Susan Cummings' Dream/Vision of Moses
Posted 3.8.05
I had a dream last night. In the dream, I was walking down a street of a city. There were many buildings and many people walking around. It was daytime. In the center of the city, there was a kind of theatre like building where you could watch out door plays and dramas. I saw a drama going on that was lewd and not very good to watch.

Then, I had a vision. The Lord opened my eyes, and I looked around me and all of a sudden, I could see faces in the clouds, they appeared and became real faces. They were golden faces of men and women and they were looking down at the city. They were watching the city and the people and the drama. I could see them from their shoulders up, and they had serious expressions on their faces.

I became very upset and burdened. I began to pray and seek the Lord. I got down on my knees and prostrated myself on the side walk and prayed in tongues. People walked around me, but I feared God more than them. I knew something bad was coming, I could feel it building up all around me. I could hear the wind pick up and begin to swirl around me. I heard the air begin to whine like an engine speeding up. I shook strongly as I prayed. I then heard a lot of excitement, and loud talking.

So I looked up.

Moses came down from the sky with the stone tablets with the Ten Commandments in his hand. He was very fierce and majestic looking. He flew over the city to the building with the outdoor drama going on and went up to the stage. He was very angry at the participants, as they were acting out very lewdly on stage. He raised his hands and threw the stone tablets at them. There were explosions, and lightnings, and thunderings, and great flashes of light. The stage and the participants were destroyed.   

Elisabeth's Dream Right After Communion
Posted 2.24.05
My husband and I had a beautiful home, decorated the way I have always wanted, and beautifully furnished the way I have never known. We had only been in that home for a short time. I and my husband were being forced to move from there and others were coming in a few hours to live in our house. We knew they would take loving care of the home and yet I was counting down the last few hours I would have that home for it took so long to finally get it and now I and my husband only got it to pass onto someone else. A knock came on the door unexpectantly and it was the new people who had come early. There was a special password needed to unlock the door of the house it was" FREEDOM". The people came in and my husband said, "Its time to leave, hon." I said "But we have a a few hours still and they are early" and he said, "Its ok, they will take good care of the house, our job here is done."


Urgent Warning Dream
February 22, 2005
I, Elisabeth Elijah, had back-to-back dreams of a foreign country invading us and it happened so suddenly that it was a shock to the American people. The foreign country was being introduced on the television as the New Rulers of America. China was mentioned in the dream again and again, for they had something to do with taking over America. YAHUVEH always sends the prophets to warn before the Judgment falls! AMERICA, you have been warned to repent, but oh how few are listening!