More Tares (Worthless Weeds) Destined For The Fire!
Revelation 20:15
And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire.

Jerimiah 6:27-30
I have set thee for a tower and a fortress among my people, that thou mayest know and try their way. They are all grievous revolters, walking with slanders: they are brass and iron; they are all corrupters. The bellows are burned, the lead is consumed of the fire; the founder melteth in vain: for the wicked are not plucked away.Reprobate silver shall men call them, because the LORD hath rejected them.

She will tell you, among other things, that...

1-She has the mantle of Moses,
2-She possesses the key to the bottomless pit,
3-Mary, mother of YAHUSHUA, was also Immaculately conceived,
4-She is the angel Metatron (meaning, appropriately DEATH),
5-She has an IQ of 500...
etc., etc., etc.


Written by Chuck on November 12 2005

Her name is Tari DeMario and we at this ministry regret the day she came crashing into our lives, claiming that she had the mantle of Moses and was supposed to join this ministry so she would be near (Elisabeth) Elijah. Thus began erratic emails from this woman and, for reasons only Father YAHUVEH knows, we were allowed to be deceived by this woman!

When the lies and deception were finally completely brought out into the open, and Tari was confronted, she pretended to be remorseful for what she had done and supposedly repented of the evil she had done against us. Yet, Father YAHUVEH spoke his wrath through Elisabeth against this woman, making it clear that she had been given a chance to repent of her evil ways...and she REFUSED to do so! Then began her tirade against this ministry with lies and false accusations that certainly fulfilled what Father had told Elisabeth as Tari and I were driving to Idaho to join her, Niko and others for Passover..."There's a storm coming!"

Recently she had the audacity to email Elisabeth, saying, "Please pray for me, I have a brain tumor!" Why do you think you have a brain tumor, Tari? Besides epilepsy and diabetes and legions of demons living inside you. Woe unto you, you evil woman, for trying to destroy me and all of us and this ministry! It is you instead--and your Satanic cohorts--who will be destroyed!

I was sent on an assignment to help a supposingly godly woman get free from a verbally and physically abusive marriage. Father YAHUVEH and Niko and Elisabeth trusted me to carry this through successfully. However, I must take full responsibility for allowing myself to be deceived under a Satanic spell and crossing the line which separates the acceptable behavior of a Christian minister and that which is unacceptable. I fell into the trap and 'allowed' myself to be nearly destroyed—that's right, DESTROYED—by this devil woman.

During the time I was in Southern California, trying to help her wrestle her way through a mountain of financial woes, fight off reprobate relatives and get her condo sold, I was gradually worn down as we seemed to make no headway against her evil husband and equally rotten daughter and son-in-law (a Satanist). It was a struggle unlike any I had ever encountered, like standing in the ring and trying to fend off one punch after another from an opponent with little or no success. If she were a Christian as she claimed, I wondered why she was buried in so much spiritual garbage and experiencing no victory against one Satanic attack after another.

I still do not know if the following experiences with this woman were what they appeared to be...or simply part of the deception that she is so expert at orchestrating:

1 - Is Tari MPD? These personalities manifested when she became upset when things didn't go her way. She would go ballistic, then usually go right into a seizure, then pass out, waking up shortly as one of her multiples. She has at least three of them, children named Maggie, Suzie and Cathy, ranging in age from 6 to 12 years. Whether these are real MP's or complete put-ons by Tari can't really be determined. She is a master of deception. One Sabbath, from 6 a.m. until about 2 p.m., I was worn out trying to get the real Tari to come back as she wondered around as these so-called multiples, and also sometimes rushing into the kitchen to grab a knife when it appeared that the spirit of suicide had taken over.

Elisabeth didn't play games with Tari. She rebuked her lies and temper tantrums loudly and often. This made Tari furious. After she spoke with Elisabeth on the phone, who was under the anointing, and hung up, Tari would go into what looked like a seizure and most of the time she would act like she was dying. And after coming out of most of her seizures, she would barely be able to put two words together until another personality came forth from her. MPD--Multiple Personality Disorder--is demon possession and now we know why this is one of Tari's disorders. At the time I was dealing with this garbage, none of us knew this.

2 - Sometimes she appeared to be completely possessed by a demon who would try to kill her by having her get a knife from the kitchen. However, I knew something was screwy once when, supposedly under the possession of a demon, she appeared to be cutting her wrist with a knife. When I rushed her and grabbed the knife, there were no cuts and I saw that she was using the dull edge of the blade.


One thing I know was real is when a demon inside her screamed at me, “Are you ready to give up yet?” When I pleaded the Blood of YAHUSHUA against this entity, it began to writh in pain and scream. I was also threatened more than once with physical violence when, again, she got extremely angry because she couldn't have what she wanted and headed for the kitchen and a knife.

