Zeph Daniel  

Spoken Through Prophet Gayl By YAHUVEH On 7.19.2006 at 5:40 a.m.
Zeph Daniel, you are going down!

There is no place for the reprobate in this world, though it is a fallen world, it is still MY WORLD, sayeth YAHUVEH of HOSTS, and I am claiming it back! Post this message for all to see. This is MY will, sayeth YAHUVEH OF HOSTS.

I rebuke you before me!

You have taunted and tormented my children LONG ENOUGH! There is no place for you in this world. You are only fit for perdition, oh son of satan. I spew you from my mouth! You are as a gnat on the side of a camel, a thorn in my side and I am tired of hurting, tired of the pain you are inflicting on my little ones! You are going down this day! Down to hell which I have reserved for you. You are no more than a worm to me and I spit on worms. You grovel on the ground as the filthy creature you are, a grub! "spew" (YAHUVEH spitting out.). YOU ARE GONE!

May my children who know me have perfect peace, comfort and rest in my loving arms. Oh, my children, I long to hold you in my arms, sayeth YAHUSHUA.
(Saw vision of us all lining up for a divine hug from YAHUSHUA, one by one they came in. I started crying at this.)

Then on 8/9/06, YAHUVEH again spoke to me about Zeph Daniel (a.k.a. Woody Keith):

Be diligent in all I tell you to do. DO NOT DELAY with my words. Tell Zeph he is to fear me, for I AM coming after him! I will track him down! I will hunt him down like the dog he is!

Not fit to be king as he thinks he is, only fit for a wormhole-'by your actions you shall be known'-he is revealed in his actions. Such an evil, twisted, perverse creature I have never known. Dares to call himself a Christian, knowing full well he eats up and spews them (Christians) out onto his evil, perverse bone pile.

Prophet Gayl
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