Urgent Warning About False Prophet
Linda Newkirk!

Posted 10.27.04

Beloved of YAHUSHUA,

Please listen carefully. Pamela Schuffert wrote me months ago and we were going to speak on a cell phone but her dog ate her cell phone at that time and we were unable to speak. Pamela had come to our Ministry Site and wrote a blessing to me.

My name is Elisabeth Sherrie Elijah and I and my husband have a ministry including 76 end time prophesies given to me at www.amightywind.com, also www.almightywind.com

I met Linda Newkirk in 2001 as well as her husband. After we met, her true spirit was exposed, especially on 9/11/01 after the destruction of the twin towers in New York. We were to go grocery shopping together and instead I prayed non-stop for days, interceding for the victims. Linda got furious with me, for she said she caused the Twin Towers to be destroyed for she used the rod the day before on the phone on it as well as calling the wrath down on the Pentagon.

The day before, she was on the telephone with me and as I was praying, she picked up a broom and hit the floor of her trailer and said she was using the rod of destruction. I just thought she was being stupid and did not realize she was operating under occult power. I instead interceded for the innocent people of New York and told her that I don't believe she caused that destruction, and the Spiritual rod given to me was not used for evil like she claims hers was being used for.

I have much to say, but to make it short, I agree with what Pam has written about her...

False Prophet LINDA NEWKIRK Creates HAVOC in South Africa!

Please read the following email I just received from my website reader, Dirk. Many of you have asked me if alleged "prophet" LINDA NEWKIRK is indeed a false prophet, and I have repeatedly confirmed BY HER OWN WORDS that she indeed is a deceiver and teaching DOCTRINES OF DEMONS, sandwiched behind her smooth sounding words of alleged "END TIME PROPHECY."

She is in fact also a plagiarist, stealing the valuable in-depth research of journalists like myself, then rewriting them to sound as if "GOD HAS REVEALED TO HER THESE EVENTS TO COME TO AMERICA."

And of course, a FALSE PROPHET always writes false prophecy to glorify themselves, to mislead readers. NEWKIRK is infamous for doing this, painting glowing words "FROM THE FATHER" in her prophecies that seek to glorify her, how great she is, etc. But even Jesus Christ Himself declared that He came to to SEEK THE GLORY OF THE FATHER! Every true servant of God will seek to GLORIFY GOD and NOT THEMSELVES!

And as I have shared previously, NEWKIRK teaches the DOCTRINE OF DEMONS of REINCARNATION AND KARMA, referring to Jesus Christ as "MASTER JESUS". This is an occultic, eastern religion "ASCENDED MASTERS" teaching, going right along with REINCARNATION AND KARMA.

When I personally confronted NEWKIRK on this heresy by telephone, she became livid with anger and insisted that REINCARNATION IS TRUE! And that "Master Jesus" told her so!

Sorry, but NEWKIRK'S false doctrines have been proven unscriptural and to be lies again and again. And her many false prophecies that have never come to pass also condemn her. "By your words you shall be justified and by your words YOU SHALL BE CONDEMNED."-Jesus Christ.

For example, her "due date" of WINTER SOLSTICE of 2003 for when I was SUPPOSED TO DROP DEAD for daring to call her a FALSE PROPHET, of course NEVER CAME TO PASS! Yet she declared "GOD TOLD HER" He would kill me by then!

Linda is truly of her father Satan, the father of liars and lies. And her end shall be in the LAKE OF FIRE, as with ALL liars and false prophets that seek to deceive the elect.

Sincerely, Pamela Schuffert

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From: "koerier"
To: Pam Schuffert
Subject: RE: Linda Newkirk
Date: Fri, 1 Oct 2004 13:01:27 +0200

Dear Pamela Schuffert,

My name is Dirk van Vuuren and I am from South Africa. I was involved with the Afrikaans translations of the books of LN, from the Mountain. Therein she (LINDA NEWKIRK) curses you to death and said to me personally that you are now dead. Could you verify that you still live, please, it is very urgent, because this woman is now in South Africa and is creating havoc with our people. We are presently compiling a file of her false prophecies and downright lies.


One of the mandates of the Ministry entrusted to me is warning the sheep where the wolves are and to strip off the wolves mask from the Judas's in disguise. Linda NewKirk is not only a false prophet but YAHUVEH has just this night spoken a new mandate to me while I was praying in the Holy Tongues, and gave me a mandate to shout it from the house tops and Internet.

I will be doing this ASAP as well as the tape recording of the message from YAHUVEH about her. Linda tried to convince me to no avail that I was Elijah that was sent back to earth as a destroying angel. I told her I also accepted the shed blood of YAHUSHUA to be saved and just because my maiden name is Elijah and my mother's maiden name was Elias doesn't make me the reincarnation of Elijah of Old! She claims she is Aaron reincarnated.

I am asking my Site manager to post this URGENT WARNING ABOUT FALSE PROPHET LINDA NEWKIRK!

I also didn't realize till too late that we have a prophecy of hers posted years ago, and asking our site manager to remove it immediately with this warning as well. My apology for not realizing her false prophecy was still posted. I only recently discovered this when a faithful brother and partner in this Ministry named Mark wrote me and asked about her. I have been warning one on one but now it will be to the world!

I have much to say about her and will let you know when it is posted. I was sent an email from Africa where a man had fasted for days to find a website that was prophesying the truth and he said the name amightywind.com came forth. They sent me an email that I will also post and mentioned the name of Linda NewKirk. And I regret that I didn't take the time to reply and warn about her. I pray I am not responsible for her being in South Africa now at all because I didn't warn!

The lies she tells is more than taking bits and pieces from other anointed prophets. She also told me she goes to rense.com and drudgereport.com and collects news.

I once called her a friend till I realized she serves Satan and operates under occult power. She teaches that there is an exit sign in Hell! She teaches and believes in reincarnation. She told me that when her evil mother died, her mother didn't go to hell but rather she was told in a dream her mother went to a hospital in Heaven!

We all know there is no hospital needed in Heaven!

When she would cast out demons, she said she was given a choice to send them to a reform school where the demons had a chance to repent! I told her that was a lie for demons were to be cast only to the place YAHUSHUA SENDS THEM! Not even are we suppose to send them back to hell for that would be a reward. They would love to go to the place they came from.

Please warn everyone who will listen.


She has gone to Africa to seek the dark powers! The newest message given to me just came forth Oct. 26, 2004 about 12:00 am. Linda also said I would die and I also am still alive. She said I would die and gave me a date because I rebuked her and I warned her not to duel with the Holy Spiritual Rod given to me in the name of YAHUSHUA. She would find out that YAHUVEH is almighty in War and would protect me. People must be warned. Pam keeping warning them and Dirk also for I couldn't accept the invitations given to me to come to Africa for we don't have the finances but satan supplied the provisions for Linda NewKirk to go to South Africa. How sad. I send my love to AFRICA in the name of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH! I have been invited to hold crusades all over Africa right now. It is not possible though.

Aleph and Tav AlmightyWind Ruach Ha Kodesh Fire Ministries join you in exposing this wolf in sheep's clothing. If anyone has anymore comments to add please send them to Contact Us and with your permission we shall warn the world together.

Love and blessings in YAHUSHUA'S name,
Apostle Elisabeth (Elisheva) Elijah

Holy Spirit, thou art Welcome in this Place!


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