As with any false prophet, nothing Tari prophecized ever came to pass. Now, Elisabeth never discerned Tari was anointed. Never was Tari told that she was a Bride of YAHUSHUA nor did she ever say she believed she was part of the Bride of YAHUSHUA. We now believe beyond any shadow of a doubt that she is one of the bride of Satan. She claimed she was told by YAHUSHUA to join this ministry to help buy land and to be a blessing to this ministry. But fom the moment we met Tari, she has only been a curse sent from Hell.

Tari Demario cost this ministry a lot of money. Niko and Elisabeth said that even if she donated $1,000,000 they told her they would refuse it, just like they refused her offer to buy land for the ministry, because this ministry is not for sale at any cost! When anyone gives any donations to this Ministry, YAHUSHUA said there are to be no strings attached. Tari Demario has a evil spirit of mind manipulation but it wouldn't work on Niko and Elisabeth. They told her "NO," and she found out the hard way that they refuse to compromise.

Tari had insisted I have power of attorney for her in case she died, but Niko and Elisabeth told me to tear up the papers before witnesses and make sure the hospital where she was taken after her latest scene were the witnesses. The hospital found out in Idaho that her problems were not only physical, but mostly mental. They were trying to get her commited to the State mental hospital in Idaho.

She called her oldest daughter Christina who lives in California, who Tari told us she was evil because Tari's husband and daughter at one time had Tari arrested and commited to the California Mental State Hospital. So then she called this same daughter Christina to rescue her from the same situation again. Only this time Christina agreed to help her because Tari now has money from selling the condo. I wouldn't be surprised if her daughter doesn't again have her commited. We pray in the name of YAHUSHUA she is commited for she is a danger to herself and everyone she comes in contact with. She is a master manipulator full of lies and deceit.

Tari claims she helped YAHUVEH create the world and helped YAHUVEH create the garden of Eden.

Tari Demario claims she is the wife of YAHUVEH! She claims she was YAHUVEH'S wife before she came to earth.

Tari Demario claims she is the Ruach ha Kodesh also called the Holy Spirit. Blasphemy!

She claims she was the lion that protected Elisabeth's son by not eating him and I was the other lion, as in Daniel in the lion's den.

Tari claims her name is Tari short for Taro cards. Although she bragged about the Taro cards to me and Barbara Gilbert, she denied it before Elisabeth. Tari really fears Elisabeth because she knows the anointing on her is real. She would tell us things she wouldn't tell Niko or Elisabeth because she knew she would be rebuked.

In public, while supposedly ministering to strangers, she'd often tell them, "I remember you from above."

When Barbara Gilbert got back to Arkansas, the spell Tari had put on her was broken and Barbara saw Tari for the evil she really is and tried to warn Elisabeth. Elisabeth still didn't discern it right away because YAHUSHUA didn't show her, and the illusion of a child needing help is all Elisabeth could see, and she wanted to see Tari delivered through the blood of YAHUSHUA.


Deliverance only works if the person to be delivered wants to be delivered. You can't deliver someone who doesn't want to be free of Satan and his powers. Tari would give the illusion she was a child and called Elisabeth "Mommy" and Niko "Papa Niko" but where Elisabeth was touched by the maternal instinct, Niko never was fooled by Tari in anyway. He was so protected because he says he never looked at her face or in her eyes at any time. Elisabeth would have pity for Tari when she didn't know any better, but Niko didn't feel any pity for her and wondered why he felt this way. Now he knows.

Tari claims she was told by YAHUVEH to create the Ark of the Covenant, and she put a large golden key taped on top of this small box. She claimed it was the key to the bottomless pit that she will be opening. No mortal has the power nor authority to do such a thing.

She claims she is GOD and really got rebuked when she said she was and has always been the only wife of YAHUVEH and her name is the HOLY SPIRIT!

Tari claims that YAHUVEH gave her the Ten Commandments told her to put them in this ark, and that she was to keep 3 commandments for HIM and YAHUVEH would keep the rest of the commandments. I know it doesn't make sense but this small box means so much to her she warned Elisabeth's son that he would die if he dropped it. Again another one of her prophecies was proven to be false, for no harm came to him. PRAISE YAHUSHUA! Tari brought this with her to Idaho at our Passover Sedar.

