Dangers Of Sherry Shriner
and Her Orgone

Updated August 16, 2014

Reptilian/Alien on the Internet - Sherry Shriner exposed!

These Words are straight from Heaven warning about this evil satanic woman Sherry Shriner. For those following this alien you can't say you were not warned and for everyone else the same applies.

And I have one last thing that only very few will realize the impact of the Word. Beware of the aliens, they have already taken over and are in the top Cabinet Representatives and political positions. Beware… and I don't speak of aliens from another country. I speak of the aliens that satan has sent and beware of the one who writes the books, 'Aliens on the Internet.'
Beware of the woman (Sherry Shriner) who comes to you in a disguise and tells you to put your faith in orgone (that) it will, "keep away the demons. It will keep away the aliens. Put your faith in orgone." I tell you, this is nothing but lies! Put your faith in MY SON YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, in HIS NAME and in HIS Blood for that is the only place redemption will come.

There is a woman who is called Sherry Shriner, she is an author of books and claims she can decipher bible codes. She twists the bible codes to conform into the image she chooses. She says her name Sherry in numerology means YAHWEH and Shriner means Time. Well, now it is TIME for YAHUVEH to expose her in HIS Timing. Sherry Shriner mixes truth with lies. Sherry Shriner is the reptilian alien that she warns about when she wrote and now sells her book "Aliens on the Internet."

She only posts a picture of herself (on the internet) of what she looked like in school years ago. Where is her picture for today? She fears others will see what I, YAHUVEH am revealing now. She works for both sides of the guards one from earth and one from hell.

Sherry Shriner mocks Apostle Paul (Shaul) and says, "Any book in the bible he wrote, throw it out!" She twists scriptures to try and prove Paul was not one of the apostles, so therefore he is of serpent seed. Sherry Shriner has sold her soul to satan and allowed her body to be taken over by alien powers for fame and fortune. She mocks this Ministry and warned Elisabeth when Elisabeth told her that Elisabeth's middle name is Sherrie and Elisabeth was going by the name Sherrie when she was used to birth Amightywind Ministry. Upon hearing this Sherry Shriner told Elisabeth years ago over the phone, there is room only for one Sherry here, and that is Sherry Shriner, you stay Elisabeth.

Sherry Shriner also did Elisabeth's name in bible code, which she normally charged a hundred dollars, she let Elisabeth know. She spent days doing her bible code for free and let her know that both of them are generals and leaders. However she let Elisabeth know there were the words "gibberish tongues" in Elisabeth's bible code. Elisabeth rebuked her and reminded her of what is written in the Book of Acts, that speaking in Holy unknown tongues is speaking in tongues of men and angels. Sherry Shriner argued back and said, "Paul taught that and you have to throw it out."

Sherry Shriner mocks speaking in Holy tongues. She mocks because satan at one time, by her own testimony, gave her demonic tongues. This is because Sherry Shriner had head knowledge and no heart knowledge of the one she called Jesus Christ at the time. Now to confuse people, she calls what the Book of Acts calls speaking in an unknown tongue, the work of the devil. Sherry Shriner is a false prophet, time and again this has been proven as she has given bible codes with dates and nothing comes to pass.

Beware, Sherry Shriner does have some knowledge satan gave to her in exchange for her soul, that she was never to know. Do NOT go to her website, unless you have I, YAHUVEH's permission, for there are tracking devices for both of the leaders she works for. If you are looking for her to protect you in anyway, beware, for your names are already on a list of hers. If you have purchased the emergency rations she sells, your name is on a list she has compiled. If you are on her email list, beware, you are also on the Governments email list as well as satan's.

Sherry Shriner sells her orgone and claims her orgone will keep demons, aliens, sickness, disease, poverty, and weather disasters, away from you. I, YAHUVEH now decree, Sherry Shriner you have been warned, HOW DARE YOU say something you make with your own hands can defeat the demons, or cure anyone, or control the weather. Sherry Shriner you are a FALSE PROPHET to the highest degree.

You slander Elisabeth Sherrie Elijah, because you know both of you are called to be leaders. She is a leader for I, YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA and OUR Beloved, Precious RUACH ha KODESH also called MOMMA WISDOM. Sherry Shriner you have sold your soul to satan, you are one of satan's leaders, this is true. You have head knowledge, it is true, but that is all you have. You even copy the Hebrew ways of this Messianic Ministry to confuse the people. Before your only target was the Christians in the name of JESUS, now you target the Jews in YAHUSHUA's NAME.

