Wolves Travel In Packs

"Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour"
I Peter 5:8

Rev. Sherrie received this letter from a brother after the most recent attack on the ministry. There is much to be learned here so others may not suffer a similar fate.

NOTE: This is not a recent email. A covering has been placed on this ministry and its internet sites by YAHUVEH in the form of warriors who will not accept defeat at the hands of a reprobate devil. However, we are posting it because of what we can all learn from it. 

Hello Sherrie.

Again I am sorry that there is such discord with your site. And now that I think about it for the past few months whenever I would think of you or more specifically your site, all I would get would be a lot of confusion, almost like snow on the TV.

The biggest impression I would get was that there were false prophets around. I did not get this impression the first few times I visited your site, everything then had a very powerful anointing on it. I could literally feel the power of God. I have not sensed that in along time and I know that it is from all of the WOLVES on the periphery (the edges of your ministry).

Listen and learn something Sherrie; for this is how wolves hunt. First they stalk their prey by roaming and sniffing. There are many false prophets and teachers who roam the internet looking for sites to infiltrate. They roam in packs because this is where they get their strength. Look at the story in the Bible about the Legion, those spirits and PEOPLE they INFLUENCE do not work alone.

After they sense a weakness, they attack. This weakness could be youth or ill health. There are people gathered around your ministry who are a part of the fold, even you and I are part of the Lord's fold. Many times there are areas where we are young in or sick or hurting in. Many times we are ALONE. And this is when the wolves strike; in mass, in waves, biting, nipping, running after their prey and wearing them down until they cannot run away from them any more. This is similar to what you have been experiencing, it is not so much because of a weakness, but it is because they travel in packs. Satan GOES ABOUT like a ROARING lion, SEEKING whom he may destroy. Many of those people who have been bothering you can only roar and howl at you. They can make a lot of noise, or post a lot of noise on your site and others so that they can scare them away and keep them from God's blessings in their lives.

Wolves feed on huge chunks of their prey, because when they finally do wear some animal down they eat as much as they can because they do not always get the prey they are after. This is why the attacks you have received lately have been so intense. Satan knows that his time is short so he is gulping down huge, hurtful chunks out of people's lives.

But fear not, for we belong to the GOOD SHEPHERD.  He will chase these wolves away, even those who are able to sneak in among the sheep because of their white coats.   But He will soon find them and scatter them; he will dash them with His rod.

That was just a little something I wanted to share
with you. I hope you understand. God is not angry with you for being a sheep because that is what you are. You are sensitive for a purpose. It has and is taking me a long time to realize this in my life. I bear burdens that I do not understand sometimes. It is not because I am stupid or naive. I am just called apart. I am called to bear things and feel things that others don't, to help others when thy feel similar things.

You are supposed to be able to trust other sheep.
Sherrie just know that whatever wounds we receive, the GOOD SHEPHERD is able and will heal ALL of our wounds with balm. HE will cleanse us and heal our wounds with water and oil.

God Bless,


Holy Spirit, thou art Welcome in this Place!


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