When Barbara Gilbert was pushed down by an invisible demonic force in the bedroom she shared with Tari, Elisabeth went into that bedroom for the first time to pray with Barbara Gilbert. Elisabeth discerned the entire time she was praying that something evil was in that room. Elisabeth called Tari into the bedroom and told her that she had brought something evil into that house and asked her what it was. Tari denied it and told Elisabeth, the Barbara Gilbert and all of us to go through her things. Elisabeth did and found very evil writings and Barbara Gilbert also went through it along with Elisabeth's son and me. We destroyed everything we could find including Runes, written in journals she brought with her that we discerned as evil. Also destroyed was a copy of the Mayan calendar.

She told Elisabeth's son and I to watch as she had the power to move the clouds by changing the direction of the wind with just her finger. I can't say whether she did this because Elisabeth's son said we both saw her do it. But then again, anyone who can cast powerful spells like Tari just might be able to make someone 'think' they see what she wants them to see.

Tari really wanted to be with Elisabeth, for Tari claims YAHUVEH told her she is one of the Two Witnesses and she had to go with Elisabeth to Jerusalem. Tari said she was Moses reincarnated. The list of the lies goes on and on. And this woman either really believed all these lies or put on a great show making it appear she did believe them.

Tari tried to tell Elisabeth that she (Elisabeth) is the reincarnation of Elijah, and Elisabeth told Tari she doesn't believe that. Elisabeth tried to be patient with Tari while exposing these lies with scriptures, but at times Elisabeth ended up rebuking her which offended Tari. She didn't like having what she said was true being doubted or challenged. But when scriptures proved her wrong, she would back down and not bring it up again. During one confrontation about her false teachings at Passover, when asked if she remember teaching a certain thing, she feebly replied, "I don't remember." Like she didn't even realize what she is saying.

I admit that I and the others were not as bold as Elisabeth when it came to rebuking Tari's lies. Barbara Gilbert even now realizes she should have rebuked her lies more often. We are going to ask Barbara Gilbert of Agape Ministries to write what she discerned about Tari and to verify what I, Elisabeth, Niko, and I have written. To his credit, Elisabeth's son was the first to discern this woman is evil and sent by Satan. When he says, "I told you so," all we can reply is, "Yep, you certainly did!"


The demons were furious that they had to endure the anointing in Elisabeth and they made Tari pay the price. We would pray and bind those evil spirits that manifested through those seizures only to now find out this is how Tari got her demonic powers increased. She also says it is the seizures that are a gift because they make her smarter. Tari Demario thought of these demonic manifestations as a good thing, and she made a deal with the spirit of death. She even claims to be an angel of death (Metatron). Woe be unto anyone that falls into her traps. Tari also communicates with Satan who has sent her to do his dirty work.

Tari claimed that when Elisabeth said we couldn't afford to support her, she was to sell two Red Skelton paintings she possessed--which Tari said were originals valued at about $80,000 each. She claimed YAHUVEH had an angel bring the two paintings into her garage mysteriously. She said this money was to go to buy land for this ministry. Elisabeth discerned right away that these paintings should be appraised, and she plainly heard YAHUSHUA say this, however she was convinced by others this would be too costly, so instead she was told to let the person buying it to get it appraised. Tari didn't have anyway to sell the paintings, so I paid $100.00 to put the ad in the paper. We didn't even do this for the donation she claimed she was giving but to help her condo from being forclosed and to help her pay her bills. We are so grateful no one answered that ad in the Los Angeles Times. One of Red Skelton's paintings had sold there previously.

When Tari wanted to put the ad back in the paper again, this time Elisabeth insisted we have to have the paintings appraised first and find out if they were genuine. Elisabeth insisted because YAHUSHUA firmly told her this time to insist. I found a place to appraise the paintings for free which could have been done all along if I had listened to Elisabeth and it would have saved us $100.00. When I had one of the paintings only half way out of the envelope, the appraiser said it was not an original. They were actually paint by number paintings!

This isn't the only time Tari claimed she had something of value that was nearly worthless. Stamp collections, valuable gold coin collections with 'copy' stamped on the back. I tried to help her sell these things so her bills could be paid and to prevent her condo from going into forclosure.

The lesson we all learned is when YAHUVEH or YAHUSHUA tells you to check the value of something out, do it right away! Just like with her, she claimed she was anointed but Elisabeth never felt or saw that anointing in any way, and in fact she didn't even want to pray with her. Elisabeth knew there was something very wrong, but she was so busy ministering to others and kept in so much in spiritual warfare with Tari and others that she didn't have the time to check out the value of Tari Demario's spiritual worth. Tari is as counterfeit as her gold coins were. She is a copy a form of Godliness but no Godliness within. Just like the other enemies of this ministry.

We were told by YAHUSHUA to share this with you so you can learn from our painful lessons and perhaps not have to learn this the hard way.