Sherry Shriner you are not even who people think you are, you are a worker of iniquity and I warn now, let this broadcast far and wide warn everyone. Sherry Shriner promotes her orgone for the destruction of minds, bodies, spirits and souls! Do not put your faith in orgone, put your faith in I, YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA to protect you in the days of calamity! She says she knows you can pray to YAHUSHUA for protection, but that is the hard way, instead she says, "Buy her orgone and it is the easy way." BLASPHEMY! Nothing can protect you but the NAME and the Shed Blood of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH.

Sherry Shriner I, YAHUVEH rebuke you now for saying, 'Your orgone will protect people from demons and UFO's full of demonic aliens.' MY Little Ones, do not discard the warning about the UFO's and aliens, but realize only I, YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH can and will protect you in the days of calamity and Tribulation. This is the truth about the orgone she makes and sells and tells you to plant all over various parts of the world, or tells you to wear it on a neckchain or put it in your bedrooms or inside your home.

Here is a truth I, YAHUVEH speak forth from Elisabeth Sherrie Elijah. It is Elisabeth that has a Holy Warrior Spirit as David had as a Shepherd Boy, when he battled Goliath. Sherry Shriner is not the grand daughter of King David of old as she claims. In fact Sherry Shriner is a Goliath of evil speaking forth doctrines of devils and secrets revealed to her by satan and mixing in some biblical truths to confuse the people. Sherry Shriner is the 'Alien on the Internet' and she is not what she portrays herself to be. You have been warned. I send you forth Elisabeth Sherrie Elijah, to do what you have asked ME not to do and that is to expose, battle and speak forth words to this 'Alien on the Internet' named Sherry Shriner in the NAME of YAHUVEH!

Sherry Shriner you target the Christians and Messianic Jews because they are the ones satan wants to destroy the most. Beware Holy people and warn others. The orgone she makes she claims is her secret recipe and that it works different than other orgone, but in truth it will attract the demons, your homes will become possessed with evil spirits, the land you plant her orgone will be as a tracking device to the devil and the aliens who are already here in disguise. They are satan's fallen elite troops!

Because you put your faith in her orgone I, YAHUVEH will allow sicknesses to come upon your body. I, YAHUVEH will allow your homes to become infested with evil. I, YAHUVEH will allow poverty where you had prosperity. I will allow the destroyer to destroy all you own if you do not repent, dig up, warn, and demand your money back spent on her books, emergency supplies, and her orgone and redeem the finances I gave you, into Holy ground. I, YAHUVEH have warned you, if you depend on her orgone to protect you, you have been sorely deceived! This image of a woman laughs all the way to the bank because you believed her lies! For those who continue to believe her lies, death and destruction is all you will see.

Why do you think she brags her orgone is better than anyone else's? Because she has a secret recipe? Her orgone will not save anyone, and will harm everyone who does not repent and ask ME for forgiveness for the stupidity of believing the lies sent by satan.

She exposes the enemies of YAHUSHUA for one purpose and that is to gain your trust. Why do you think she calls Benny Hinn evil names, and tells you when he ministers go and plant her orgone where he is ministering around the world? I will tell you why, "It is because this empowers his strange occult fire!" How else can satan get you to take part in planting her orgone if you do not think you are fighting evil? Why do you think she now begs for money to build her orgone factories around the world. Yes, even internationally she wants to contaminate the atmosphere because this benefits satan's elite forces that are coming from space. They are the Princes and Powers of the Air and some are already here! THEY NEED HER ORGONE!!! This orgone is also affecting global warming, so be warned.

YAHUSHUA's demon stompers arise now and cover this Ministry and support it in a way you have never done thus far. Write and encourage them and set a time to pray. Let Elisabeth and Niko know they are not alone as they take on these battles in MY NAME. Encourage them and set a time on the clock to commit to pray for them and ALL the Partners in this Ministry. I have asked this Ministry to take on attacks from humans and demons, and yet now they are asked to fight in a battle that comes from outer space and the realms of hell itself.

Elisabeth has delayed this word going forth because every time she would read the prophecies concerning this, she would be fought in the supernatural realm and dreams of aliens would attack her. Yet someone must warn MY Holy Children that are caught up with the spirit of mind control and mind manipulation. Even a visit to Sherry Shriner's site without I, YAHUVEH's permission is dangerous. Do NOT go to her site, do not even look up her name, unless you know you are prayed up, and the devil is bound up along with the demons and you are strong spiritually and you have MY permission. Pray against this evil Sherry Shriner and what she is doing and what she has done.

If you discern you are also to take an active role in rebuking the lies coming from the mouth of this reptilian alien who is also part of satan's alien elite troop, do it NOW. She names others who are in high profile and governmental positions and calls them reptilian, who better to know another reptilian, than one that is of the same alien elite troop? Beloved Children, I tell you this so you will not fear when you see things come to pass, you thought was only a figment of another's imagination. Even the horror movies you watch depict actual monsterous creatures in hell which will walk this earth during the Great Tribulation.

