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Elisabeth's Experience in Angie Ray's Church Disguised As A Christian Church!
She Promised Freedom To Those Who Came To Her For Help
But Only Delivered Them Into Satanic Bondage!

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 Emails Confirming The Evil of Angie Ray - 9.6.2005  
 Angie Ray's Church Was Fasting and Praying For Elisabeth's Death - 10.30.2005
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Anonymous email received 11.26.04:
"Many people are living the angie ray compound that big witch have hurt many of God's people she is a jezebel preitess. I'm praying every day for the downfall of that ministry and swift judgment upon her and her daughters."

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Elisabeth First Started Sounding The Alarm on Angie Ray in
APRIL 1998!

Beware! Pastor Angie Ray is on the internet and if I were to give you the URL, you would see how deceptive and what a liar she is and yet she looks so good to people that don't know any better. I am shocked to see she is also on the WORD television Christian network.

She named her ministry after her own body part (ARM, Angie Ray Ministries), but it was the long ARM of YAHUVEH'S Wrath that put an end to her evil. During her voodoo services, she would have the congregation repeat, "The blood, the blood, the blood...", but it wasn't the Blood of YAHUSHUA they were speaking of!




I read something yesterday that made me think of your website again... Praise God - Elizabeth is right again!!! Be encouraged...

Someone sent me a book called "Running Against the Wind" by Brian Flynn. The author used to be heavily into New Age mysticism. Then he became a Christian. Then he was shocked to find New Age practices infiltrating many churches.

The repetition of "The blood" in Angie Ray's church sounds like a New Age 'mantra' designed to silence thought. It gets the brain into a different level of consciousness. This opens one up to demonic forces.

The word used for a mantra is *irrelevant.* Using "Christian" words ("The Blood") is no doubt a way to infiltrate churches. It may also be called 'contemplative prayer.'

REAL Christian meditation involves thinking about scripture thoughtfully... NOT trying to silence one's thoughts. There is *no* place to pray in that way given in the Bible. When Jesus teaches the disciples how to pray, in no way does that resembles Pastor Angie Ray's "The blood" mantra. Biblical prayers are mindful, not mindless.

There is no evidence of a mantra-type prayer in the Bible yet as it infiltrates churches, yet it abounds in other religions. It is clearly part of mysticism in other religions (Islamic Sufism, Hinduism, Buddhism, etc). It may be used as a way to *unite* religions. The brain activity and experiences are identical. Churches who are going this route are in danger!

Praise God he sent me this book - and I think your experience is just a confirmation of more infiltration to watch out for. Be wary of the term "Contemplative Prayer" for this is often a term to describe mantra-style mind-blanking. The fruits of it - people accepting many religions as OK.

God bless, Pia

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Dear Beloved of YAHUSHUA,

A statement was given to me claiming that only no one could use the name of Jesus, plead the blood of Jesus or call him Lord, unless they are truly saved. I will give you some evidence that this is not the case. In the past 23 years since I have been saved, I have witnessed OCCULT, VOODOO and NEW AGE activities in many churches who were pretending to minister under the Holy Spirit. ONE was even a SATANIST. They do use the name of Jesus, they do cover the streets, towns, etc., with the Blood of Jesus Messiah! They think they have NOTHING to fear for they are serving Satan! How could they trick the people if they did not use the name of OUR LORD Jesus?

Read Prophecy 26 again. In it, Father God YAHUVEH says that evil ones will use not only the name of YAHUVEH but Jesus to deceive the people. I was fooled before thinking they would not use the name of Jesus, but from HARSH experience I need to warn others, the enemy does use Jesus' name. Also, Deliverance ministries of Satan are in all denominations of the churches and they are NOT kicking demons out, but actually inviting the demons in!

In a deliverance church in Chicago, there is a deliverance minister named Angie Ray. Mind deception, mind manipulation, mind control, lying, deceiving spirits, spirit of idolatry is to name just a few of the evil spells she held over people. When I went there not knowing what she was up to, invited by her and I was a evangelist at that time, it didn't take long for the LORD to expose her evil.