When Tari came for Passover in Idaho, she made a big show of bestowing her 'gifts' on Elisabeth and Barbara Gilbert and even Niko. She took rings off her finger and placed it on Elisabeth's finger claiming it was a genuine diamond and did the same for Barbara. Elisabeth was told by her husband that he didn't discern these were genuine diamonds and they were to take them and get them appraised. That's what they did and of course as Elisabeth revealed to you in another update, the stones were cubic zirconias, as phony as she is. Was this what YAHUSHUA was trying to tell us as each thing she said was valuable turned out to be junk? A counterfeit of the real thing. Doesn't Satan have a counterfeit for every genuine gift? Take a close look at Tari Demario for the answer.

Elisabeth, Niko and Barbara Gilbert all discerned this woman is possessed with a legion of demons, but they hoped they could help her. We all tried to help her get free of the devil, not knowing she didn't want to get free. She works for Satan! She was sent from a coven to destroy Elisabeth and this ministry. Tari was to arrive for Passover. Elisabeth, after praying whether Tari would be allowed to come heard, "NO, she doesn't belong there!"

However Tari threw such a temper tantrum, threatening to kill herself, when she was told this by Elisabeth, that Barbara said she would be responsible for Tari, because Elisabeth said she couldn't handle Tari. Barbara agreed to share a room with Tari during this time. Barbara paid a heavy price for talking Elisabeth into allowing Tari coming for Passover. Elisabeth and Barbara attempted deliverance at this time on her but she denied she had any problems.

During this time, Elisabeth started having a real struggle with serious health problems and nearly died in May 2005! Barbara Gilbert ended up with back surgery, and while Tari was at Passover, had to be rushed to the hospital as she was shoved by a invisible spirit in the room she shared with Tari while they visited for Passover with Elisabeth and Niko. If you saw the picture of Elisabeth taken at Passover, you will see she doesn't look healthy. Her health was attacked the moment she met Tari Demario. A day after the Passover Sedar, Niko became very sick for close to two weeks and was quarantined away from the family in the bedroom.


Tari calls herself the angel Metatron and Elisabeth found out just recently that this is the angel of death! Between asking Zeph Daniel to pray, and Tari praying for Elisabeth, it is only a miracle she lived between both of their evil prayers. All of this happened in May before Elisabeth found out the depths of evil both of these people would be used for. Something good came out of this though and it was the birth of mighty anointed prayer warriors around this world and now all of us fight Satan together.

Elisabeth just couldn't figure out why our prayers for Tari and for YAHUVEH'S blessings on her were not being answered. In fact, when Elisabeth asked YAHUVEH that question during an intense anointing of prayer with Niko her husband, YAHUVEH said, "That's between Tari and I, she knows the reason why."

Tari's husband, Ernie, had refused to even give her food money, so this ministry was also feeding her at this time. Everytime she tried to give this ministry money, there was a curse upon it and it ended up costing us money! Elisabeth reminded me when she and Niko looked like they had a rental house lined up in Montana for 9 months. With our help Tari sold the Condo and she surprised Niko and Elisabeth by sending $3,000 to pay for first and last month of rent and security. She insisted on doing this.

They made the mistake by accepting the money and wondered if a blessing really come forth this time? Elisabeth and Niko were so excited they sent the money in overnight mail for they were to move in right away and called the new land owners only to find out for some mysterious reason the owners had changed their minds and now refused to rent the property to anyone.

Elisabeth was full of grief over this and none of us could understand this, for YAHUSHUA had given them such high uncommon favor with these people. What happened? Of course hindsight is always better and now we know it is because the devil had Tari give that cursed money so there would be a curse on the property and the owners would refuse to rent the property, just to bring more grief to Elisabeth and Niko and son. Tari and I drove to the owners' house in southern California and picked up the money. It was returned to Tari.

Tari Demario would donate money through Paypal which would be spent for ministry needs. Then months later Elisabeth got emails from Paypal saying they put a block on everything Tari sent, accusing Tari of using a stolen credit card! So, of course, we had to pay all that money back that we had spent, not knowing this would happen, in addition to fines from Paypal! Elisabeth was so ashamed. Nothing like this had ever happened to her before. She didn't understand why YAHUSHUA was allowing all this to happen when all we were doing was trying to show the love of YAHUSHUA to Tari Demario who claimed to be a believer. We now know through journals Tari wrote, that Elisabeth read, that when Tari says she is 'born again,' she wrote that only because she believes being 'born again' means being reincarnated.

