.

Pray and ask God the Creator of all things if there is a need under the sun that you may have that he won't provide for you. Don't be fooled by people presenting things of this world that you need. If you are feeling generous start a Sherry Shriner Mental Help fund. At the rate she is going she will be needing it much sooner than later.

Sherry shriner is insane, she bans people from her websites anbd groups if you disagree with her redical theories. Sherry shriner now claims to be enoch, elijah, and moses. Sherry also claims to be King daVID's granddaughter. She once banned a guy from her "yahoo groups" because he said that Paul was a true apostle, so sherry and this ronda charector began cussing him and saying he was Lucifer's friend. We should pray for her, she needs it.

Sherry shriner is a false prophet. She betrayed her own friend and said he was an omegan spy, lol. sherry shriner says an alien e-mailed her now. She needs to get away from those dang bible codes, the bible codes are fake. she has given prophecies that never happend, and she makes stories up on why they never happend, like "they heard the warning and stopped" or "it happend but no one noticed, it was secret". She has about 9 websites, all devoted to herself. Sherry asks for donations, and asks for people to buy bible code software. *rolls eyes* Well, Jesus said these things will come to pass, false prophets. whos mr. daniels?

Sherry did admit on the watchering the watchers (the vipers board) board last late fall, that YES, she did used to hang out in lesbian chat rooms having cyber sex with WOMEN. And then she repented supposedly and got into bible codes. Which immediately identified her as a prophet. The devils pulled a good one on her.

Sherry Shriner I just found all her stuff on the web pages andpages and then pages and pages. Does anyone believe in her? Is she a real prophet of Yahweh or a reptilian? Please clue me in here!

At every step of the process, anyone directly involved has been required to sign an agreement to keep the U.S. Supreme Court's process of implementing the required reformations "secret", or face charges of Treason which are punishable by death. This gag order was placed on all media personnel, government officials, and bank employees. This is why Alex Jones or TV news anchors will not talk about this on air. Nor will wikipedia tell you the truth behind the law. Nor will Sherry Shriner who is nothing more than a CIA stooge. Minnesota Senator Paul Wellstone, was about to break the gag order, but before he could his small passenger plane crashed killing his wife, daughter, and himself.

I heard of this gal before but I havent heard much good about her cept for her being a good sci-fi writer. I saw this on another board I was reading Sherry Shriner is a false prophet.

People know this. She practices all things abominable to the lord. witchcraft sorcery, speaking to fallen angels she calls aliens. She uses the bible, abusing gods word by making it a crossword puzzle and saying horrible things about people who really believe in god. she has hurt many people.

now she uses reverse speech stuff to point her finger at people and say they are demon posessed but she is the one who is demon possessed. she makes gods people stumble and fall. she is in very big trouble with god.

she has decieved people. innocent people who belong to god. do you know what the bible says about making one of his little ones stumble?

no one needs someone like sherry shriner to be able to do gods work. everyone can do gods work. All they have to do is ask him. No one needs a leader or someone to tell them what god has said. all they have to do is ask him there selfs. dont follow man or woman. just talk to jesus and god. read the bible and talk and pray. dont believe in that false bible code stuff or reverse speech stuff that is divination and she uses that to hurt people and keep them from listening to the one true god. i hope i helped you all, god bless u

* * * * * * *

So there you have it folks. If you are stupid enough to believe this woman/thing then you shall get what you deserve on judgment day. You can not say that you were not warned. We pray in the Holy Name of YAHUSHUA that if you believe Shriner's lies that the truth shall set you free and you will be free from her mind manipulation and deception and everything that she uses to decieve the people and you shall come out of her satanic cult.


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By Faith Enoch was translated that he should not see death: and was not found, because YAHUVEH had translated him: for before his translation he had this testimony, that he pleased YAHUVEH. Hebrews 11:5

By Faith Enoch was translated that he should not see death: and was not found, because YAHUVEH had translated him: for before his translation he had this testimony, that he pleased YAHUVEH. Hebrews 11:5