She started the services and did normal things, speaking in name of Jesus, singing etc., then she led this group of at least 500 people to chant, "The blood, the blood, the blood..." I brought a woman friend with me for deliverance from depression. We were so close as friends and although I am her pastor, sometimes people receive better from someone that is NOT so close.

Here, in her own words, is what my friend Sue observed:

I know this warning needs to be brought to the people. The Holy Spirit told Elisabeth NOT to chant, "The blood, the blood, the blood...." but to instead say,

"The Blood of Jesus covers my sins."

In the midst of this huge congregation when Elisabeth spoke those words quietly it UPSET the evil spirits operating in that room. The leaders stood in a chain, like a wall, hiding Angie Ray who sat on what looked so big it could have been a throne. She was a Goliath of a woman weighing at least 600 pounds and standing over 6' 5" easily! Compared to Elisabeth's 5' 6", she looked like a dwarf. I don't mention her weight to put her down, only to give you the image of the woman who that sat on that wooden throne.

So the leaders stopped everything and came to Elisabeth and said, "We told you to only say, 'The blood, the blood, the blood.' NOTHING ELSE!" Now they knew she was a minister and by speaking the true name and Blood of Jesus, Elisabeth had disturbed their power!

Back to the front they went. They then started the people chanting again. These same people always had to FAST for at least 24 hours prior to services, and it was NOTHING to keep the congregation until midnight! Fasting and under this evil pastor's control! I don't need to mention this, for again I don't judge people by the color of their skin, I only mention it to show you I and Elisabeth and her were the only caucasians there. Why I mention it now is to show why I felt uncomfortable and unsure why this was going on. I know that Elisabeth ministers and loves to minister in our black brothers' and sisters' churches! Yet something was going on in this one neither of us had NEVER experienced before.

Again the chanting started. "The blood, the blood, the blood." And again the Holy Spirit told Elisabeth NOT to repeat what was being said. Instead He said to quietly PRAY IN TONGUES, so she did. Again the leaders knew that by breaking whatever hold they had over the people in the spirit realm, Elisabeth was NOT cooperating! They stopped again and came to her. She said later that she was very embarrassed over this. They said, "We told you NOT to say anything but 'the blood, the blood, the blood.' NOT TO PRAY IN THE HOLY SPIRIT! Say ONLY what we say! This goes for EVERYONE HERE!"

Remember, Pastor Angie Ray was observing as the elders were commanding the congregation. The next order barked at the congregation by these elders was,


I didn't want to leave Elisabeth's side and said, "NO! Don't leave me!" Elisabeth wanted to stay with me, but she was not yet able to figure out what was happening. She told me, "It's okay, I will stand right behind you and put my hand toward you and pray silently!" And that's what she did.

The chanting started again. Later Elisabeth told me that I started laughing hysterically and that when I looked at her, my eyes were shining, but NOT with the LIGHT of the Holy Spirit! Elisabeth knew it wasn't me looking at her and she said, "BE SILENT DEVIL IN THE NAME OF Jesus!" She said I mockingly laughed hysterically loud enough for EVERYONE to hear it! I saw everyone dancing backwards, and heard everyone speaking backwards! Satan does EVERYTHING in satanic services...

Elisabeth tapped the woman in front of her on the shoulder and said, "I think my friend has become possessed with a demon." She turned back and the words she said sent shivers through Elisabeth! She said, "WE KNOW, WE WERE EXPECTING IT!" Then she told Elisabeth and her son to move away from my me!

You see, this happened for that way they were able to do a pretend exorcism afterwards, commanding me to puke up demons, and cough them out, etc. They were angry, for of course Elisabeth didn't have any. Elisabeth explained later that she now knew these evil ones in the name of Jesus were NOT afraid to NOT exorcise demons, but to INVITE MORE IN!

End of Sue's account.

I have seen this before with Wyn Worley, NOW dead, a famous Christian author. I saw the SAME THING DONE in a different way! So please don't tell me that the way to expose the evil ones is that they can't PRETEND to call upon the name of Jesus, or plead the Blood, or call Jesus LORD! I could write a book on how these Satanists USE our Lovely name of Jesus, whom I now call YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH in Hebrew. It means YAHUSHUA the MESSIAH. The evil ones DO NOT FEAR the name of Jesus, for you see they are calling on THEIR Jesus who they claim is LUCIFER'S BROTHER!