This was the only time our Holy prayers for someone flew back in our face! Much fasting, tears and prayer went forth for this woman and her deliverance and only the wrath of YAHUVEH returned to her. Niko and Elisabeth would be blessed from YAHUSHUA as long as what they were asking had nothing to do with Tari Demario. Now we understand why, then we did not. Elisabeth is stubborn and tried so hard to love this woman with a mother's love, she didn't want to believe this woman was sent of Satan even when Barbara tried to warn her. She tries to give everyone the benefit of the doubt.

Tari knew the right words when she spoke to Elisabeth to appear so innocent. Elisabeth was recently told that illusion is a demon manifestation and to beware whenever she see's this again. All of us will recognize that demonic spirit the next time we see it. Elisabeth and Niko were given a word from YAHUSHUA when they first contacted Zeph Daniel that we would know what spirit Zeph Daniel really is by what he does to this ministry. Zeph Daniel claims he has the power to actually go to Hell and free captives. Where is that in the Bible? Nowhere. How could Christians be so foolish to follow Zeph Daniel and believe this?


When Tari was told by Niko and Elisabeth that they refused to let her live with them, or take any money from her, and told me my job as a minister was done, she sent curses and death threats. When that didn't work, she created the most vicious lies against me, Elisabeth and this ministry. We still believe that those who attack us now and promote her lies against us are the same people that sent her. At the very least Zeph Daniel, Frank and Richard Keltner never bothered to find out the truth, took Tari's false account of what happened without question, smeared Elisabeth and insulted Niko and this ministry.

So for those of you reading this now...if you don't believe these people are of Satan, then ask yourself why they promote this woman as being truthful? Since when does an unfounded accusation accepted as a proven fact? All of you who helped spread this gossip and slander and blasphemined this ministry in this way will be held responsible by YAHUVEH .

Now you can better understand why Elisabeth audibly heard YAHUVEH ROAR and say that HE roars before HE devours HIS enemies! Elisabeth, Niko and I did all we could to try and help this woman who claimed she was an abused wife. With Elisabeth's testimony posted at this Ministry Sanctuary, you can see why Elisabeth insisted in trying to help her. It was all a trick of Satan, and we know now much of it was an illusion. Tari's husband Ernie hates her but she truly makes anyone that knows her suffer greatly. I pity anyone that falls into her web...for truly she is a black widow.

Tari insisted I was her soul mate and we would eventually marry. What started out with us laughing at this rediculous statement on Passover when she announced it to all of us, we realize in the end there is nothing to laugh about, and this woman is sent from Satan. I will never understand how this Jezebel spirit got control of me to the degree it did. I have asked YAHUSHUA for forgiveness as well as Elisabeth and Niko and I have been forgiven.

Elisabeth was told by YAHUSHUA that she must stay silent and let the people speaking and promoting these lies make choices whether to repent or continue to dig their own graves with their own tongues, and to determine for themselves to what level of hell they will descend. Tari Demario was the first to dig her grave with her own tongue and it doesn't surprise us that she now has a brain tumor.

The sad thing is some of our partners who support this ministry wrote and questioned Elisabeth about it. I am grateful at least they asked for the truth. The sad thing is that YAHUSHUA told Elisabeth that He was testing the people and seeing how many took the time to discern that Tari Demario, Zeph Daniel, Frank, Richard Keltner, and others who joined with them were sent from Satan to try and destroy this ministry and discredit Elisabeth, the prophet of this ministry. The purpose of which is is so you will not believe the prophetic voice speaking forth and be warned of future events or encouraged. Satan is bolder in these end times. Zeph Daniel and Frank, as well as Richard, mock the Holy Tongues.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Holy Tongues

Acts 2:3
And there appeared unto them cloven tongues like as of fire, and it sat upon each of them.

Acts 2:4
And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance.

Acts 10:46
For they heard them speak with tongues, and magnify God. Then answered Peter,

Acts 19:6
And when Paul had laid his hands upon them, the Holy Ghost came on them; and they spake with tongues, and prophesied.

Apostle and Prophet Apostle Elisabeth (Elisheva) Elijah posses the gift not only of tongues, but also of intrepretation for both tongues spoken through herself and through others. WHEN THE GIFT OF TONGUES IS MOCKED, THE HOLY SPIRIT IS BEING MOCKED...

Matthew 12:31
Wherefore I say unto you, All manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men: but the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven unto men.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Zeph Daniel was raised in Satanism. We believe he proves himself to be a Satanist because of the title of his book, "Glass Backwards." Satanists reveal who they are by writing and speaking backwards. Tari also came from the same thing. Neither of these people truly left Satanism, they only brought the illusion of leaving it to deceive others.

The Bible says that if you don't understand something the Holy Spirit is doing, it is blasphemy. It is better to stay silent than to speak evil about what is Holy.