Satan's elite forces will come in the form of UFO's and USO's (Unidentified Sea Objects) and remove people in a way you think is only science fiction. Remember, much science fiction is a warning of satan's plans.

All of the above will come to pass and at separate time intervals in history, and all over the world, not just America. I gave this Prophet writing a warning in a dream about portals of hell opening up and a UFO invasion happening, TAKE IT SERIOUSLY. Only those crying out in the NAME of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH will be spared at that time. Seek ME while you can yet find ME!

End of Word

BEWARE of Sherry Shriner and her ORGONE! This alien on the internet promotes her garbage for the destruction of people's minds, bodies, spirits and souls. This insightful video will give you a clearer understanding of who or what Sherry Shriner is, her spiritual roots and where her blasphemous/demonic device known as orgone originated from.

Sherry Shriner's blasphemous doctrines like the Apostle Paul "being false" and of "serpent seedline" and "the war between the sons of light and the sons of darkness" are based on old masonic and gnostic/occult teachings. Be not deceived, Sherry Shriner IS the alien on the internet. satan's elite troops of demonic aliens need that orgone of which she claims it fends the aliens off. This is a LIE. Orgone also strengthens the strange fire of false prophets and televangelists such as Benny Hinn. This is why Sherry Shriner first exposes wolves like Benny Hinn, to first gain your trust and then have you plant that orgone of which she says it's a protection against Benny Hinn's strange fire. This in fact strengthens his strange fire be not deceived!

Don't let Sherry Shriner take you to Hell! Sherry Shriner is mainly targeting the Christians and the (Messianic) Jews for her deception because she knows satan wants to destroy them the most. DO NOT go to Sherry Shriner's websites neither buy her orgone! You will not get away unharmed spiritually if you do so. Her websites are full of the occult, strong mind control and manipulation.

If you have been deceived and bought her orgone, BURN that garbage and demand your money back from Sherry Shriner. Repent for believing the destructive lies of Sherry Shriner and turn away from these sins. Rebuke her in the Name of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH / Jesus Christ. ONLY through the Name and the Blood of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH do we have the authority over satan and his aliens/demons. Only YAHUVEH/YAHWEH and YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH can protect you in the coming days of horror and the Great Tribulation, if you are a walking in a loving, obedient relationship with THEM. DO NOT turn to Sherry Shriner or orgone for your protection or you will reap the Wrath of GOD. Repent of this today if you have done this and allow YAHUSHUA to deliver you and set you free from Sherry Shriner's demonic bondage.

Please watch the below testimony of sister treesfourme about her experience with Sherry Shriner and orgone, and see the pictures of demonic manifestation and paranormal phenomena that occurred due to demonic orgone. See the manifestation of demons as this orgone was destroyed and burned.

Sherry Shriner's false Dec. 25th 2012 Prophecy exposed!

This video exposes how Sherry Shriner covers herself up from being a false prophet. This crafty agent of satan falsely predicts that the antichrist will arrive on the 25th of Dec. 2012! Sherry Shriner puts out newsletters to fear monger and instil panic and confusion within GOD's people, telling them they had better arm themselves with her "orgone water" against the aliens that will pop up by the end of this month also (according to her "prophecies"). We expose this false prophet Sherry Shriner and her utter blasphemous, unbiblical and insane claims! December 25th will pass by and none of those things will come to pass, she knows this. Sherry Shriner deceives the people so they frantically buy her demonic device known as "orgone" and tells them to mass plant this garbage all over the world "as protection against the aliens". She says "prayer is the hard way, planting her orgone is the easy way to be protected". This is BLASPHEMY! Only the Name and The Blood of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH is your protection against satan and his hosts of fallen angels and demonic aliens when they come. Sherry Shriner is insane. She says that the giants and aliens, together with the Chinese in the U.S. that have been hidden in "DUMBS" will come out to rape, eat and kill everyone they can. Sherry Shriner is putting the Chinese people in the same category as aliens, can you believe this insanity? Please do not fall prey to the deceptions of this alien on the internet. YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH and the Precious RUACH ha KODESH have repeatedly exposed Sherry Shriner as being the alien/reptilian on the internet, in the Prophecies spoken through Apostle/Prophet Elisabeth Elijah. Prophecy 92 & 93 are just 2 examples. Beware, Sherry Shriner is also copying and twisting Prophetic Revelations that were given to Prophet Elisabeth Elijah. Please stand in agreement with our prayers for YAH to render swift vengeance on this alien Sherry Shriner in the Name of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH!

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