My friend has since been delivered. It took years to undo what these EVIL PEOPLE DID! She still suffers to a small degree and Angie Ray comes to her in her dreams. At times she hears demons speaking. I am her pastor and pray for her daily. But you see, I obeyed the Holy Spirit and refused to join in their chanting. My friend now admits that she chanted with them. Another time she went to church without me and ANGIE RAY was having everyone come up to KISS THE QUEEN OF ISRAEL! This is what she called herself! I saw them kissing her hand when I was there.

YAHUVEH sent me there to EXPOSE this woman. In the end, this David tangled with this Goliath of EVIL named evangelist Angie Ray in Chicago, Illinois. A deliverance ministry. Beware to ALL who hear her name. The 'blood' she was calling on and what the people were chanting was NOT the BLOOD OF Jesus OF CALVARY! Instead they were doing VOODOO and another BLOOD SACRIFICE!

My friend wants people to be warned. She says she believes evil spirits were loosed on her to try and get her to take my life. My friend claims Angie Ray deliverance ministers got control of her mind and she was told to take my house keys off the car ring key.

They tried to offer me a position of leadership in that EVIL CHURCH and even had a member take away my chair and force me to sit in a chair so TALL my feet wouldn't touch the ground! I REFUSED THE CHAIR! I now know that this was a sign to the people that she was offering me a position of spiritual leadership in the church to join with her. I asked the man why he was bringing me the tall chair and taking my chair away he said, "Never mind, pastor Angie Ray is blessing you." He said this while the people all stared.

The ONLY good thing that came from all of this was that I know for a fact that at the next church I ministered in, women were set free from the demonic spirits of Angie Ray! They thanked me. It took me being humiliated for this to happen, but it was worth it.

If you think that this was a one-time thing that wouldn't happen again, you are wrong. Richard and Carol Arvin of Indiana are examples also of Satanists and Occultists that put curses on the people. Many would have died if God had not told me to warn them! They were putting curses on objects and giving them to the congregation.

I was used to expose their EVIL also!

This evil man, Richard Arvin even PUBLICLY MOLESTED ME in front of HIS WIFE during a time my eyes were closed and I was singing songs of PRAISE to Jesus Messiah! He came over to me as I stood singing in front of my chair, and pressed HIS BODY so close to me he flattened out my large size chest, and we were completely joined as ONE body! This was done in front of the entire congretation that watched and also his wife Carol A. Arvin who smiled, after services she took a beautiful gem ring off her finger and insisted I take it as a gift. I later found out it was a cursed gift, I destroyed with a hammer. Carol placed the ring on my left hand like a wedding ring! I was a NEW CHRISTIAN then and didn't understand the power he had or she had! But Jesus used me to expose them and the people followed me out of the church when I left! For even as a young CHRISTIAN, I was put into a leadership role. Therefore when I left, at least half the congregation went with me!

Let me give you an example of how evil Carol Arvin is.

Oh, she looked so good pleading the blood of Jesus Messiah over towns, and even the roads we traveled. Claiming the town and state for Jesus. So good they looked. But here is another example. When I left the church, the Holy Spirit showed me that curses were placed on people through objects given to them through these EVIL Pastors! One example but there are SO many! I had to warn the people and Praise Jesus and YAHUVEH the Holy Spirit showed me how the congregation, wanting to leave, were CURSED with spirits of DEATH! YES, I SAID DEATH!

One woman named Sue wanted a kitten of mine. After I left the church and started warning the people, although Sue had been one I had ministered to, she feared the Arvin's. She also did NOT want me telling her about what they were doing. I called her one day and asked her if she still wanted the kittens, determined NOT to mention these EVIL PASTORS, Richard and Carol Arvin. Sue didn't want to hear the truth. Then this was YAHUVEH'S problem and no longer mine. Mine was to find home for my kittens. As I spoke with her on the phone, her voice, once once so full of life, she was barely 21, was unrecognizable. I kept hearing the Holy Spirit say to me again and again, "Sherrie, her voice sounds like a dead person." I can't explain the lifelessness in her voice. Her name has NOT been changed. it is SUE! All names are REAL!