Never has this happened in the ten years Elisabeth has been on the internet. The Bible says that if you don't understand something the Holy Spirit is doing, it is blasphemy. It is better to stay silent than to speak evil about what is Holy.

The good part is the true Bride of YAHUSHUA discerned right away these were lies, and went into battle mode against Satan and his servants, and encouraged Elisabeth and Niko and sent their support. YAHUSHUA will bless all of you greatly who did this.

Tari Demario seduce me with spirits of seduction. I recently was divorced and very vulnerable at this time. Tari Demario knew I was sent to only be a minister to her and Elisabeth warned Tari again and again this was the only reason I was sent to help her in her time of need. Elisabeth told us both we are not soul mates. PRAISE YAHUSHUA for that!


When I left California, I brought Tari back to Idaho where Elisabeth and Niko were going to meet with me only for one reason, being that Tari sold her condo and didn't have a place to live. She had us convinced her daughters were evil and she had no one to care for her. She said she would die. I saw the woman on the brink of death 6 to 10 times a day, and I would call Niko and Elisabeth and ask for prayer for her. She would go into seizures and even her epileptic medicine didn't seem to be working. Her heart would beat so faint I couldn't hear it at times. I now know when Tari says she is the angel Metatron, she has the ability to appear dead and stop her breathing. This is a very evil woman who is a vicious enemy of this ministry.

Upon arriving in Idaho, I was told to meet Niko and Elisabeth alone, leaving Tari back at the motel. The demons in Tari rose up and did everything they could to prevent me from leaving her alone. Why? Because they knew I was about to be delivered from her evil clutches. I pulled into the parking lot at their motel where they met me. As soon as Elisabeth and Niko saw me, they were shocked and Elisabeth said, "Chuck what happened to you, you look like death? Your job is over and now we can tell you, this woman is evil and she is the storm that was given to me in a dream before we arrived, that was heading her way, unlike any storm we have ever seen!"

Still under the spell, I got angry at what she said, replied, "Leave me alone!" and tried to pull the car door closed so I could drive off. Niko held the door open as they all gathered around. Just with their presence, the spell was broken. Then came deliverance, repentence and much prayer. When Tari was told this and I was put in a separate motel far from her, and deliverance prayer was prayed over me, I realized how much of a spell she had cast on me and I could see her for what she was for the first time. Before I kept deceiving myself and saying that I must help her get delivered and that I was responsible to care for her even if it meant the rest of my life.

All I wanted to be was a blessing to her and all she was doing was casting her curses on me. She has given herself mind, body, spirit, and soul to Satan. I know this now, but couldn't see it for the longest time. I would make excuses for her. That is part of the spell she had over me. She is furious because I will no longer have anything to do with her. Now she attacks Elisabeth and blames her for warning me. Her spells and curses have no effect on me now, for it was through me she thought she could become part of this ministry if she could get me to marry her. Since I am part of this Holy Ministry she thought that was her only way to infiltrate and destroy it. She failed.

Why did YAHUSHUA allow this to happen? To show us how desperate the devil is to destroy this ministry and all of us in this ministry. We must not be ignorant of Satan's devices. Satan and his servants know that the heart of this ministry is to lead souls to YAHUSHUA and to love and help people anyway we can. We desire to see them delivered from demonic possession.

Now Elisabeth and Niko and I realize this very thing can be used for evil and we must be very careful and discerning in the future. Like Elisabeth says, it makes you think twice now about exactly who is sending a person claiming they come as a blessing from YAHUSHUA...and may instead be curse from Satan. We now know Zeph Daniel and Richard Keltner and Tari Demario were sent as a curse from Satan, for they have a form of Godliness and no Godliness within. This is a lesson we all should be learning in these end times...trusting the wrong person could cost you your life. It almost cost me my life and my soul. Yet wonderful YAHUSHUA reached down with His hand of mercy and pluked me from the jaws of the enemy.

Elisabeth always had this secret fear that she shared with Niko. She never wanted to be left alone with Tari Demario. She especially picked up that Tari would try and kill her with a knife. After reading this for the first time, she now realizes that is most likely what Tari would have tried to do. Why else would Tari have insisted she had to live with them or she would die?


Recently Elisabeth and Niko have had repeated dreams since they have relocated half a world away, that someone was coming as a friend, someone that has helped them, and yet this person tries to kill Elisabeth with a gun and Niko saves her life. This is why they are not to let anyone know where they are relocated to. It is not only for Elisabeth's safety but also for the person asking. So please don't write and ask where they are living. YAHUSHUA said to Niko, "There is no reason for anyone to know unless they are to join you."

