Devils Come Out of the Closet
...and have joined together in calling for the demise of Elisabeth. These links will take you to pages with information on these devils--Zeph Daniel, Frank Whalen, Hunter and Frankie!

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My Dear Sister In Christ,
It is 6:40 AM and I feel the Lord has asked me to write you now.  As I was confessing my sins before the Lord I had a picture of you in my mind.

You were standing there with 2 large dragons blowing fire down upon you. Then I saw you use a rod and swing it around and it knocked the 2 dragons down.  Then I heard the Lord say to write you and tell you to "use the rod  with self control." When I asked Him when to write you He said, "write her now".  So my dear sister, in obedience to what I believe I heard the Lord say, I am writing this.

Serving and Loving the Lion of Judah.
Friday, October 02, 1998

   The "Da Vinci Code"...Blasphemy!
The book--and movie based on this so-called 'historical' novel--is pure BLASPHEMY! YAHUVEH'S people should know better, and are warned NOT to read the book or see the movie, lest you bring a curse on yourself for willingly opening yourself to the cleaverly concocted lies designed to erode your faith! If you have read the book and/or seen the movie, REPENT!
   Zeph and Trish Daniel
...along with cohorts Rich Keltner, Frankie Kime, Jr., Hunter and Frank Whalen have, along with the LATE Angie Ray, called for the demise of Elisabeth. The so-called 'whammies' these internet broacasters blame on Elisabeth and the Demon Stompers are YAHUVEH'S wrath coming against them.

   Tari DeMario
This phony Christian was assigned by Satan to destroy these ministers and this ministry. She failed. Webmaster's account of what he came up against when trying to deal with a mountain of demonic garbage this evil person brought with her. Falsely claims to possess D.D. and PH.d degrees!
   Kingdom Dominion Teaching
Our beloved Sister Linda was just warning me of this teaching and asking me what I thought about the Kingdom Dominion teaching. Teaching that everything from the government to the world will be perfected by man before YAHUSHUA returns. They don't believe even in the rapture.
   Angie Ray
Elisabeth's own experience in this 'church' + testimonies from people who have been a part of this demonic organization! This page has links at the top for all Angie Ray pages, including emails sent us by people who need help from the demonic bondage they were put under at her church.
   Wolves Travel In Packs
But fear not, for we belong to the GOOD SHEPHERD. He will chase these wolves away, even those who are able to sneak in among the sheep because of their white coats. But He will soon find them and scatter them; he will dash them with His rod.
   Juanita Bynum
...who bragged that she was a good friend of Angie.

"She was like a carnival barker raising money for TBN and what a shame for there was NO anointing I could discern in her at all ! For at least an hour or more all she did was raise money. Every time she said GOD said this or GOD says that but the name of JESUS was mentioned so rarely it was a shock!
   False Prophet Linda Newkirk
I once called her a friend till I realized she serves Satan and operates under occult power. She teaches that there is an exit sign in Hell! She teaches and believes in reincarnation. She told me that when her evil mother died, her mother didn't go to hell but rather she was told in a dream her mother went to a hospital in Heaven!
   Robert Schuller's Hour of Power
Robert Schuller has bragged to Paul Crouch (TBN) that he had to lock the doors because so many people wanted in his church! Since when did YAHUSHUA have to lock anyone out? Also...Another Gospel.
   Pensacola Laughting Fever!
Pray tell me what glory would or could it bring to Christ to make someone shake their head violently until they became so dizzy they had to lie down on the pew? This poor girl got so dizzy she would literally fall down on the pew every fifteen to twenty minutes and continue to shake her body even while she laid there.
   Mantra Vs. Tongues
An investigative look at the use of New Age Mantra as opposed to speaking in tongues in the Browne ministry.
   Benny Hinn, False Prophet
Despite this man's outrageous unscriptural behavior, his followers have made him a multi-millionaire!
   Judgment Is Set!
Bobby Barnes reaped what he sowed...and is now DEAD!  What is Reprobate?
   Rev. Sun Myung Moon Crowned "King of Peace"
Religious leader says he's here to 'save the world's 6 billion people.'
   Jack Barr
Jack Barr, You are only fit for YAHUVEH'S Judgment!
You don't even know Elisabeth yet you believe the lies from a servant of satan!
   Sherrie Shriner
You are the "Alien on the Internet" out to decieve the people. Your orgone can NOT protect anyone. You are a Lunatic sent from hell.
   Who Changed The Sabbath To Sunday?
The Roman Catholic Church: No such law in the Bible..."Nowhere in the bible do we find that YAHUSHUA or the Apostles ordered that the Sabbath be changed from Saturday to Sunday.

What Must I Do To Be Saved?

"For YAHUVEH gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believes on Him shall not perish, but have everylasting life." John 3:16. Don't put it off, tomorrow may be too late.

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By Faith Enoch was translated that he should not see death: and was not found, because YAHUVEH had translated him: for before his translation he had this testimony, that he pleased YAHUVEH. Hebrews 11:5

By Faith Enoch was translated that he should not see death: and was not found, because YAHUVEH had translated him: for before his translation he had this testimony, that he pleased YAHUVEH. Hebrews 11:5