Finally, after a few minutes of the Holy Spirit telling me these exact words, "Her voice sounds like a dead person. She will DIE if you don't WARN HER!" I couldn't take it any longer! I said, "Sue, why is the Holy Spirit telling me I am speaking to a woman that will die and your voice is already sounding like you're dead?" I didn't want to offend her, but I knew the Holy Spirit wanted me to WARN HER of this. Imagine my surprise when I heard her voice NOT a bit surprised nor offended say because you probably are.

Then she told me what had been happening for a least a week. Sue was a unwed mother of two or three children. I am not sure anymore. Every night for at least a week she was arising and NOT sleeping. She told me that when she tried to go to sleep, a black shadow of a man came on the wall, and this shadow spoke to her. This dark shadow would awaken her as she tried to sleep and tell her she was to take the NEW butcher knife and go into her children's room and KILL THEM, then KILL HERSELF! She had been afraid to tell anyone. I don't know if she told the Arvin's, but my guess is YES. She said that the voice was making her do this, and she would have given in that night! She couldn't go without sleep anymore and her kids and her would be better off DEAD!

Do you know how frightened I was when I heard this? No, you couldn't possibly know! Satan had convinced this woman to KILL HERSELF and HER YOUNG BABIES!

This Young mom LOVED her Children! I had visited her home before. Beautiful little children, so young, one in a crib! Now if I didn't find the right words, Sue would KILL HERSELF and HER KIDS and I would have to LIVE with the fact that I was the LAST one to speak to her. Talk about panic! I said, "Sue let me pray for you, please?" She said it would do NO GOOD, she was giving up! NO emotion in her voice, just deadly calm! Now on the other hand I had emotion and was trying to keep from crying. I was pleading for her to let me pray and NOT hang up the phone!

There was no time to get the policemen over there. Satan was mocking me, saying that I was too late.

But I did PRAY and pleaded for Jesus Messiah to give me the answers. How could this holy woman could want to become a murderer! As I prayed in the Holy Spirit in tongues, the revelation came to me. I cautiously said, "Sue, did Carol Arvin give you anything recently?" I told her about others the LORD had me WARN that Carol Arvin had given gifts to that had been delivered from spirits of Suicide and Divorce! I told Sue that I believed the Holy Spirit was telling me she received a cursed object meant to force her to give Satan a sacrifice of herself and her children! I prayed for her to speak the truth, bound up Satan and all lying deceiving spirits, in the TRUE name of Jesus Messiah, covering her in the TRUE BLOOD OF Jesus Messiah, doing Spiritual warfare with the devil for the sake of her soul!

Finally she admitted that, as a housewarming gift, pastor Carol Arvin gave Sue a gift. She brought it to her house, and it was a set of KITCHEN KNIVES! The butcher knife, in fact, was the one Sue was taking with her every night and she would stand over her children, ready to plunge the knife into them! The shadow told her to USE that BIG KNIFE to KILL HERSELF and her YOUNG CHILDREN! I had chills and yet NOW I had the answer!

I prayed over that knife, breaking the curses off that knife! I then told Sue she had to destroy those knives! Break them and throw them away! Normally I said BURN THEM but knives don't burn! She obeyed and she lived! I went over to her house and made sure she was OK. The Arvin's were very angry that Sue refused to come back to their church. They knew I had the gift of discernment to WARN Sue as well as others of the evil that was being done in the name of Jesus Messiah!

I had warned another lady named Laurie to RUN from that church. She had tried, but these evil ones think they OWN the sheep in their folds! I know they even ran after me when I went to another church! Beware of pastors who try and take control of you! I called Laurie, for the Holy Spirit had her on my heart. I was concerned, for I had the privilege of leading both Laurie and her husband to the LORD. These evil pastors always tried to undo what the Holy Spirit did using me as his vessel. Now, I felt that Laurie was in danger. She had just told them she was NOT coming back to the church. The Arvin's were speaking evil of me, warning the people not to listen, but Praise the LORD they didn't believe them! For I was only used to BLESS them and MINISTER to their needs, everything from giving them money, or food, or prayer, babysitting for free, etc.