This nightmare that seemed like it would never end lasted five months. I, Elisabeth and Niko are still spiritually exhausted from this battle. Tari went behind our backs and returned to our enemies with these lies and more. Zeph Daniel, Frank and Richard Keltner and the others know none of what she says is true, but truth would only take away their weapon and derail up their hateful motives. She chose to attack us during the time the ministry was relocating to an undisclosed location, during the time of Rosh Ha Shanah, Yom Kippur, and Sukkot. She is furious because she was exposed. We never thought we had to speak any of this and would not have if she had not slandered this ministry and taken it to our enemies' camps. While we were moving and out of computer contact, this is when the enemy spread these lies. While we were all in spiritual retreat and getting refreshed.

The last time Elisabeth and Niko prayed for Tari. it was witnessed by another woman minister who prefers to remain anonymous if at all possible. Elisabeth prayed during a mighty anointing that Tari would be free of the coven that sent her. Tari was told to renounce that coven and as Elisabeth prayed this, Tari's body shook violently with seizure manifestations confirming that a witch's coven did send her. She did pretend to renounce this. After what she has done, we know she was lying.

Elisabeth told her that YAHUVEH did not tell her that I was to marry her. Elisabeth told her that Tari had sinned to even think these thoughts, for she is still married. Tari was rebuked and told that Elisabeth knows she was sent to destroy this ministry. This one woman is being used to try and destroy Elisabeth and this ministry. We know it cannot happen, for this ministry and Elisabeth and Niko and I fully belong to YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA, mind, body, spirit, and soul.

It is no coincidence that during this time of persecution with Tari, Zeph Daniel and Frank, the Howard Stern wannabe co-host on the radio program, and Richard Keltner, attacked this ministry and Elisabeth right after Prophecy 79 was posted. Wolves travel in packs and this is the most vicious attack ever sent against myself, Elisabeth, Niko and this ministry.

If you are one of those that believed these lies, or wondered if it was true, repent today to YAHUSHUA and let Elisabeth and Niko know.

Since Tari was blocked from becoming a part of this ministry, therefore failing in her mission for Satan, she has done everything she can to intimidate and threaten all of us. She has also been on Zeph Daniel's and Rich Keltner's internet radio programs telling one lie after another to make it sound like she is just a victim of a very cold-hearted and crooked ministry that led her on in order to get what it could from her, then dumped her. No, the truth is she was sent to destroy this ministry and all of us who are a part of it and the coven she had to report back. She is now steaming mad because she failed! Her lies and deception continued on against anyone unfortunate enough to enter her orbit.

Take this advice and avoid Tari DeMario. She works for Satan and will come against you spiritually as if with a giant club to beat you into the ground while appearing to be a Christian and simply the victim of many unfortunate events in her life. I regret beyond words having gotten involved with this woman far more than I should have. Yes, Father YAHUVEH has forgiven me, but whatever bad seeds I have sewn, knowingly or unknowlingly, in the 5 months I spent with this woman, I will have to reap.


Sin will always take you where you do not want to go...
It will keep you there longer than you want to stay...
And it will always cost you more than you are willing to pay!

Beloved brothers and sisters in YAHUSHUA, don't ever think you are immune from the wiles of the devil. Never underestimate his power! Every morning you put on the full armor as spoken of in Ephesians and you keep it on. You spend time in prayer with Father YAHUVEH every day as well as time reading His Word! Seek His guidance in everything you do...don't ever just step out, thinking, "Oh, I know what He wants me to do, or where He wants me to go, etc." NO YOU DON'T! Not until you seek His direction every step of the way. Because as soon as you think you've got it all figured out and make decisions on your own, you will be walking down a wide path that can lead to destruction. I know. Been there, done that. And the sobering thought that I could have lost it all but for His intervention is a lesson that will stick with me, and haunt me, all the days of my life!

It was a hard lesson, but one that will never be forgotten. I know I will be mocked and laughed at by many who think, "What a fool!" That may be part of what I must reap for my mistakes. Whether that is so or not, so be it. I do know for a fact that my Heavenly Father has forgiven me and does not condemn me, even if others do.

November 12 2005
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I, Barbara Gilbert of Agape Ministry, am here to tell you that everthing Churk writes about Tari DeMario is true for I was there for some of it. And Yes, at 8:30 a.m., April 26th, the 3rd day of Passover, as I got out of bed, I saw a dark mist come out of Tari which grabbed my legs, hit me in the chest and threw me backwards, injuring my back.

Elisabeth has nothing to be ashamed of. Tari DeMario is a very evil woman. She should be dressed in Black for I know she is a full blown Witch!

Everyone that takes Tari's side either truly doesn't know the truth and is caught in her web of lies...or they are part of Satan with her!

But people like Tari that use their health to control people are speaking life to this thing and one day soon everything Tari has clamed to have will come up on her, maybe more than one at the same time. I have seen it happen before.

My brother Chuck wants me to write about what happened, and I will be glad to do this. I will sit down and write everything that happened. For everyone needs to know how evil Tari is.

My beloved Elisabeth has gone through much because of Tari. I must say I am sorry I didn't listen to my beloved and to the Holy Spirit when I was told not to come to the passover. Belive me, I will always listen, for we all have had much troble from this person Tari.

Tari even called me at home trying to tell me lies about Elisabeth. I stopped her righ away. I will write all about this and send it to Brother Chuck to put up on the site.

One of these days I will be going where Elisabeth is, but not right now. I wanted to go with her, but the Father said no for she needs to be safe and I have work here to do. And No I don't know where she is and I don't need to know til my time to go and then and only then will my Father tell me. Elisabeth will not even have to tell me.

So don't ask, for I can't tell what I don't know.

Satan is out to kill her. He wanted to kill me that day in Tari's room, but my Father said no. But I will write about this more and send it to Chuck.

I could not write about it til now for this all had to come after Elisabeth was put in a safe place.

There are many who are part of Satan sent to harm my Beloved Elisabeth, but our Father and YAHUSHUA Himself cover her.

When you came against the chosen, you come aganst the One who covers that chosen one.

Thank You Chuck for telling the Truth.

I love you for you are my Brother, my fellow worker in YAHUSHUA.

This is the truth.

By Barbara Gilbert, this day November the 12th, 2005.
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More Tares Destined For The Fire!

Who is Trish? She is Zeph Daniel's wife and she now has joined in mocking and slandering this ministry.

Zeph Daniel and his wife and radio co-host Frank along with Richard Keltner have proven they walk on the dark side with Satan and have a form of godliness but no godliness within for even daring to mock the name of this ministry as well as the Holy Tongues and prophecies. They are truly Jeremiah 6 27-30.

The reason why their names are hovering over the flames is because now they are only fit for the YAHUVEH who is the GOD of consuming Fire which is YAHUVEH's wrath. Trish's real name is Patricia and she joins her husband Zeph Daniel in mockery and dares to call this ministry

She has no concept of the wrath of YAHUVEH for this ministry was named for the HOLY SPIRIT who came as A MIGHTY WIND on the Day of Pentecost!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Acts 2:2
And suddenly there came a sound from heaven as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled all the house where they were sitting.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Frank, his co-host, in mockery and slander dares to mock the Holy Tongues and calls them gobbly gook! And all of them prove they have no love for YAHUSHUA in them and they are only fit for the fire of YAHUVEH'S DESTRUCTION, for they are all reprobate!

Anyone who calls themselves Christian and defends these people should seriously wonder if they are truly saved! By your fruit ye shall know them! What kind of fruit is it when these people call for Elisabeth's death and the destruction of this Holy ministry? What kind of fruit is it when they take the words of a psycho--Tari DeMario--who we still believe these people sent to destroy this ministry! What kind of fruit is it that mocks Holy Tongues with the gift of interpretation bringing forth the prophetic messages from YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA?

What kind of fruit do these people have that name their ministry after themselves? What kind of fruit is it that would mock this ministry and Elisabeth for defending Holiness and obedience to the Holy Scriptures which include honoring the Sabbath day and keeping it Holy? These people even have the audacity to mock the name YAHUSHUA gave for Elisabeth when HE calls her HIS Ring maiden. What kind of fruit is it when they claim to be Christian and yet use curse words frequently, even while broadcasting on the radio? What kind of fruit is it when they accuse Elisabeth of sending whammy curses and instead refuse to acknowledge this is YAHUVEH'S wrath that is fallng on all of them?

Richard Keltner has done all of this along with these evil people. Zeph Daniel sells his demonic book. Elisabeth sells nothing. Zeph Daniel calls himself a prophet and yet calls prophecy smack. What kind of prophet would mock prophecy and call it by a name that is used for heroin? Zeph Daniel earns his livlihood as, appropriately enough, a garbage collector. If you buy Zeph's book you have collected his garbage. Zeph Daniel speaks of JESUS and the WAY. Check into what the WAY movement is really all about and you will be amazed.

By your fruit ye shall know them, and I have worked for this Ministry for many years now and know beyond a shadow of a doubt this Ministry has good fruit and honors YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA. This ministry and Elisabeth make no excuses for sin. What kind of fruit is it when these people sin and speak like the heathen and have no shame and teach others to do the same?

These people say it is allowed and hide it under a word they call Grace.

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