As we spoke on the phone, I heard the Holy Spirit give me the same warning as he gave me for Sue! Again I prayed and bound the devil. I asked Laurie if Carol Arvin had given anything to her as a gift, if so she must destroy it! I asked her why the Holy Spirit was telling me the same thing he told me about Sue! Laurie told me she had a bottle of sleeping pills and that night she was going to KILL HERSELF because she couldn't fight the Arvin's anymore! Every time she decided to LEAVE the congregation they came over to convince her otherwise!

I asked her what Carol Arvin had given to her lately? She said she just gave her a horse and carriage pin. I bound up the devil, broke curses off this in the name of Jesus Messiah, prayed in the Holy Spirit as to what the horse and carriage pin meant. Then I got the answer and told Laurie. I had a vision of a old-time hearse being pulled by two black horses! I now understood how the Spirit of DEATH and SUICIDE was placed on that PIN!

Again as this was revealed, Laurie was set free and delivered! Oh, I could tell you SO many instances of this. Even how this evil woman tried to control and kill me with objects, gifts given to me supposedly in LOVE! When I left the Arvins' church, it was after sitting in it for 9 months, not knowing how evil it was and not understanding why people dumped garbage on their cars during services, or why cars went by yelling and shouting calling them witch and warlock! Oh, but I know now.

My last day in that church was a few days away from Easter. The Holy Spirit had just given me a brand new song called 'God's Gift at Calvary Through the Eyes of Jesus.' I took that song to Carol Arvin and knew when she sang it people would get saved! Strange thing was in this church NO ONE wanted to get saved! I would be the one to lead the people to the LORD and the Arvin's would try and silence me by saying, "Sherrie doesn't want to beg for your souls, it's up to you. Sherrie will be silent now." and so forth.

When I offered this song to pastor Carol Arvin, she looked at me with stone cold eyes and spoke in a harsh voice that surprised me, for this was BEFORE the HOLY SPIRIT woke me up out of what seemed to be a trance and I couldn't believe these people had used mind control on me for 9 months!

Her exact words were, "Sherrie, this song will NEVER be sung in our church!" I said, "No, you don't understand, I don't want to sing it, I am giving it to you to sing, you're the singer, not me." The joke is on the devil. Since that time this song has turned out to be one of the most powerful soul-winning songs the HOLY SPIRIT has given me and he DOES call me an anointed singer.

I know PEOPLE MUST BE WARNED! MANY Christians are in DANGER and OH PLEASE LORD don't tell me MANY HAVE BEEN KILLED ALREADY! Oh, this is too much at times for me to bear. (Remembering this is a wound I have NOT shared or warned anyone for at least 20 years!) OH, DEAR YAHUSHUA, Please STOP RICHARD and CAROL ARVIN and CHARLES FUNDERBURG and SHACKLEFORD. OH, Jesus, the list of the EVIL ones you have used me to expose and intercede for the people and I have NOT wanted to think on these things.

Beware, many evil plants are inside of the CHURCHES! Satanic PLANTS! In all forms even the LEADERSHIP! God is having me warn the people, for even the VERY elect will be deceived if possible. Satan has his PEOPLE standing behind the pulpits! Beware of this so called LAUGHING REVIVAL, Brownsville and Toronto among others! The main one laughing is Satan as PEOPLE ARE POSSESSED!

Please don't write me and tell me how you're being blessed by these so-called revivals! I have had enough e-mail and have seen enough demon oppression and possession to know that there is a counterfeit laughter of the Holy Spirit as well as the genuine! I have laughed in the Holy Spirit, it is beautiful and healing! But NOT mocking! NOT out of control! NOT making a FOOL OF YOURSELF! The GOD of CHAOS is this SPIRIT that is the counterfeit! IF Jesus WOULDN'T DO IT! and you can't picture Jesus Messiah rolling on the FLOOR laughing, or barking, or meowing, or growling like a dog, or howling like a wolf! then HOW CAN PEOPLE BELIEVE THIS IS A MOVEMENT OF GOD?

Beware for the devil prowls around as a roaring lion, seeking whom he can devour. He comes to steal, kill and destroy. Beware there is true deliverance as well as a counterfeit movement. Satan can appear as an angel of light and he is not afraid to use the name of Jesus to deceive the people.


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